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For months I've been waiting for my hair colour to grow out so I could wear my long hair down. The other day I decided to wear it down. It just emphasised how fat I was. I think it's purely a personal choice for long or short hair, and if it suits your face type. I have lots of overweight friends with short hair and they look great, and some with medium. I think for myself I need a colour and a trim.
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when I was in my 20s I LOVED having short hair. I have medium length now, which I wear tied back in a pony tail most the time. I don't think I feel like one or the other looks better by body type, maybe more with the particular case(?). Whatever makes you feel attractive.
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I think it depends on the complexion. IMO if I get my hair cut I tend to look fat, I Haven't cut my hair in three months and i think I look better, so...longer hair for me is best
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I have longish hair and HATE it... when i was younger and a lot thinner I had really short hair, like a pixie cut type... as I started gaining weight I started letting it grow and numerous people in my life tell me that fat people just don't look right in short hair... so now I'm kind of stuck with this below the shoulders mop that I hate and it takes me forever to dry it and it makes me so hot and uncomfortable... I figure one of two things will happen... as I get thinner I will actually embrace the long hair because hopefully if I'm not as fat I won't always be so hot and uncomfortable OR, I will cut it all off, yay... Its such nonsense because I keep it tied back most of the time anyway so I don't know how thats better than having short hair lol.... ok anyway I'm kind of ranting but I love short hair and cutting my hair short is a mini motivation for my weight loss...
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Well, my hair is down past my waist right now (and tends to go from long to holy-cow-that's-loooong from year to year). Looking at other women, I think that anything from collar bone length to longer looks good on heavier people. I'm not sure that a really short haircut can't look good on plump girl, but I've never seen one that did. Maybe stylists around here don't know how to deal with the different face shape as well as they should?
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I had a hair dresser tell me once that hair style is all about proportion, he was right.
When I was at my heaviest I wore really short hair , which looked good if you only looked at my face, but otherwise it looked like I had a really tiny head on a Big Body.
I didn't need longer hair so much as I needed more volume, it would have better proportions for my body.
My hair is short again, but I think I want to let grow a little, maybe 2 inches.

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ANY hairdresser will tell you it completely depends on your face shape. Some cuts look HORRIBLE on heavier women and I wonder what on earth they were thinking, but some of us can pull it off. I just cut 6-7 inches off mine and it looks a thousand times better. However, I have a heart shaped face, my face is slim and I have REALLY thick hair. I would ask a hairdresser.


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You have to be careful on short hair. If you have a cut that accents a part of your face that you'd rather them not focus on then its bad. I have had long hair for as long as I can remember and in school I always wore it up till I realized I hated it that way but I wouldn't go short. So now I have mine at shoulder length with layers and it stays curly. I much prefer shoulder length rather then long or short.
It's really up to the person and how they like it.
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Not to dredge up an old thread, but I have a really fat face and neck. Plus my neck is short compared to the average neck, but my double chin makes it look even shorter! I have short hair (very short hair) and my parents love that hair cut on me but when I look at myself it seems like it makes my face and body much fatter than they are.. And I'm huge.. 375 pounds on a 5'2" frame..

I'm trying to grow my hair out, I haven't had a hair cut in 7 months (barring the trim I had a week ago to remove split ends and shape it a little).

I had long hair (down to butt) in high school but chopped it all off just prior to senior year in 2001. Had short hair like that ever since. But since my huge weight gain (due to medications) of over 100 pounds my face really plumped up something awful. I hate how short hair makes me look now. I used to love it on me when my face and neck were much much thinner. So for me, I think longer hair will probably look good on me. I plan to grow it past shoulder length, probably bra line length and with soft layers in the front from about my chin, down. So we'll see.
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I've only had very short hair twice in my lifetime, and both times it was just way to much maintenance. Because of the size of my head, very short hair just made my head look even bigger. And, everytime I've lost weight, I get the itch to go for a "makeover" and they always cut my very long hair (at least to my shoulders). This time, I'm determined to get to goal and stay there a while before cutting my hair.

For everyday, I usually wear a ponytail or pinned in an updo, but I have a large basketball head, so it doesn't look so much like a too small head on a larger body. Also, I have waves, and in the right amount of low humidity, curls, so I try to leave some "poof" when I pull my hair back.

It's really a personal thing, but stylists should be aware of what's below the neck when they recommend new hairstyles.
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I was terrified to cut my long hair. When I finally went through with it I was so thrilled. It looked fantastic. I chopped off 15 inches so I was able to donate it.

But honestly, like everyone has said, there are many variables in determining what hair length will look good.
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Originally Posted by DezziePS View Post
I'm going to be extremely honest because of the anonymity of the internet here, but I have frankly never seen a big girl with a short hair cut that made her look better.
Well, here is your opportunity LOL. I look MUCH better with short hair, not only because I have extremely thick, fine hair which just wilts in a longer style, but because short hair is just more flattering.

And souvenirdarling, short hair does not always take "a lot of maintenance." Totally depends on the person. My photo below with shorter hair was taken "straight out of the shower" with a tiny bit of gel and left to dry, natural color, natural curl. (I spend endless hours in the pool and don't have time to mess with it.) We are all different!

First photo below taken in October; second in December.

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I recently cut my hair short and get tons of compliments. Mine is chin length in front but "stacked" in the back - its really chic. I like it because when I work out in the morning I go home and wash my hair and can condition and go - no blowdry or irons on it. My hair stylist also does hair for tons of ladies I know and I went to a luncheon the day after I got my cut - a couple hundred women were at this luncheon. My stylist said her phone immediately went nuts with text messages of women wanting the cut. I had hair just below shoulders before that. my cut is feminine and whispy. I wear earrings which are long and drop below the edge of my hair - so it give me a glam look. hope that helps.
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