Maintainers Winning the Battle of the Bulge

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  • "Maintainers Getting Back to Goal" or
    "Losing Streak" (inspired by Silverbirch)
  • Maintainers springing loose those last few @*[email protected]*[email protected]*!

    Brilliant! Thank you birchie for completing the thought that I could not.

  • Thanks for making me feel welcome

    No, the kitty is not mine; wish it were
  • Hey, I'm thinking of using protein shakes to boost my metabolism. Does anyone have any experience with that?
  • I am not sure if they have boosted my metabolism but 1 scoop of whey protein powder in water seems to decrease my cravings and enables me to stop snacking.I count them in my calorie count for the day .I really believe the whey protein drink has kept me on track.The most I have drank is 3 scoops in water per day.
  • There is nothing wrong with protein shakes but I doubt they do anything to boost your metabolism. Exercise in any form will boost metabolism better than anything.
  • I suggest 3 as we can only use this one in the spring. Then we have two more excellent and appropriate titles waiting in the wings. The next thread will probably start in April, in a scant two months.
  • Sounds good to me. Spring for it