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Default 2006 Hopes, Dreams, Plans, Resolutions and Goals


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I'm looking forward to an excellent 2006. I know I've been MIA for several months, that is because I've been working a full time contract job for a software company I worked for many years ago. But I've been lurking!!

One of my goals last year was to focus on upper body, not just be a cardio queen. I did accomplish that goal and my upper body is in much better shape than it was a year ago. I also managed to paint my ugly bedroom walls, sell our house, move to a new home and help my son adjust to his wonderful new school (thank goodness!).

My biggest goal last year was to consistently follow an eating plan that works for me -- 3 squares a day plus one snack. Lots of fruits and veggies, etc. I accomplished this over the first 6 months, but then in June, I moved, went back to work and my life flew into a tailspin reminiscent of the chaotic life I was living back in the late 90's when I was working, parenting, playing caretaker to everyone and eating, eating, eating.

What I've learned about myself over the last 6 months is that stress is a huge player in overeating and losing control of my life. When I dig a little deeper, I realize I have a massive fear of failure and when faced with a big challenge (like a 6 month contract to implement a complex piece of software with a user base of 12,000+ people), I use food as my main support. I found myself working late, feeling guilty that I would not see my 7 yr old son, knowing my house was a mess and my husband was stressed, so I'd order a pile of fried junkfood to get me through the tough times. I threw all of the things I know about living a healthy lifestyle out the window and pretty much sustained a constant sugar high for the last 3 months of the year, because I was tired, stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. I thought, life sucks, so who cares? Somehow I did manage to keep my workouts relatively regular.

I'm now back at home. I FINALLY realize that I can live, even through tough times, without using food as my crutch. That does not mean I will not have mishaps from time to time, I KNOW I will, but I look back on the job I finished, 80 hour weeks and all, and in the end I got the job done and done well. Lo and behold, the food did not do any of the work for me or feed me any answers, it just left me tired, depressed and angry. The other interesting thing is I only gained 7 pounds, yet in my mind I gained 30. I usually focus so much on whether I'm having a "fat" day or "thin" day, but really the crux of what makes me feel good about myself is KNOWING that I'm eating a healthy diet, the number on the scale is paramount, very important to me...but not really. I'm probably not making much sense, but it's more about my self-esteem and self-control, I want to make the choice of what I eat, rationally. When I'm on a 3-month binge, I'm not being rational. I'm an addict and I'm in trouble and that leaves me desperate and feeling pathetic.

I've been home for 2 weeks and been eating clean for 8 days now, only veggies, fruits, proteins. I've lost 4 pounds, mostly water, but still. I feel so much better, to quote Oprah, "the cloud has lifted" and I can see again, "my life is so much bigger than food."

My goals for 2006 are similar to 2005:

1. Be consistent with my eating plan - stay the course, 3 square meals a day plus snack, lots of fresh, organic fruits, veggies, lean proteins

2. Take a vitamin E supplement daily

3. Get back to doing regular upper body workouts, introduce new exercises regularly

4. Plan, plan, plan

5. Get healthy, stay healthy - we'd like to expand our family by one this year - we'll see how that goes!!

I look forward to posting again and reading all of your goals. Happy New Year maintainers!

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Deep breath, I've not posted over here before, but now is as good a time to start as my main goal for 2006 is going to be maintenance. I've got a few pounds more that I'd like to lose over the next few months, but really as long as I finish 2006 the same lor less than I started it I'll be a happy girl. The weight I've lost so far is far more important to keep off than the fine tuning that I'm coming up to with the last few pounds.

So if 2005 was about losing, 2006 will mostly be about maintaining, and I'm intending to start posting on this part of the forum and getting to know you guys. Can that be a resolution? (I'll also post a proper introduction for you ) As this is really my main goal for 2006, I figured this was a good thread to get started in

In terms of specific ways to do that, one is to do more fun active stuff rather than focussing on fitness as a way to lose weight. So I'm looking at going on an activity weekend doing abseiling and rockclimbing and stuff like that, and considering taking up kickboxing. I want to get out and do more walking in the countryside round where I live. Also I want to carry on running, and run the same races I did this year but faster. I'm also considering a half marathon, but I don't think I'm around for the one I want to run so might leave it a year if I can't find a decent alternative.

