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value village always is sorted by size.
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I almost made a dreadful purchase last week. The Goodwill had a pair of denim bib overalls in my size (30/32), and a real bargain at $7.99. Beautiful color denim, with a fall scene embroidered on the bib. Very pretty - on the hanger.

I came to my senses, realizing that I didn't have to try them on to know that I'd look ridiculous in them (the original owner must have realized it too, because it looked like they'd never been worn at all).

I almost regret it, because hubby and I just (tonight) got invited to a Halloween party, but except for the Halloween party I can't imagine a situation in which I'd wear them.
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Originally Posted by rschroed View Post
I LOVE thrift stores; I spent all day yesterday in them, and then came home and was leafing through my closet and, a few dresses aside, couldn't find any clothes that had come from anywhere other than a thrift store. Brand name, nearly new, averaging $6 a piece. Totally your friend.

The Salvation Army, in my experience, is really bad about organizing by size; even within the plus size, if they have a section (and they usually do), you'd find the whole range of plus size clothes jumbled together--really, really annoying to leaf through looking for the magic intersection of one that both is attractive AND your size.

You should look for a Savers near you:


They're usually huge, clean, and really well-organized. And look for Goodwills near-ish to where rich people live, lol.
I do that too, haha I live not too far from one, and around here Wednesdays are half price clothing day.

I love thrifting, I have promised myself that I won't buy new clothing until I am goal weight. Especially pants.
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Goodwills, Salvation Armies, church thrift stores and the like. All of the stores in our area display by size, so very easy to find what you need. I'd say 95% of my wardrobe and shoes are from these stores. The variety compared to new, is great - the price compared to new, is wonderful. You do occasionally find items with the tags still on, otherwise the quality is always good, as most places go through everything and toss the poor stuff. I would still think it's worth the effort if I had to sort through everything to find the right size. And how FUN to bring in a bag of stuff that has gotten too big and look for smaller sizes!!!
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I love the thrift stores...you get a great variety and at a fraction of what you would pay at the "name brand" places...plus why spend a lot of money on clothes we don't intend on spending a lot of time in...I got rid of my "skinny" clothes a few years ago so...as I shrink I will need to buy new clothing...garage sales are also a favorite! I expect to be at gloal by my birthday in April...perfect for spring garage sales
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We have an America's Thrift Store...everything is by size. So easy! I wish all thrift shops were like that.
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I hear ya, My clothes shopping has mainly been from walmart and thrift stores. I have a gift card for Ross Dress for less that I refuse to use till I get to my goal weight.
It bugs me to no end when thrift stores sorts womens clothing by color. I'd rather skip it and dig through a pile of clothes for my kids then shop for myself.
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Even tho I am at goal I still can't stay out of thrift shops. You need to go often as things change so quickly and be patient. I usually have an idea of what colors and fabrics I like and make a quick run thru to see if there are styles I like and if it is in my size. It takes a little practice but it is worth it. For instance pink is not my favorite color so I don't even bother to look at anything pink. I no longer wear elastic waist jeans or slacks so I keep moving when I see that.It is worth it and I have made some great buys.
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Went "thrifting" today myself...what a find...we have a Missionary Thrift Store that somehow manages to get designer clothes donated along with the other things...everything is clean, on hangers, sorted as to item i.e. skirts, blouses, jackets, suits..etc. I even saw a Lily Rubin outfit there...now that's a designer! size 6 or 8 so definitely not my size....I've been donating my things to Am-Vets but may have to share some with Missionary Thrift....it's my new favorite store.

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I have loved Thrift store shopping since my friend introduced me to it 20+ years ago. I definitely have my own style and don't really follow fashion trends, never have. I find it wonderful that you can find such a variety of clothing in thrift stores from different years and even eras. When you go into a regular clothing store, you are pretty much stuck with whatever the style of the moment might be. Thrift stores are a treasure trove for those with their own style.
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Another thrift store shopper here All my clothes came from thrifts while I was losing (went from a 20 to a 6 in 8 months, that was a lot of new clothing purchases). Some of my old clothes went to a local consignment shop, a nice way to recycle funds. The funny thing is most of those clothes came from thrift stores originally I still do most of my shopping at thrifts, a little at Label Shopper. My Mom and I always plan a thrifting day when I visit her. We love it
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I love shopping on the 99 cent tag days for incentive clothes. I don't feel wasteful at all walking out with 5 cute pieces to hang in my closet to wear in the future for the cost of two lattes I *didn't* drink because they aren't on plan.
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