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  • Oh Dagmar, I'm SO sorry to hear about Trixie I have had a couple of pets die suddenly but more often it's a long and lingering decline, getting to the point where you wonder every day if you should let them go over the Rainbow Bridge. But it is NEVER easy to say goodbye to our friends, no matter. Hugs, my friend.
  • I am starting to look for another dog. I will miss Trixie for a long long time but I also want to open my home to another dog. I have an interview with a rescue tonite and am going to the THS again tomorrow morning to stand in line.

    I didn't do much "sadness" eating after Trixie died. Don't know why it was different this time but it was. I'm going to wait until April to get on the scales again though. I'm just starting to come out of COVID and don't want another slap in the face.

  • Holly, a hound/shepherd mix, will be joining our household this Saturday. My head is spinning but I'm also very happy.

  • Welcome Holly, looking forward to tales of your adventures.
  • Congrats, Dagmar! Holly is a lucky dog! That cross might be interesting
  • We had an exciting day with Holly yesterday. I think everyone became a bit overstimulated by the evening. This morning I'm going to start dropping her into what will be her daily routine. She is a dog that wants to please and the crate training is a good thing. I was able to go upstairs and get some much needed sleep last night knowing that both Holly and Natalie would be safe.

    No time to overeat yesterday - LOL. Getting a hound might be a good way to lose the COVID lbs. I'm looking at doing 2 long walks with Holly today. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed walking my own dog until Trixie died and I didn't do it for a month.

  • I didn't realize how deep the ruts I was walking in really were. Holly's coming has forced me to completely alter the daily routines to accommodate our new relationship. It took me a couple of days to realize that I have to react and adapt to Holly right now. I tend to schedule things in blocks - like one week, one month, etc. I don't think Holly is on the same schedule.

    I'm so glad that I chose to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the week when I started maintenance. Makes it so much easier to keep on track since I don't have to weigh, measure, or calculate those calories. Too many other things to do.

  • It's neat to me that you're so sensitive to Holly. Love watching you build the bond.

    I also do the same breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Dinner if for variety.
  • A new family member can be such a challenge! In general our dogs are pretty easy but the cats are demanding. I also eat the same foods most of the time, but like to alternate dinner between a huge salad one night and steamed veggies the next.
  • I'm too tired to eat in the evening. That's a good thing. Never happened before so I'm hoping that will be reflected on the scale next week.

    And I cut out 2 caffeine helpings which is making me feel a lot better. They were not really giving me any energy, despite what I wanted to believe. That might also be contributing to not wanting to eat in the evening or having massive sugar cravings. No big crash from caffeine ingested earlier.

  • We have the same general things for lunch when we don't go out: mixed vegetables, protein, starch. The protein is often something like egg salad, ham salad, chicken salad, all of which we buy premade. Starch may be bread or potato chips. Thus our lunches are easy to put together. We've started to do something similar for dinner, too.

    Glad that things are working out with Holly, Dagmar.
  • Just checking in. Alpaugh life in the country is interesting and fulfilling but not exciting. It costs too much to drive many places, so I'm only going to town for shopping once a week. Plants and animals are lovely companions
  • Post Easter check in. We had dessert all 3 nights but nothing too excessive. I have a chocolate bunny left over that I really don't want. That's quite new for me - not wanting MORE chocolate.

    Back to fruit and yogurt in the evenings now. Weather is warming up a bit too (though there is rain and snow in our forecast today) so I'm looking forward to having salad with dinner again soon.

    Holly is settling in nicely and Natalie is still living with us (she does not like Holly).

    I should get on the scale soon but don't really want to because my clothes are telling me I haven't lost any of the COVID weight gain.

  • Happy post-Easter to all.

    Today, in Massachusetts, we celebrate Patriot's Day - locally famous for the running of the Boston Marathon. Each year I'm reminded that I have never been in the shape to run a marathon - even back when there were no requirements to have already run a marathon with a minimum time. Fortunately, I've found some articles that state that marathons aren't good for the body. So there.

    Glad that Holly is settling in - despite the objections of Natalie. My news feed is swamped with sappy pictures of dogs and cats sleeping next to each other. I guess it happens.
  • Quote: Glad that Holly is settling in - despite the objections of Natalie. My news feed is swamped with sappy pictures of dogs and cats sleeping next to each other. I guess it happens.
    I have pics somewhere of Natalie and Trixie sleeping together (never touching though) on our bed. Don't know if that will ever happen with Nat and Holly but I'm good with them just co-existing without Holly hurting Nat. It would be nice to eventually all sit in the living room together and we may yet get there. It's only been 2 + weeks that we've had Holly with us so it may well happen.