Food wise, I want to carry on expanding what I eat and focussing on quality rather than quantity. My basic "plan" (although it's rather less structured than that sounds) is to eat as much (within reason) healthy food as I like, only really focussing on quantity when it comes to "treats". The big food goal is to start eating fish, which has been a huge mental block for me for years and years.

Non weight related, I want to sort out some financial stuff and improve my Spanish (I'm taking classes at the moment but really want to ramp up the amount of effort I'm putting into it). I'm also getting quite into photography and want to learn more about it so I can get even better photos than I'm already doing.
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My goal for 2006 is to get this maintaining thing figured out. I want to spend a whole year without hovering back up toward that 140 lb ceiling.
Last year I wanted to turn one more person on to weight training. I feel that I did not because I wasn't a good example. People can figure out how to yo yo on their own! Then my second goal is to be a better example.
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So, a review of my goals for 2005:

1. Continue gym routine: weight lifting 3x week, cardio at least 3x week. This is a new habit and one that needs constant reinforcing.
This was my number one goal, and also the one I did the best at! THough there were weeks this didn't happen, I hit this goal about 80% of the year. It made our 3 week trip to England so much more enjoyable - I was strong enough to haul luggage all over, and fit enough to take on lots of stairs (4th floor of hotel, steep Tube escalators that weren't operational) and run for trains, buses, etc.
2. Commit to a sensible plan of eating, at least a day at a time. I had great success on WW (67 lbs) and kept the weight off for 2 years. But it's been 3 years since I saw that weight. I need to get back there for both my physical and mental health.
While this wasn't a complete failure, it was pretty close. I lost and regained 12 pounds only. Sigh. At least more of my weight is muscle these days.
3. Develop a plan to regain my office spaces, home and office, in small increments. Do the same for my sewing room. Also, a plan for keeping them under control. I've read many many organizing books, and have yet to have an ah-ha moment as to why I cannot keep this area of my life under control. My DH on the other hand, was born with this gene, and this difference has led to much of our marital "discussions" in the past.
This goal was sort of met. The mess is less, and I do get after it more often. I'm not sure I'll ever be a neat/tidy person, but I keep trying.
Like number 3, this is a work in progress.
5. Floss several times a week.
Just had my teeth cleaned yesterday, so I have to admit, I fell down on this one too.
And for 2006, I'm moving the weight loss up to #1.

1. Develop a sensible, reasonable plan for weight loss AND STICK TO IT! I have rejoined WW as it at least keeps me accountable to someone other than myself. While I'd like to be back to my goal weight by the end of 2006, I'd be happy to be back at a healthier weight, and especially back into smaller sized clothes!

2. Continue with the current exercise plan, adding in running and/or biking in the spring.

and for my dentist

3. Work on flossing more often.

The organization and procrastination are ongoing and don't have a measurable component, but I will continue to work on them.

Happy New Year everyone!
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Hi maintainers,

I felt sad when I read my goals for 2005. Boy, did I NOT know what was waiting for me. I thought 2004 was pretty bad, and 2005 wnet worse. Food and excercise wise it was OK, but the stress/burnout thing got really nasty with a major depression in februari/march/april, lifting over summer. and the "don't fly off the handle with my husband and kids" now is down to "don't fly off the handle with the kids" as my husband has left me. Still, i refuse to look at this past year as a failure. I did learn a lot. About myself, my XH, my kids. And the wisdom i lespecially learned from my son and daughter is:
"DON't focus on the one who has left, focus on the ones who have STAYED!".

So I have accomplished a lot, even if it is not what I started out to do.
- I have lost weight.
- I have licked the depression/burnout thing for I guess 80 - 90%
- I have created a safe and stable environment for my kids
- I have nought a new car
- I am busy getting a new job

My resolution for 2006 is to get excercise back into my life, and to keep on going. I have to be here for my kids, failure is no option.
So I hope to
- contunue to raise my 2 kids in a happy and positive atmosphere
- get a new job
- get through the divorce
- get through the division of our goods
- buy XH's part of the house
- have a great summer holiday
- continue and expand my meditation practice
- get excercise structured in my life

Whew. That is quite a list.
But I AM happy and proud of what I and the kids have accomplished so far.

