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Red face Skin before and after results of weightloss?

So I have some questions, and I'm not sure this is the right place to post or not. In my opinion it has to do with beauty and appearance, and this was the only section I found.

Alright, so I have been chubby/fat for a long while. I remember at thirteen starting to see my tummy stick out of the water in the tub, then started to notice stretch marks, etc. I have gotten up to 220lbs (That number put my butt in gear to lose.) and have varied in my weight between around 180/185 up to 200lbs for the last few years.

I was watching Dr. Oz and he said fluctuating in weight can cause a lot of excess skin and premature sagging...

I also watch the biggest loser a lot and see how their bodies change.

Now, I have grown up around my grandpa saying that there is "sloppy fat" and there is "neat fat". If you understand that at all... I'm definitely more towards the "neat fat". it's all consistent in the areas that it's in, mostly my belly. I also mentioned that I do have stretch marks on my stomach.

So my questions are... What is a good way to sort of determine what I'm going to be left with once I lose the weight (All of it this time, no turning back.)? My stretch marks appear to be getting closer together.. If they get close enough together do they just sort of become one? or is there a thin layer of normal skin between? Does/will my age have any affect at how my skin will adjust when I have become healthier?

Also any suggestions to keep my skin healthy and in good condition and possibly prevent any more damage/sagging/ etc, is greatly appreciated!
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Hey! You can check out the body image after weight loss section of the forum and there are many posts similar to this one and you should be able to find some answers!
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Thank you!
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I want to share my own stretch marks.

The first photo, I was 153lbs (BMI of 30) and the picture was taken in June 2009. In the second one, I'm 139 (BMI of 27) and it was taken this October. I'm not sure if the vanishing stretch marks are a trick of light or not (I sure hope not) but if it's not a trick of the light, those marks SURE did fade over the last year or so. I don't know when I received those stretch marks to be honest, so I don't know how long I had them. I'm also only 21, so I'm sure that played a roll.

I did absolutely nothing as far as any lotions or maintenance goes.

I hope that gives you at least a little hope

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From everything I've heard - your height and top weight and age ( based upon photo) would mean that you shouldn't have a problem with loose skin - as long as you don't loose too quickly.
You may need to do some toning exercises though.
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@ Wild Vulpix - Thank you for sharing the pics- what a huge motivator. Your skin looks completely healthy and doesn't have any scarring whatsoever. I really hope I'm as lucky.

I love this forum.
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