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Cool Wear a Matching Bra and Underwear Set Tomorrow!

Hey everyone,

I randomly wore matching black bra and underwear today. As I was getting dressed, I thought..damn girl! I have been walking around all day at work with a little strut, as I've got a sexy little secret no one else knows about. It's like I am Mona Lisa of the boudoire!

Give it a shot tomorrow- MAN! I feel like a womaaaaaan


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I wore a new pair of undies to the doctor's today, they were pink and black. I felt like a beauty queen. They were an XL boyshort type (which is small for me!!!) and I was so happy!! No one saw them but at least I knew. I wore it with a plain black bra so technically they matched even though it wasn't a set. These little things that make us so happy!!
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There's a pin on pinterest I saw that said "On the days my bra and panties match, I feel like I really have my life together". So true!
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Matching bra and panties, either as a set, or pairing up a common colour does wonders for the self esteem.
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Lol! I luv doin this! Id rather put money into sexy/nice bra panty sets than nities and such cuz at least i get to wear them for more than 10 seconds lol

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lol that's awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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I have another disorder (one of several! lol!)...I cannot leave the house EVER, if my bra and underwear don't match. Not just the color, the fabric and everything. I spend a lot of money on underwear and bras...especially since I've lost weight (sort of forced to when nothing fits anymore) and because I love the way they make me feel. I shop within "collections" so everything matches up! lol!
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Good for you
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La Senza can take all my money!! All my underwear matches, EXCEPT the bits that I had to wear when I got to... about this weight, on the way up! So, NSVs galore, coming up

All that oversized cotton cr*p is going in the bin! Apart from a few. For painting. Yes, I even get paint on my underwear. I'm the reason dust sheets were invented...

Anyway! YES. Loving this thread! I almost forgot for a few years that all my underwear used to match, and that I enjoyed that fact
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The only time mine don't match are for running. I need something a bit more sturdy for the girls and skip the panties under my compression pants/shorts. I used to be a VS girl, but I'm loving my new Aerie bras.
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