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Height: 5'5


There is this gorgeous Calvin Klein dress with zippers that has my name on it once the pounds are off!

And yeah, I definitely want to sport a pair of riding pants and boots. I love the look of Polo boots!
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as a reward i would want to get a pair of Marc Jacobs boots ,designer (non strechy)jeans!
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I CAN do this!
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Height: 5'4.5


i have a puffy white winter coat, and short black leather jacket-more for fall, wont keep me warm.
had both of them 5 yrs. every fall/winter, i tell myself i'll get in shape and wear them. last yr i didnt even wear a coat, wore heavy sweat shirts. i hate my old winter coat.
now this fall/winter i really will wear them dangit! i can comfortably wear them. i think i'm a few # from them looking really good.
i second the boots prob. i've gained muscle, but they actually increased 1/2in. but eventually hard work will pay off.
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knee high black suede boots
vintage jeans(not skinny)
halter tops(strapless)
swimsuit(maybe 2 piece-we'll see...)
backless dress, backless anything
sleeveless tops
cute sun dresses-spaghetti strap or strapless type
and lastly to shop in thrift or 2nd hand stores cause their selection is usually smaller sizes-hardly ever big girl clothing there....

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Staying the Same
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I am going to clean out the mall and high street stores of all their skanky, skimpy styles that are intended for college freshmen. Life is too short not to show off a new body.
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Victoria's Secret seems to be where all my MAJOR goal clothes are. I'll be be excited to shop at any NORMAL sized people store, but when I can wear these....I'll be golden.

I made a wallpaper of these and other items of clothing, so when I sit down at the computer, it's always there as a reminder.
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Height: 5 foot six


it feels great to see so many others with the knee high boot dream. man, one day, right?

i can't wait to be able to fit into (even if it's the biggest size) cute clothes from anthropologie and urban outfitters. those stores have such great stuff that i can't wear.

also... high end denim! would love a pair of joe's jeans.
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