How to feel better about yourself...

  • How do you make yourself feel better about weight loss? What are some things you might do to make yourself either feel good or look good to give some motivation for weight loss?
  • I'm kind of confused about what you're asking... maybe you have self image issues. I feel alright about it and I'm even enjoying it. Lately I love getting out in nature and I love being out of breath. I feel fresher and I feel stronger. That motivates me. And when all else fails, I get on here and chat and help out and I feel back to normal (or watching youtube videos about weight loss motivates the crap out of me)

    I've still got a long way to go, but I'm facing each day at a time. And I really don't care how silly I look.
    I dress differently than most people anyway (I'm goth ;p) so I'm use to not caring how people think of me. I'm happy with myself.

    I hope you can find your motivation and find your inner happiness. You are perfect now, and you'll be perfect whatever weight you are.

    Good luck and if you still feel down maybe talk to a therapist.
  • I like to have mini fashion shows in my closet and mirror to try on smaller clothes and see how much more I have to go in order to button, zip, etc.

    It's fun, shows progress, and motivates me to move my butt and keep on plan!
  • Thanks for your help everyone. I actually am currently seeing a therapist for help with anxiety and depression. I should probably mention to her about my self image issues.
  • Quote:
    I like to have mini fashion shows in my closet and mirror to try on smaller clothes and see how much more I have to go in order to button, zip, etc.
    -Me too!

    Also, I've been treating myself to good quality makeup (eg. MAC) as I lose weight and facials are great too! I have a bad self-image too, and I've realised that no matter how much weight I lose, I'll still think I look ugly. I find taking care of my appearance with nice hair and makeup can go a long way but is of course no substitute for seeing a therapist.
  • All great suggestions. My self esteem was really low, and I had to work at it, especially to get to a place where I could work hard at weight loss.

    I scrimp enough to get gel nails every month, and I always do my makeup and hair. I love leaving the house knowing I look awesome!
  • I second BabyBat. Although I've just started out with this lifestyle change, I already feel fitter. By eating less sugar my pms is nowhere near as bad, I don't constantly have heartburn, and it takes me 1 day instead of 2 to get over having a few drinks. Things like this keep me going until I can see my smaller clothes fitting

    About the depression thing. I've been there, I still am there sometimes, but a huge part of getting over that was learning to be more assertive and value myself more. I never lost weight before because I couldn't think of myself as a healthy person, only as someone who I didn't like. So I will say that anything that can help you with your depression and any self-esteem problems you have can have a greater impact that you might realise on your ability to lose weight. I hope everything works out well for you, angelsandfairies, you deserve it. There is no reason why you wouldn't deserve it, no matter how you may feel about it now