Less cold tolerance since losing weight

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    pink hippie, i hadn't even noticed where this post was posted. I"m not a maintainer yet either. Nobody has told me not to post here.
    Thanks Pattience.

    Quote: Pinkhippie & Pattience, I guess this could be posted in a general forum but I posted here because being cold derails me from good eating habits, and I only noticed it after phasing off the initial big weight loss. Anyway, I don't know what makes someone a maintainer other than the state of mind. I'm seesawing a bit so I am often trying to be a weight loser, still. It's like the San Andreas fault where I live, a famous earthquake area--a wide zone rather than a discrete line. Thanks for adding to the discussion!
    Oh, Ok. Thank you. Its true about the mindset of maintaining. I definitely feel a bit more like a maintainer these days. Like I don't have the rush of putting on smaller clothes and having them fit, or watching my stomach get so much flatter. I have already seen that and it's old hat now. Im not goal weight yet, but Im so close and in such good shape that Im very close to how I looked pre pregnancy weight gain.

    Anyway your title caught my eye because I have always been such a cold person, it was very interesting.
  • Quote: Thanks Pattience.

    Anyway your title caught my eye because I have always been such a cold person, it was very interesting.
    Yes, this thread made me feel better about the fact I am so cold now. Also, I was thinking about it and I always have ice water with my meals and always eating inside in freezing AC. The AC in Florida restaurants and in my school is so cold! So I am just going to accept that I need to have a sweater/cover with me! I prefer that sweater to the 50+ pound insulation I was wearing last year.
  • We always say you're a maintainer if you've successfully held off even a pound of what you were trying to lose. Most of us have held off "most" of it for a longish time, and when/if we slip a few, we have a thread for that too.

    To crib a favorite saying, the longest part of the weight loss journey and where you'll spend the majority of your LIFE is maintenance, so you might as well try to learn the techniques early!
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    neurodoc originally posted Time2lose, are you close to or at menopause? Hormonal changes will "override" the coldness caused by weight loss, at least, according to my several friends who have lost weight around age 50-55. Apparently, hot flashes may actually be good for something if you're a dieter :>)
    Oh yeah, actually I think that I would be considered postmenopauseal. I did not/do not have hot flashes as much as I am just hot all the time. I was really hoping for that cold feeling that I keep hearing comes with weight loss! Thank you for answering!

    Oh, yeah
  • I'm going to revive this thread in case in case it's helpful to anyone recently having lost a lot of weight since winter is on the way.

    Originally, I experienced cold intolerance during my first winter after big weight loss. [Okay, I'm a weather wimp who complains if the ambient temp is lower than 68F, higher than 72F ]. A lot of posters chimed in with similar experiences and good tips.Thanks neurodoc for explaining the cause and what to do about it (exercise, eat more!).

    Just something to keep in mind as you build your new, smaller-sized wardrobe... You may need warmer things than before, even in California

    [A side note...I had an unplanned weight gain of ~10 lbs over the last few months and became more active, though not working out. As neurodoc predicted, I no longer have the chilled-to-the-bone feeling. Hope to hang onto that as I get the weight back down where it belongs].