A Photo day!

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  • great pics! you look beautiful
  • Thank you! It was a fun day, I miss photography!
  • Quote: I'm struggling really hard to believe that you were once 300 lbs!

    JLK, you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you are so beautiful! It looks like it was an amazing day!!
  • heyy sweetie awesome job i wish i can hit this number
    what kind of workout u do now and why u stopped making vids on youtube??
  • Beautiful pics! Adorable!
  • Oh my goodness! You look so cute! (: I just love your jawline, lol. I would have never guessed that you were once 300 lbs, you look great.
  • You look amazing! I'm also finding it hard to believe you were 300lbs at any point in time.
    And it looks like a beautiful day outside, send some of that weather here to the midwest please! lol