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Default Faded Glory Jeans: Because I CANNOT Find the Answer!

Alright, this is a random thread, but I really want to know! I've looked EVERYWHERE trying to find a size chart for Faded Glory jeans, and found absolutely nothing. I'm really ticked; I just want to know how big they run.

Do any of you know if they run big/small/average?

I want to know because when I was home for the weekend and visiting my family I decided to try on my mother's jeans just to see how close I was to fitting them. She wears a size 8 in most things, included the Faded Glory jeans I tried on. Well, the jeans totally fit. Other than being too short, that is (she wears petite sizes).

I know I'm not a size 8. No way in heck. I'm currently wearing size 13 jeans (but they're baggy enough to take off without unbuttoning now), and have tried on 12s that fit in other sizes. So no way should I fit an 8.

So do Faded Glory jeans just run really large? And why is there no size chart for them?! For the umpteenth time, I wish we had some kind of standard sizes.

Thanks so much for any answers!
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It is so weird that you should post this tonight, because my mom and I were just talking about this earlier today. I assume they run larger than usual because I can wear a 10 in Faded Glory and all of my other jeans are currently 12's. My husband loves Faded Glory and he can fit into a smaller waist size in them than in other jeans.
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yea, i think alot of the wal-mart clothes run larger. my fav. jeans from wal-mart are a 14, i'll take it lol. but yea it can depend alot. i can wear a 12,14, and loose 16 in pants. i don't think i'll ever get smaller than a large, bc my girls are just too big for that. even when i was skinny.
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In my experience the wal mart faded glory brand runs big. At my starting weight of 145 I was in a size ten (not from wal mart) but after losing 7 pounds I was wearing a faded glory 6. Another 10 pounds put me in a faded glory size 4 and after that I shrunk out of the brand.
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I copied the chart here. I just did a search for a random pair of jeans and when you go to buy them it offers a size chart beneath the size option.

You might want to check that out because this didn't work very well:

Size Bust/Chest Waist Hip
XS 2 32-1/2 24-1/2 35
S 4 33-1/2 25-1/2 36
6 34-1/2 26-1/2 37
M 8 35-1/2 27-1/2 38
10 36-1/2 28-1/2 39
L 12 38 30 40-1/2
14 39-1/2 31-1/2 42
XL 16 41 33 43-1/2
18 43 35 45-1/2
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