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Angry RANT: Sleeveless Tops in Plus Sizes

Grr.. What makes me crazy is that I can rarely find anything nice looking in the plus or XL sizes that have long sleeves. Especially dresses! I don't know about other 'pluses', but one of my areas that I LOATHE are my batwing arms.. They must ALWAYS be covered.

I can ALMOST understand it on the non-plus sizes, but for the plus-size stores to be carrying a majority of sleeveless things, I just don't understand. Same with skirts, hard to find LONG skirts, especially ones that don't look totally FRUMP.

Oh yeah, and they also seem big on cleavage. Lane Bryant seems to cater to a 'hoochie' crowd at times.. Personally, I don't want to 'let it all hang out'.

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G,day LittleMissMotivation, I hear you loud and clear my tuck shop lady arms are a sore point with me and when you see a top that you like but the sleeves are to short it is the pits. I prefer a 3/4 sleeve or a long one anyday and if you are lucky enough to find one they are just not in the right age group I,m 50 but I don,t want to look like my Mum, as far as cleavage goes I,m not that well endowered anyway but I usually wear a light camisole underneath if the top is to low. I guess all we can do is rant until someone in the fashion industry see,s things our way.

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I find though that when I can find things with sleeves they are too long. I'm a little bit too tall for petites but in normal plus sizes long sleeves generally fall to cover the palms of my hands. I find 3/4s sleeves better.

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I hear you sister! I know some of us chunky-funky girls have arms that look descent in sleeveless, or are proportional to the rest of their body...I am not one of them...my upper arms and inner thighs look like I am hiding christmas hams under my skin. LOL wonderful image I know.
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I do a lot of layering. I have come to like sleeveless sweaters and tops IF I am going to wear a jacket, blouse, sweater over them. If not, I have been picking up 3/4 length sleeve T's when I find them on sale. I buy them a size or two smaller and wear them underneath. EVERYTHING seems to have a low neckline right now - definitely not appropriate for work (I work for a school district). Like Kitty, I have to shorten the sleeves on every long sleeve top/jacket/sweater I buy.

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I love 3/4 sleeves. They generally go to my wrists lol. I have never been much of a sleeveless kind of girl even when I was thin. I burn to badly. Like to at least keep my shoulders covered even when it is very hot and I go sleeveless. Baseball shirts are wonderful as far as I am concerned lol. Most everything seems to be cut way to low. Not all woman want to show everything off. What I have under my shirt is for my husband to see not the world to see. I have a real hard time finding pretty clothes that don't show to much of my chest.

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Well think about it...you've got one side of ladies arguing that bigger is better and if you've got it, you might as well flaunt it, and then you got the other side of ladies that prefer the puritian look. What's a fashion company to do? LOL....

Seriously though, I have been noticing that there seems to be a fashion craze over 70's colors and style again, which I'm not thrilled about. I think plus size stores really do not know their potential, and if I had the moola, I start one up in a heartbeat....
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I didn't like the 70's stuff in the 70's lol thank heavens I was a child. Things started to get a bit better in the late 70's and early 80's. Things were more tailored and didn't go clear down to the belly button so all the chest hung out. Then they got worse again lol. My daughter loves tye dyed, " Mom you had such great stuff to wear when you were a kid, " " Child I would have died before I ever dressed in that stuff, lol. "

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I love 3/4 sleeves, I have to agree 100% on the sleeveless issue, I HATE MY UPPER ARMS!!!! I DONT DO SHORTS EITHER, I have really FAT THIGHS
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I hear you! I have ALWAYS hated my arms--even when I was pole thin. They've never looked proportional and no matter what size you are, every store seems to only carry sleeveless dresses and sleeveless shirts in the summer. I don't have a problem showing my cleavage, but I don't think there are very many women over the age of 30 who want to/can pull off sleeveless. Plus, it doesn't really look professional for teaching. I buy up short sleeve, button up shirts whenever I can find them.
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^^ I'm with you on that one -- my whole thin life I could never quite get the super toned arms I always desired and now, as a heavy person, my arms are quite out of control. I also wind up buying sleeveless and finding a cover up top to go with it... which is harder with fancier clothes -- then I usually get a wrap and do the tie thing with it (you know -- wrap forward, under, tie at the back) to cover the arms so I can actually move around while staying covered.
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I too hate my arms. Unfortunately, I have to wear a bridesmaid dress next year so I have no choice.

By the way, those Lane Bryant tops that are cut low are meant to be worn with their tank tops & camis -- not alone.
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I don't usually wear sleeveless in public but I like them for around the house in the summer. I could actually deal with some of the sleeveless tops if they didn't all assume that I need an arm hole big enough to go around my waist. They all gap and then I feel as though everything is hanging out the sides. I want it tight around my armpit.
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I'm so happy I found this topic. I was stating how embarassed I was for the women on the Biggest Loser with their bat wings. I'm sure it was a producer thing but I just winced at the arms. I will never, never, ever, ever wear sleeveless. For my sake and everyone elses' too. Bathing suits are even worse. Why would they make suits with the back cut to almost your behind in plus sizes. Its just not right! I own tons of suits because I teach Water Exercise for at least one session a year and I only wear skirtinis.
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I am so glad you voiced an opinion on this. I thought I was the only one! So many garments in the plus size section of stores have sleeveless or very short sleeved tops. Hello! A plus size woman does not want to show her arms!!!! I never buy anything shorter than long elbow or 3/4 length. The fashion industry needs to get a clue!
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