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Shannon in ATL 12-18-2013 04:28 PM

My BF shows at 22% right now with the electrical impedance test, and it goes up and down considerably based on my hydration status. Calipers show higher. At my lowest weight of 117 it showed at 18% with the EI test. I just don't trust it.

neurodoc 12-18-2013 11:05 PM

Delmarva, thanks, that was a really interesting article. I LOVE science. And now I feel a little less worried about my passion for almonds. Guess I should stick with those though, and lay off the peanut butter?

Getting more protein than I already do is going to be a challenge. I typically get between 70 and 80 grams per day. This is because I really prefer my protein to come with either fat or carbs (or both :>)). Pure protein like a hunk of meat or fish doesn't much appeal in isolation, I'm not a fan of protein powders and I consider protein bars to be just one small step above junk food (and not nearly as tasty). That article Delmarva linked to only further validates my suspicion that it is far preferable to eat my protein as whole foods than to eat it as processed soy/whey additives.

delmarva 12-19-2013 12:44 AM

Neurodoc, I am so glad you enjoyed the article. The updates these past few years on both exercise, metabolism and cardiovascular health have been frequent and in many cases, turning old advice on its head.

I know what you mean about protein. I really am enjoying a heavy-duty exercise schedule now, and had to really up the protein consumption. The secret to me was sardines (yep - King Oscar double layer is superb) on water crackers or minced and stir fried with green beans and Italian spices, a quick-fix white clam sauce (mostly clams - lots of garlic, capers, and splash of prosecco in the sauce) over spaghetti squash, greek yogurt, and eggs. I eat chicken and beef on occasion, but mostly I need protein 'on the go', and those types (tinned fish and eggs) are quick to fix. Once I ate more of that, I stopped being so sleepy after exercise!

Arctic Mama 12-19-2013 01:39 AM

Delmarva - I eat a tin of King Oscars almost every day for lunch - either tiny tots or the mediterranean flavored. And I eat hardboiled eggs every morning for breakfast. I agree it works wonderfully.

Mudpie 12-19-2013 06:31 AM

My weigh-in for today was almost exactly the number I thought it would be - 138.6 lbs. I have been eating jelly beans for the past 2 nights and they have added 2 lbs.

DH and I are both off work next week. I am going to try to have a conversation with him about his slow suicide by gluttony. Not in those words of course :lol3: This is not the right season to talk about dieting but it's the only time during the winter we will be able to both be somewhat awake and aware at the same time of day. I will make a big pot of mint tea and try to talk to him about all of this.

He has several excellent plans for change. But it seems he has no ability to act on them.

He is letting his boss run his life - both at work and here at home - and is using her bullying as an excuse to eat non-stop from the time he gets home from work. He sits at a desk all day and in front of the TV at night so he doesn't need the 4-5000 calories he consumes every day.

It's so sad. I had a substance abuse problem but it was something I didn't need to survive. Now I have the energy drinks/caffeine monkey on my back but I AM going to act. I keep showing him the way but he won't follow me yet.

We can't afford a huge health crisis - both economically and in time off - so he has to act now, before the stroke, or heart attack, or diabetes.

Dagmar :(

ICUwishing 12-19-2013 10:11 AM

I've always wondered about nuts, too - between them and avocados, the calorie numbers just don't add up to the reality. It's as if I burn plant fats like gas on a fire.

I can't remember the last time I came in under 30% with any sort of electrical impedance measurement. I must be in one **** of a lot of denial, because that figure implies that I should be a buttery, jiggly mess. And I'm not. Perhaps every organ in my body is wrapped in fat a few inches deep, which certainly wouldn't bode well over the long haul, but short of a full immersion study (I think that's the most accurate one, right?), I'm not sure I'll ever know for sure.

3600 fairly grueling yards last night; somewhere near half of it was non-freestyle stroke work.

Dagmar, I have a lot in common with your DH; my addiction of choice tends to be puzzle video games. It's funny how you can be hit from all sides with the simple fact that exercise works far, far better for stress relief, and yet until we can truly internalize that the other habits just plain don't work ... we'll keep right on doing them. I'm not a big fan of Dr. Phil, but I do like the one phrase he uses a lot : "How's that workin' for ya?"

I haven't had sardines in a long time. I'm convinced to try them again.

silverbirch 12-19-2013 10:21 AM

Devilled sardines on toast are very nice.

traveling michele 12-19-2013 11:39 AM

Sardines!? Yuck! Sorry!! I'm thinking about going back and having tuna for lunch though.....

Today will be a real challenge for me. Steely resolve it is (hopefully). It is my staff party after work. It's at my new boss' house so I have to make an appearance. Everyone is bring appetizers or desserts. I signed up to bring beer which is ironic since I don't drink but it was an easy thing to pick up and not deal with. I think I will get there about 4:30 and leave about 5:30 (it runs from 3:30-6:30). I will miss my regular yoga (4:30) but if I leave the party in time and bring everything with me, I can make the 6:00 class. Unfortunately I didn't get much sleep at all last night so I'm hoping I can stick to my resolve. I came home from work yesterday and dh was on the roof putting up Christmas lights-- better late than never. He wanted them up before our girls come home. He was up late packing and up early to leave for the airport to go to Houston which is why I didn't get much sleep. He'll visit with his parents, his brother and family (coming from London with their new baby and toddler), and pick up my dd to return here on Christmas Eve.

