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Default can I take the wire out of my bra?

What would happen if I took the wire out of my underwire bra? I've read that the support in a bra comes from the band, so what purpose does the wire serve, other than to press on my ribcage and drive me nuts?

I just had a bra fitting, and I LOVE this one, most especially the fact that it has "kicked in" straps that DO NOT fall off my shoulders!! Hallelujah!! But the wire presses on bone. I haven't been able, so far, to track down a softcup bra (38G) with these same straps.

So has anybody taken the wire out of their bra?
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My wire has come out on its own and as a large-chested person it had a major decrease in support.
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I have a couple where the wire came out. They're still comfy to where around the house, but no where near as supportive for venturing out into the real world!
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In my experience, it depends on the bra. I have yet to find a truly comfortable underwire bra, so whenever I've tried them, I usually ended up removing the wire, eventually. Some of the bras were just (or nearly) as supportive without the wire, while others became absolutely useless.

I buy the Cacique soft knit (t-shirt) bras from Lane Bryant (no underwire). They're crazy comfortable, and they support surprisingly well (I'm between a D and DD), but they stretch out really quickly (becoming even more comfortable, but more and more useless for support).

The Cacique brand also has a soft knit underwire that I plan on trying as soon as I lose a little more weight (the underwire style only goes to 46 and I need a 48 or 50, depending on the style).

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I personally cannot wear a soft cup bra. I am still young and the girls don't stay up without underwire! I am also a 36/38 C/D.
But everyone is different.
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I feel your pain because underwires are uncomfortable, but in my opinion, my girls look pretty sad and shapeless without the underwire!
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To piper10:
If your underwire is hurting then you still do not have the right bra on. It might be the right size, but its not the right style or right something. I am a 38DD...but I can't just wear any 38DD. I have to try them on and out of 20 bras I might find one that I feel meets all the criteria (confortable but supportive but not ugly).
It is true that most of the support comes from the band, but if you have a underwrire bra most of the rest of the support comes from there, if you have a soft cup bra you'll notice that there is a band under the cups - thats acting in place of the underwire thats not there.
If it fits properly you will not know there is an underwire - I swear. Currently I am wearing the Cacique minimizers from Lane Bryant. They no longer make them and if I lose any more weight I will be on the hunt for a new bra. I have 9 of these and its all I wear. I find that the minimizer style bras are the most comfortable and have the most support. I am a big girl with big boobs and I'm telling you, I can run in these bras and there is no bounce.
I really really encourage all of you to a) get a bra fitting so you know what size you are and b) try on lots and lots of bras in that size until you find the one thats perfect for you.
In the long run you will find that a properly fit underwire is much more supportive and comfortable than a soft cup.
And I sell insurance not bras LOL!!!
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i hate the ones with the wires but now for me its hard to find them without mainly because it seems like they only make them up to a 36 B, or at least around where i live its hard to find anything other then that and im a 40 D. But when i find them in my size i buy all of them lol the wire hurts me and i just dont like it.
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Originally Posted by Jen516 View Post
I have a couple where the wire came out. They're still comfy to where around the house, but no where near as supportive for venturing out into the real world!
i agree , take the wire out and their going south. I suggest u buy a non underwired bra to give u proper support,i also find a bra that the wire has come out of , one the wires is out changes shapeand folds under where the wire was, leaving no support whatso eve and pulls everything south........not reccommended
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I think that finding the correct underwire bra is the key, as odnella suggests. I'm a 34G and I don't think I could do a non-underwire bra at all. But it has to be the right bra; I stay with the same style all the time because it's the one that fits and is most comfortable. I wear it until bedtime because it's comfy and it doesn't occur to me to take it off. But there have been plenty of underwires (before I found this style) that were exactly as you describe; the wire either jabbed me in the side of my boob under my armpit, or it dug into my rib cage, or it jutted out oddly in front.

You can give it a try (removing the wire). But my guess is that the support will be gone, or greatly lessened.
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in almost every case, i just completely avoid underwire. even if it's comfortable when i got it, seems like soon after the wire is poking me.
most of the time i just wear sports bras. it will be a happy day when i can wear just one for high impact like running. my fav. is made by jockey. don't know the name my mom got it for me. kinda weird, cuz i'm an adult and on my own, but she was trying to help.

it's really annoying how little selection there is. they are so much more comfortable, but the stores just seem to assume we will buy underwire.
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Hey! I was a 38G before my breast reduction! I suggest NOT taking the wire out. It seems like a good idea at the time, but it never is. Instead, when you get home switch into a bra-cami. A cami with a bra. It's comfy, holds you in and up, and doesn't have any wires! The support of the wires is well worth the discomfort!
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Ok, the consensus is "don't do it," so I won't. The wires will remain in the bra. I appreciate everybody's input.

Someone posted a link in a recent thread, and that site (Linda The Bra Lady) said, in part:

"For some women, underwire bras are uncomfortable even when they are properly fitted and wearing a good bra. If your underwire digs into you and nothing will fix the problem, it is possible that you have a high ribcage.

"Some people simply have a more pronounced ribcage than others. If you think you may have a high ribcage, try pressing your finger directly under the breasts, where your wire would normally lie. If you can feel a hard bump in this spot, then you have a rib right underneath the space for your underwire."

Well, I can feel that rib right there! Their solution, duh, is to buy a bra without underwires. Which, so far, I can't find with the close-set straps I need so they won't fall off my shoulders.

I hate this bra shopping stuff!
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I'm a rather large busted girl and find that although the concept of wireless bras are appealing, the actuality is that they really aren't flattering at all.

Someone mentioned before that you may have the right size but the wrong style ect, I completely agree. I can wear any bra in my size, but comfort wise I prefer a certain style over others (plus I love more cup coverage vs what many provide).
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I have a high rib cage (no space whatsoever between the top of my ribs and my boobs) and I have large boobs (36FF/G). What I have found is that if my bra gives enough support, so that my boobs aren't pressing down on the underwire, it's very comfortable, more so even than a non-underwire bra.
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