Have a great year all,
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Default Become a Mistress of Maintenance

The key thing I learned in '05 is how important it is (for me) to view maintenance as an ongoing process that will always be part of my life. I know I read Meg and other veterans (whom I admire deeply) post about this all the time, but it didn't really sink in until this year. The weeks/month in which I don't track my food closely, lo and behold I regain up to 5 pounds. Must stay vigiliant and focused. But I must remember that I enjoy this lower weight, love feeling healthier and having more energy, and like eating a wide range of health-promoting foods.

I also need to get my head together about looking good. I have a lot of old body image issues. Losing the weight (and keeping it off) has really raised some conflicts in me about how to feel good about my appearance, accept compliments, LIVe in my body and enjoy it. I have been working with a therapist and recently switched to a new one so I can focus more on the food/body issues. Our minds are a tricky, complex organ--that's for sure.

So I would say my main goals are work on incorporating whatever maintenance techniques work for me (goal 1) and use the therapy/journal/other tools (goal 2) to resolve these longstanding (I mean, from when I was a teen-ager) issues about my body. I've stopped reading Shape magazine because it just made me feel terrible about myself. And I actually look very attractive. Very warped images of women in our society.

Hope all of you are well.
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For some reason, I've been hesitant to post here until I hit at least my initial "goal" of 145, even though I've lost 105 pounds over the last year and a half. I guess I just didn't really feel like a "maintainer" yet since I was still losing, albeit slowly. However, after having experienced a ridiculous (but not unexpected) five-pound holiday gain, reading several stories recently of people who've gained back most or all of the weight they lost, and finally letting it sink in that this *will* be my "maintenance" year, I've got the fear of 3FC in me.

Despite my holiday frenzy (now I remember why I don't usually go to my mom's house for Christmas!), I've got my habits back in control now that life is relatively back to normal. Over the past year, though, I've let some of them slide slightly, so for 2006, I'm mostly RE-committing to:

1. Cutting out as many refined carbs/sugars as possible. I was very good about this when I started, but I've let them slowly creep back in, along with the accompanying cravings.

2. Working out at the gym a MINIMUM of four days a week (optimally five), including at least one "leg day." I used to work out at least six days but because my gym is much farther away, it's harder to get there, especially on weekends. Now that I've started running a bit, I could supplement gym days with a nice brisk jog.

3. Preparing more meals at home rather than eating out. My weight loss slowdown sadly correlates with the amount of eating out we've been doing. It's much harder to control portions and estimate what's in food at restaurants.

4. Being vigilant about tracking food on the weekends. While not exactly "free-for-alls," my weekends have gotten progressively less on plan, and I need the accountability from logging food, even if it's a little bit more than I eat during the week (particularly with the liquid calories... yikes!).

5. Encouraging/supporting hubby to get back on track, too. He is back at his "high" weight over 300 pounds, and I truly worry about the possibility of joint problems, diabetes, and heart disease (in addition to how he feels about himself). I will need to be sensitive about how I go about supporting him, as he doesn't respond well to pressure.

6. Being at or under my initial goal of 145 by May when we take our anniversary trip to Italy! I want hordes of Italian men to positively SWOON!

7. Finishing up my Weight Loss Registry application (I just need to print a few "after" pics) to help hold me accountable.

8. Posting here at least several times a month instead of just lurking like a freak.

I look forward to getting to know you all better over the year. I already have learned so much from you; you have no idea. Thanks for everything you do!
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My goals for 2006:

1. MAINTAIN (duh)
2. Finally get over my wrist tenodinitis issues (almost there) and get back to weight lifting. The goal: to be able to do TWO full push-ups by the end of the year.
3. No slacking on cardio! Cardio at LEAST 3x/week for at LEAST 30 mins.
4. Run a mile in under 10 minutes (my PR is somewhere around 10:30, but due to knee issues I have eased off the running for now).
5. Get my master's and find a job (easier said than done!).
6. Try some different exercise techniques -- cross-country skiing, kickboxing, bellydance, yoga, who knows, maybe cardio striptease!
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As for last years goals... I was better at flossing, I lost the 10lbs and I ran a half marathon...

However this year, my goals are:

Just eat healthy!

Don't stress over the weight I gain during my pregnancy (I am due 6 months today)!!

