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Besides the issue of body types, keep in mind that not pounds are the same. Depending on your body's muscle to fat ratio, two people with same height and weight might look quite different.
There is also the issue of how your body gets rid of fat. Some people lose weight quite evenly throughout their bodies, while others don't. As far as I know there is no way to control this process as it seems to be more influenced by your genes than anything else...

Nice web site! Thx for sharing Rochester!
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i noticed that a lot of the women in some sizes probably should have been in larger ones based on their pictures.

it was interesting to see the differences. some women who were 5'3 looked smaller at 140 than some women who were 5'6 or taller. odd.
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Originally Posted by zeffryn View Post
i noticed that a lot of the women in some sizes probably should have been in larger ones based on their pictures.
That's one reason I don't put a whole lot of stock in it when people say they are the same height/weight as me but are wearing as size 10 pant. Yeah, I can get into a pretty small size, too, but that doesn't mean I can sit or breathe or should go out in public in them. Just because they zip does NOT mean they fit! But then again, there are those people who just have a totally different build and they DO fit into those smaller sizes.
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I am pretty sure that the "hourglass" thing is self-determined, and that lots of us see an hourglass in the mirror even if everyone else sees an apple or a pear!
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wow this is really cool! thanks for sharing!
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little by little
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I had to lower my weight by fifty pounds to find anyone that looks like me. I've always looked fifty pounds lighter than I've been.
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Neat site...and I like that it gives me some kind of idea on what I *might* look like at goal weight.
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Really cool site! Maybe I'll be brave & submit a photo to help expand the database of pictures. Each of us is unique, so the more variations we have at similar heights/weights, the better we start to understand it.

I know it in my head, but I've posted before about always being frustrated at carrying extra weight on my thighs/hips, so I wear 1-2 pant sizes larger than other women my same height/weight.

I also have been thinking hard about my final goal weight. I see so many women my height who are in maintenance at about 10 lbs (or more) less than me. It makes me wonder if I should be working a little harder to shed a few more...

Hard not to compare oursleves, isn't it? It isn't fair - every body is different - but hard, nonetheless!!

Thanks for posting this.
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that site is amazing

the girls my height and current weight are very close to how i look right now, but i cant ever see myself with a body like the girls with my goal weight have...... im actually considering putting my goal weight up a bit just so its more realistic
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That's pretty neat... I couldn't find anyone exactly like me...

That makes me feel singled out. :S I really don't know anyone else with a body like mine. I'm not quite apple shaped, but I'm not hourglass either... it's weird.
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I know the faces were blacked out for anonymity, but I think it would have been really interesting to see their faces. I'm a little fascinated by how different my face looks with the extra weight, not to mention fixated on how great it will look once I get to my goal
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This is a neat site.

I wonder of the hourglass thing is thrown off by what people are wearing. I think a lot of people are hiding their shapes by wearing baggy clothes so its hard to know what shape they *really* are. Some may very well have noticeable waists when they're naked. Lol
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The hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. This body type enlarges the arms, chest, hips, and rear before other parts, such as the waist and upper abdomen.

This is the definition I found for hour glass shape. I'm an hour glass with 42-32-42 All my weight gain is above or below my waste- arms, legs, butt (definitely butt!!) I think alot of pear women thing of themselves as hour glass because they may have a 38-32-42 and that seems rather hourglass like big-little-big.
For myself I have noticed my torso stays very proportional, If I loose, I loose all 3 together, or not at all. If I gain the same thing. My more pear shaped friends seem to always have the most difficulty in their lower bodies even if they're upper half seems quite tiny.
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Thank you for sharing- I will definitely have to bookmark this one. Honestly though, it was kind of discouraging. There were only 3 photos that are even close to my height and weight Ė and they all looked much more slender than I am. Maybe itís just a warped self-image, but I swear I look at least 20-30lbs heavier than those girls. I guess I will just have to upload my own picture and do so for every 10lbs that I lose. 

@Number8 Ė I agree. I think many pear shapes likes to think that they are hourglasses. I am VERY pear shaped (36-31.5-44) and I have always struggled with my lower half. I have a relatively small waist, but, unfortunately, my bust just isnít there. I always lose weight first in my upper body and then my lower body follows. Very slowly though.
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The girl who can
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GreenTea, I just wanted to tell you that you look like you must be ninepaw's sister! I saw your reply and thought it was her for a second.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying this link!
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