Update on Noodles

  • Hi everyone,

    Noodles asked me to post and let you know how she is doing after the eye surgery.

    All went well but she was pretty sick yesterday from the ansthesia, not to mention one bad headache.

    She is getting some rest and will be back soon.

  • Hi All...

    Just a quick update from yours truly...I can't stay on here long cause I start to get those freaking headaches. Eyes are adjusting and get mad at me after a while if I do too much. Bah!

    First of all thank you for all of the warm thoughts and fuzzies!!! It means alot to me. Really.

    I am doing o.k. Monday was very hard for me. I had a reaction to the ansthesia and was nauseated for about 24 hours. I couldn't hardly eat. Lived off crackers and cherry 7-Up. The only time the room wasn't spinning was when I was in bed. hahaha... The doctor did an EXCELLENT job. My double vision is gone!! It's amazing...after all of these years to be able to see single again. When I came too, I had this compress on me and I had to take it off and "peek" to see what things looked like...I started crying. The good cry of course because I could see. I guess I gave the nurses and doc a singing lesson while coming out of it...I was singing to my rat Stubs & 8-Ball, singing to the cat, singing in general. The nurse asked my husband "Whos Muff? Stubs?? 8?? She keeps singing about it." "Oh that's her rats." "A RAT?!" The other nurse working with the other patient goes "Oohhhhh rats!! Great pets!!" Haha I remember that part!!

    I started to get sick right after that. Ugh...felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. Then they sent me home. I was like huh?! I cant even see straight and I get go to home?? But that was fine with me. I rather be sick at home..I can get more sleep there. My aunt was with us...she asked hubby to give him a ride to her car cause she parked on the other side of the hosptial. Oh man...he drove around for about 10 minutes...stopping...going...stopping..going..caus e she wasn't sure where it was.. and each time he did that I'm getting sicker..and sicker.. and moaning and groaning... I wanted to curl up in a little ball and barf!! So he finally said I have to get her home, I'll drop you off here close to the parking lot and hopefully it isnt too far off. Phew! Then the drive home took an hour cause it was rush hour traffic. More..stop..go..stop..go..not to mention exhaust fumes!! I felt like I just got off of that spinning ride at carnivals when we finally got home. In the bed I went!!

    Yesterday I did good!! Today...eh... the nausea is back but not as bad. Eyes are really dry and bloody but that's to be expected. I look worse than I feel. About 100X worse. I can feel the stitches but it's not that bad!! I would do it again in a heartbeat. All of that worry for nothing! I do get headaches after a while but thats normal too. I have been taking all of the "eye vitamins" and eating right to help them heal. I'm working on a jigsaw puzzle too. Helps with the eye/hand/brain coodination thing.

    The kid is being a lil brat!! She is very good when hubby is around, but today he had to run to work and oh boy..she is being a pill! Testy..throwing fits cause I wanted to check her homework that she lied and didnt do, stuff like that. I told her go to your room. I am not about to deal with a whiny kid..let him do it. hahahaha

    Anyhow, that's it for now. I'll try to pop in here and there but I don't think I will be back up to par for my 50 posts-a-day for a while. hehehe..1 or 2 I can handle though. **hugs**

    Miss All of ya!!!
  • noodles... so glad to READ that you're doing so well from something you wrote yourself!!!!

    and just to put a smile on your face [i hope!!!] my cat jumped onto my lap while i was reading your report. and i told her that you had rats!!! she didn't care at all...
  • Hi Girls & Our favorite Jack!!

    Well, I went to the eyeball surgeon yesterday. I do have an infection but he said it doesn't look THAT bad. He's seen worse and went on to describe it. Ewww! But *I* have never seen a badly infected eye so how am I suppose to know?? To me it looks like someone poked me with a stick. LOL!! Apparently when I busted the blood vessels in the left eye, bacteria creeped in and decided to infect my eye. Yeck!

    Anyhow, I got these drops for it. $50 for this TINY itsy bitsy bottle of drops!!! And that was with insurance payment!!! Sheesh... Then we have been having BAD BAD winds here...dried them out to the bones. And these friggin' stitches are driving me bananas!! But...it was worth it.

    The good news is... I CAN GET CONTACTS!!! I CAN GET LAZIK!!! YIPPEE!!! NO more double vision and loopy eye looks!!! After 33 years, I can actually CAN THE GLASSES!! I might get a spare pair just to be safe, but you get my drift. Well, I have to wait until after June 29th due to final healing and stuff, but after that I'm all clear. I am so grateful. I got all teary eyed at the drs. office when Dr. Wonderful told me this. He wasn't sure if 1 surgery would be enough based on the severity of my case, but I followed directions to the T (and did alot of praying) and he said he is even surprised but thrilled! Cause of course this means HE did a good job too.
    According to my other eye dr. I visited on Tuesday, due to my severity, I became a well discussed case at their weekly eye ball doctor meetings. The other Drs. all thought it would take me "several surgeries" to maybe fix them, but he said Dr. Wonderful didn't give up hope and was confident HE could fix them. What a testimonial!! I want to get him a little thank you gift, but what do you get for a doctor that probably has a house full of stuff as it is?? A glass eye ball?! hahaha!!! Kidding, kidding.

    Anyhow, there's the story and I'm sticking to it. I was told to still limit my "computer time", which sucks, so I will still be semi-scarce, but after end of May I have the all clear to be on here 24 hours if I'd like.
  • Ohhhhhhhhh Noodles! I'm a bit late on this, but how exciting for you!

    And get the lasik! I just had it done a month ago and it is the most amazing thing in the world. For the first time in my life, even with glasses or contacts, I can see 20/20.
  • Hi Star!! Where ya been!!! Glad to see ya here!!

    I am considering the LAZIK. I have to wait though until my eyes are 100% healed in the back before I can do anymore chopping on them. I will be grateful for contacts right about now. These glasses are starting to give me headaches!! I have 1 more month to go then I can go get contacts. I'm Soooooooo gladdddddd I get to get RID of glasses!! YAY!!!
  • Noodles! Glad you are doing so well, even if it does look like someone poked you with a stick!

    Happy healing, and follow the doc's orders and take it easy

  • MEL!!!
  • Noodles -

    I've been around. Mostly over on the Atkins thread, but I'm getting close enough to where I want to be now, that I thought I should come over here and soak up whatever knowledge that I can.

    When are you coming out to the old hometown?
  • Hi Star!!

    Well...I am hoping to come for my birthday but I don't know for sure yet. I am judging 2 tournaments. One 100 miles away and another one in Iowa. Then a bowling tournament in Reno. I really want to get up there though..preferrably before it gets cold. I want to meet you and Seek and whoever else is up there that wants to meet me!! I think we'd have a ball! Oh and I'll bring my skates. We could go to the ol' rink!!

    I'll keep you posted. I can taste the food now... (why is it I always think of the resturants first?! hahahaha!!)
  • Gotta love Skate World! That would be fabulous! Please keep us posted! We can have a little 3FC night out!
  • You mean the one at Lloyd's Center? I'm up for it-- you'll have to teach me how to, and watch me fall on my *** a lot. That's would make a great name: Miss ***-a-lot.
  • Rollerskating in Hillsboro, Seek. But DH works at Lloyd Center. What part of PDX are you in?