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I made a trip to Goodwill this afternoon as a new one just opened up right down the road. Only frustrating thing is they have them sorted by type and color, NOT size. So I had to find some patience today! :-) But I walked out of there with a pair of black pants (original tags) and a black skirt. $10 total! I am in a transitional stage too (currently at a 12 but goal is 8/10) so I understand what you are going thru!
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All my "new" clothes have been from goodwill/consignment shops. I down to a small enough size now that I can find some really great deals and really load up when I go. Unfortunately, where I live there are not many consignment shops so I have to wait until I can visit my parents (1-2 times per year) before I get new clothes!
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I feel your pain!

I have avoided buying clothes for as long as possible, but I have gotten a few nice things for Christmas and birthdays and it's such a bummer when they get big and baggy. I still want to wear some of my cute tops and jeans but they just look sloppy now.

I consign a little bit, but it never feels like it's worth it, other then a couple of Coach bags I took in. Maybe it's just my area.

Fortunately, I can sneak into my younger sister's closet and some of her stuff is starting to fit me

Originally Posted by Eliana View Post
I'm funny about buying the right size too. If the number is too small, regardless of if it fits, I'll hesitate to buy it. Silly, really.
This is me exactly! my brain has totally not caught up with my body yet. It's an adjustment, but I'm okay with adjusting to a smaller body lol
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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
BCOutlet.com is a great online source for cheap clothing.
Thanks for this!!
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I spent quite a bit of money throughout my journey. Most of the money went towards jeans and workout clothes. I've gone through every single size starting at XL and now at XS workout pants. I really never minded spending the money because those new clothes made me feel great about my new body. I would assume that now that I'm only about 6lbs from goal that I can start to buy a wider variety of clothing. In fact a few days ago I bought a few pairs of short shorts, I was so excited because I hadn't worn shorts in about 8-10 years.
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It's coming up on summer and I just wanted to throw GARAGE SALES out there! My cousins are right about your size and clothe themselves almost entirely from garage sales. We live in an upscale community, that might make a difference in quality of clothes, but they can get an entire season's wardrobe for under $20.
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I got all my clothes at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers and Consignment shops while on my way down. It takes a little patience but you can find some great buys. Hint, go often as the clothes move quickly.
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I've also had good luck at certain Goodwill shops - I've found Tommy Hilfiger, Torrid, Old Navy and Apple Bottom jeans all either almost brand new and some (the Old Navy and the Tommy ones) with the tags still on them for less than $8.00 a pair.

Now that I can shop there, I've also been able to score some great deals at Old Navy hitting up the clearance racks and/or using coupons. I just went last night and got a pair of denim capris, 2 pairs of flip flops and 4 tops for $40.
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