Two more days of work for me before my break. The kids are crazy.... Hope I survive....

alinnell 12-19-2013 11:52 AM

I bought some sardines for Chico (suggested by a friend). Nope, even he doesn't like them (although the cats did). I was actually surprised that they didn't smell. I guess I remember DH eating kipper snacks once--those things could clear a whole house!

We still don't have Christmas lights up so we probably won't have them this year. DD and her fiance will be here Friday night and we'll do a lunch gift exchange on Saturday before they go back home. I think they're flying to Seattle on Sunday. The only holiday decorating at home is four poinsettia plants that DH bought from Costco last weekend and they may not make it to Christmas as Louie keeps tearing them up. Don't worry, he doesn't eat them he just likes to destroy them.

delmarva 12-19-2013 11:52 AM

I was anti sardine until I noticed the rising problem with metals in tuna and other large fish. THe cheap sardines are nasty tasting. But it is an eye opening experience to taste small fresh tasting sardines like those from King Oscar in extra virgin olive oil. I've had good smoked sardines from Bar Harbor, and Reese's water packed sardines are great for cooking.

Seriously - give them a shot - it will be so much different than you remembered! And, because they are small fish, you don't have the problems with toxins like the bigger ones.

Good luck with the logistics, Michele! My husband is a pilot, so he works this time of year pretty heavily. Our Christmas is in January, instead, ideally while visiting some place warmer :gift:

Arctic Mama 12-19-2013 09:39 PM

Whoa! I think I got the kick in the butt I need to stop dinking around with these few extra pounds. My bras are worn out and so I ordered more from my favorite company, in the same size as my old ones that I've worn to death. That size fit at the end of summer.


It wasn't pretty.

I can get them hooked, but I'd guess I have an extra inch or two around my ribs that has been added with my weight. Despite friends and family commenting that I look slimmer lately, it's not the case and I need to rein it in big time. Even my pants weren't being as honest as the bra bands have been, since they all still fit - all but one bra (with a very stretchy band) was extremely tight in a way that I'd advise another person to go up a band size (and I'm a lingerie fitting n*zi, so this says something!).

I ate a cookie off plan today, and a piece of chocolate mango. I'm above my daily carbs and below my daily calories. But I've gotten the message - overeating on food AND carbs too high is fattening me back up and I'm not taking this crap laying down. Hmph!

neurodoc 12-19-2013 10:23 PM

Arctic Mama, do you lift weights? If so, you may be getting the bane of female weight-lifters - broad back syndrome :>) Girls aren't supposed to have deltoids and lats, at least not according to the clothing manufacturers. And while deltoid hypertrophy isn't an issue for bras, lats and other back muscles are.

Michele, I realized I didn't reply to your query about questioning the low BF%. Yes, I challenged it. He grudgingly admitted that it could be off by 2-3% from a dunk tank measure, but also said that there was no way it could be off by the 5-8% that it was too low to my way of thinking.

As for sardines- what a great idea. I LOVE them, and haven't eaten any in a really long time. Do the King Oscars come with the nasty backbone bits removed? That's a real turn-off for me, even though it's supposed to be a good calcium supplement.

My weight gain appears to be stabilizing. Holding steady between 130 and 132 for nearly 2 weeks now, on about 1700 cal/day. Today, I increased to 1900 based on the dietician's advice. We shall see what the 5 day trip to Toronto brings.

delmarva 12-19-2013 10:42 PM

The double layers are teeny tiny sardines. So, there is no noticeable bone at all. Make sure you get the DOUBLE layer in olive oil. These are Norwegian sardines, not the Portuguese brisling sardines that you normally see. Mellower flavor, much smaller, no bone issues like with the larger ones. You're right, neurodoc, they are great for calcium! They are even available inside the larger Walmarts ($2.52 a tin)... in our area, I swear Walmart is beginning to compete with Whole Paycheck (I mean, Whole Foods). It's filled with gourmet items - things like organic peanut butters of all types, specialty eggs, exotic fruits... it's bizarre.

delmarva 12-19-2013 10:47 PM

Neurodoc may have nailed it, ArcticMomma - back and pect/delt/lat workouts also increased my chest size. But, once I really picked up the swimming, I seemed to have stretched back out, and "leaned out" even while I keep getting stronger. Exercise could be indeed be affecting the bra fit! I found that adding more high intensity cardio seems to be doing a better job of helping me generally reduce the fat across my belly and back - obviously through metabolism changes, but it's helping.

Mudpie 12-20-2013 06:36 AM

Sardines . . . hmmm :chin:. I'm getting tired of eating a piece of cheese after work (and a boiled egg and 10 mini carrots are my mid-afternoon snack) so the sardines might well be an option. I am NOT a fan of tuna :barf: in any form and I find the big cans of salmon sit around in the fridge after I have one serving.

I'll have to find a canadian equivalent to those you're mentioning and I'll have to hide :sssh: them from DH - he loves stinky things in oil. :lol:

I am going to do a semi-fast this weekend to give me some wiggle room Christmas Eve and Day. Turns out DH will be here (freezing rain in the forecast so driving his 13 year old car on the highway is not a good idea) so I'll eat dinners with him but have a very light brekkie and lunch. And only one coffee in the morning and then mint tea for the rest of the day.

I think I'm going to be taking a lot of naps the next week or so. :D

Dagmar :coffee: no more!

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