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Default i dont know how to dress like an adult!!!

Hi ladies. Ive been on hiatus from 3FC for prolly a couple months now (life has been kinda crazy!) but the past couple days ive been having a problem, and after mulling it over, the only people who i could think of that would understand my problem, was you ladies!

So im 19, recently married, senior in college. I work part time at a used clothes store and am a full time student. My husband is at army basic right now, but when he gets back (8 months) we want to start having kids.
Obviously my life has been full of lots of "growing up" moments these past couple months. I have to call my insurance tomorrow to make sure all the paperwork went through, so that i can make an appointment to go to a gynecologist. HOLY CRAP IM OFFICIALLY AN ADULT

But heres my problem. I dont know how to dress fashionably like an adult. Im really interested in fashion and stuff, but whenever i think of trendy fashionable adult styles, i see them all as being very thin, and wearing styles that i can't wear because im not thin. and then i feel like if i try to replicate these styles (and sometimes i do try to replicate them), i look like a kid trying to dress like an adult, because it doesnt look the same on short, chunky me as it does on these beautiful adult women.

Does anyone have any advice, websites, inspiration, pictures, anything that will point me in the right direction for how to dress? Im kind of redoing my wardrobe while my husband is gone. My closet was full of way too many things that i didnt really like, but that i bought because it fit, or because it was cheap. I need to have a decent sized, sensible, adult wardrobe by the time my darling hubby gets back.

Who knew growing up was so difficult?!?!?! lol
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Well, I'm 50 and I never figured it out myself. I am currently trying to upgrade my own wardrobe.

But maybe you can start thinking about what kind of fashion you are aiming for. Where will you be wearing these clothes (to work? to parties? around the house?). I think that will help you pick the style. Then try an outfit or two to see if it works for you. Hopefully you can find some samples at work... you have the dream job for someone wanting to experiment with new styles!
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I think it does depend where you want to wear these clothes so maybe lets us know and we can help. I do feel the same way at times and I'm almost 30. That being said, my wardrobe has changed a lot over the years and I certainly don't dress the same as my college years. Some things that are differe not vs. in college:

- I wear plain t-shirts instead of ones with logos/writing on them
- I can afford (and, thus, buy) higher quality clothes that will hopefully last a bit longer.
- I think about my body shape more when I buy clothes and try to check out blogs where women are about the same size as me to get ideas.
- I wear more dresses
- I know a lot more about picking out lingerie and that helps when it comes to the way outfits fit on me
- I try to accesorize better. I don't wear a lot but I at least try to find something that fits with my clothes whereas in college I just wore whatever I had.
- Purses instead of backpacks.
- The length of my dresses/shorts are longer
- I don't wear flipflops as often, I try to wear nice shoes with heels now
- oh, and I dye my hair because of the gray!

I found this to be a nice overview: http://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/2008/0...n-her-30s.html

I will say, though, that you're really young still! You can probably get away with more stuff than I can. Also, you talk about wanting to TTC soon. Because of that I would really suggest to hold off on a lot of clothing purchase for now. My body shape changed a lot after having a kid (softer tummy to hide and larger breasts that don't fit into clothes the same way) and I now make very different purchases than I would've before. You're also going to want more practical clothes that are easy to match and not too complicated to put on if you have a little one around!
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You know... you have the rest of your life to dress like an adult. You are NINETEEN. Dress young and flirty and have fun with it. Very soon you won't be able to wear those clothes without looking silly. Everyone is always in such a hurry to grow up, but savor your youth. You'll be an old lady soon enough.
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I associate more put together looks to be for adults. Have you seen some of the What not to wear series? They have pretty good tips about dressing like an adult.
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You have to grow into your very own style, and that takes a while, but it will be yours.
Style can be like music, as you live life you'll listen to new bands, and rappers, and opera, and whatever else you find, and you will add more and more as you get older.

Pick what you like, have fun mixing your clothing pieces together.

You really are at a great age because you can wear whatever you like.
When I was young, I enjoyed having blue streaks in my hair, and wearing crazy clothing, but now at my age . . . I've toned it down a bit because some of my style has changed.
I still enjoy my jeans, tshirts, and converse high tops, but then again, I am from a city where dressing like a 15 year old boy until you're 80 is completely acceptable!

Best to you and your future style!
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