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Getting my life back
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Originally Posted by Coffeelover64 View Post
I don't know. I'm 47 and have always done a lot of weeding in this area. I figure it's like shaving your legs and pits. Yeah, we have that hair for a reason but for our livestyles today, it's probably unnecessary. It's also so much cleaner and hygenic to get rid of it.
It's cleaner to trim it, but NOT more hygenic or safer to get rid of it. Straight from the gyno who lectured me for waxing it once. She was kind enough to send me away with pamphlets about hair down there.

To each their own, but it's actually better for you to leave at least a landing strip.
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over and over again
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This link should definitely help with DIY feminine hygiene tips on a product that I am definitely gonna try out. Read for a good laugh as well....ENJOY!

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Originally Posted by berryblondeboys View Post
All this is actually mind blowing to me. I'm a very "au natural" kind of gal and so is my husband.... I just wonder what's wrong with us people if we don't like us as we come? I mean, we were MEANT to have hair there!
It's generational. The advent of ubiquitous free porn on the Internet and the look of the women in those pictures and videos changed standards in the general population at large. I can still remember when getting a Brazilian was considered rather racy and maybe only the "Samantha" like friend in your peer group did it. Now it's pretty much the baseline within many dating circles in the city. And yes, even in Brooklyn, the same hipster guys that are growing 19th century facial hair expect women to be bare & smooth down there as prepubescents.

I've never done the whole DIY on that, except for occasional touchups. That's why there are spas and aestheticians. It's pretty much like going to the gynecologist. I figure that, on that job, they've seen everything, just like the people who administer the whole-body spray tan. I try to pretend it's like yoga or Pilates where you have to hold certain positions for several minutes. I'm mentally absent. At least I'm not talking on the phone or texting during the sessions, which, I'm told, is weirdly common.

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Originally Posted by kurisitaru View Post
To each their own, but it's actually better for you to leave at least a landing strip.
How does that make a difference if said strip is fully above the vulva?

And yes yes yes to generational. I have a comic book of "cartoon pr0n from the olden days" (pre-1950) and the women drawn were all Jessica Rabbit-shaped with thick thighs, au naturel "down there" hair - and armpits too!
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keep going
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It's all preference, y'know as long as everyone's healthy and happy and not doing anything they don't want to then that's what's important.

One of my issues is just that now women can be seen as less feminine if they don't shave everywhere (legs, arms, lady parts) and I find that sad.

It also depends on the country, a lot of younger women in some continental European countries aren't shaving I've noticed. It's cool.

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I got this
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Originally Posted by krampus View Post
How does that make a difference if said strip is fully above the vulva?
I read it as a landing strip on the labia majora/lips, not above. Personally, this is what I do. It wouldn't make sense (to me) to leave anything above if you're gonna shave all of it below, yanno?
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Have you tried sugar waxing--it's very cheap & much less painful (imo anyway) than waxing. I have not tried full on Brazilian, but have done what would be considered "bikini" waxing with it. You can find recipes all over online. I use 2 cups white sugar, 1/4 cup lemon juice (bottled), & 1/4 cup water. I microwave it for 7 minutes (1100 watt microwave). Make certain you let it cool completely before you use it. You can either use it like regular wax (warm with strips), or you can use it cold by taking a small amount (a ball the size of a small superball from one of the grocery store machines) spreading it on & flicking it off. You use the same piece of wax until it is all gooey & hard to work with, then you wash up & grab another ball. There is definitely a technique to using it cold, so look it up on youtube & get it down or you can bruise yourself. I hate to shave & love, love, love sugaring. I use it cold (your body heat warms it enough to make it sticky) & I use it everywhere--legs, pits, chin, bikini area. The only drawback for those of us who are very fluffy & have lost enough weight to have loose skin is that it is difficult to sugar those areas because it's hard to get the loose skin taut enough so that does hurt & can bruise if you're not careful. The best thing about it is that it is completely water soluble. If you decide that it hurts too much, or isn't going to work for you just wash it off with warm water & soap--no special concoctions needed.
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IMO definitely NO depilitory creams. Shaving was ok..made me itch like crazy in 2 days. Brazillians I love! I went to an aesthetician for years and after they became too expensive decided.. Hey, I can do this! ..and now I do! No ingrowns, no rashes, no burns, it's easy. It's not as painful as you think. You just have to be fast. Kind of like when you take off a band aid..you don't lose skin. lol
I ordered the same wax kit she used on Amazon and have saved bookus of $$. 🙋☺ ..the plus side is it doesn't grow back for 4 weeks! And its thinner and softer! Totally worth it for me. No itching. 😎
Oh...and I do wax my crack and it is NOT painful in fact you don't really have any 'nerves' to feel pain in the butt crack for hair follicles. lol
I don't know about cheeks though.
A Brazillian wax you wax it all though regardless.
A word of caution..keep a "landing strip in front that's the most painful piece to remove..and trim it if you don't want a full Brazillian.

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If i could weigh in and ask questions (hopefully this isn't hijacking the thread, OP!) but i've tried shaving and close trimming (that razor on Amazon) quite a few times and i've given up because the shaved or trimmed hair ALWAYS ALWAYS feels like stubble, this is after going over the area like...20 x's with a razor, SERIOUSLY. I've just gotten frustrated and given up, it's like i have huge follicles and really coarse hair or something, this is after shaving with a RAZOR going over and over it and exfoliating, etc.

What's wrong w/me? I won't try to shave again, it doesn't matter with what razor, even just taking it down to almost nothing w/a trimmer, it feels stubbly and i think it's the hair shaft and follicles, idk.

I'm seriously thinking about sugaring and i really hope it doesn't feel the same way after and i am REALLY hoping that it starts growing in much softer. I've been married for 36 yrs and haven't even shaved the bikini line (for the same reasons above) but kept it trimmed but i admit i do like the bare look and want to try to achieve it somehow

OK also, how do you tell what direction the hair is growing (esp down there?)

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