Exercise moderately daily!

Learn to say no to work projects outside of my job description (easier said then done, I just don't have time for them over the next six months, with appointments etc).

Work on my finances.


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Let's see - here what I planned last year
Keep my body composition in healthy range
Kind of achieved - my fat content went up a bit, however it is still in healthy range.

Keep exercising - does not matter what I do, just do it! And enjoy it!
That is the one I really achieved - I love to exercise!

Start a year with resolution run 5 K - not much, but still it is a step!
Participate in 100 mountain bike ride in August - this time I will do all 100K without skipping the hard part!
I did both. I started with 5K run and was not last! I also finished my 100K mountain biking tour in 2 days... I was last, but half of participants did not finish

Enjoy the world, let weight gain not ruin the world for me.
Take less responsibilities for me - give kids more of those.
More weight training.
Those last three are only half done. Well, i did lots of weight training... Other than that, I am in the hole where I still try to do everything myself, I still obsess that I can do everything and I am still obsessing with weight gains... I have a long way here...

I participated in the semonar about setting goals and actually what they taught us is that you have to set no more than 3 big goals and choose only ONE you HAVE to make, 2 others are optional. So here are mines:

1. Achieve piece with myself - stop obsessing, destroying, stressing about small stuff - find equilibrium where I am happy person in happy family and happy working circle.

2. Continue exercise and weight training - as happy soul needs good body...

3. Watch what i eat - because otherwise others will see growing body

And not a goal but warning: Chocolate is NOT my friend - it makes me feel good only to make me feel bad after, it gives me feeling of happiness only to take this feeling away 20 min after, it makes my girth grow and makes me work for hours to get this girth back to normal for only seconds that it is in my mouth. What it is as not the worst enemy!

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Well my main goal for 2005 was to get to my goal weight of 150. I ended up blowing by it.

For 2006

1. Maintain my weight at or below 140

It feels amazing but odd not to start the year wanting to lose weight.

2. Keep journaling my food and fine tune my maintenance calories

3. Add 3x per week weight/resistance training to my current routine

4. Work more on reducing stress. I will find time every day to relax, even if it's just 10 minutes.

5. Keep up all the healthy habits I already have in place!
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I just looked at the 2005 thread and discovered I failed to post any goals for last year. So, for this year, here's what I aim to do:

1. Post more, lurk less. When I'm reading, I'm not really participating, and the only way for me to stay on top of my game is to be fully engaged.

2. In the words of Pamela Peeke, move my body every day. I might left weights, walk the dog, do a yoga or pilates tape or take a water aerobics class; it doesn't matter what I do, as long as I do SOMETHING.

3. Practice what I preach. Eat several small meals a day, with the emphasis on protein.

4. Don't get too hungry. Don't get too tired. And when I fall into those hungry-tired traps, make sure I recognize them for what they are.

Gotta run ... have several Christmas thank-you's to write, and today is the absolute deadline.

Cheers and regards,
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S/C/G: SW:226/16st - about 50lbs lost

Height: 5'8"


Number one goal for this year


That means just 14-28lbs to loose! or even maybe just 7 I will do it though, whatever maintenance means!
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So I'm almost 3 weeks behind. This is a year-long process after all...

Starting with a review of last year, I managed these:
-Marathon on Jan 9
-Get all recommended medical checkups
-Get at least 400 ug of folate per day
-Drop caffeine intake to 2 equivalent cups of coffee or less by February
-Think 3 positive thoughts about work each workday
These I didn't do so well. I stopped the diet cola for a while, but now I'm right back at it.
-Flossing (why this one is so hard for me, I'll never know).
-Stop buying diet cola for the house
-Don't eat work food
-Spend at least 10 min per day on 'mind work', visualizing, meditating, goal setting, etc
And these were overcome by events (pregnancy!)
-Maintain or improve body composition (body fat)
-Do some non-triathlon exercise/sports/activities (like hiking)
This year's goals are a little simpler.
  • Floss minimum of 3x/week (this is something like year #5 and still trying)
  • Breastfeed DD until she's at least 6 months old
  • Complete 3 triathlons, one Oly distance or longer
  • Get back to pre-preggo weight by June 1 (25 lbs to go)
  • Spend lots of time with my family
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