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Originally Posted by alinnell View Post
I'm in need of some frozen/semi-frozen fruit. It is currently 117 degrees with a prediction of 120 tomorrow and Sunday. The AC at the office had a hard time today--set at 77 and it kept running and running and was at 82 when I left.

I got home and now have no desire to cook for dinner. Don't really want to go out in the heat either. That leaves pizza (or some other disgusting delivery food). I'm trying to convince myself to do something myself but it's just too hot to cook and I'm all out of fresh vegetables for a salad.
I am going to try some cold grain and vegetable salads - right from the back of the grain boxes. Tonight it will be quinoa and vegetables. After DH has accepted that I will branch out to freekeh and vegetables. I always have a BBQ'ed chicken handy for protein (DH has started picking one up whenever he makes a fruit run to Costco) and greens, cuke, and avocados for green salads.

Speaking of semi-frozen fruit DH and I are really liking the Costco cherries, kinda liking the blueberries, and the frozen figs (my idea) were disgusting. So far the other "stone" fruits haven't been much of a success either. I had high hopes for the frozen mango chunks (I am a hopeless fresh mango peeler - wind up with squishy sludge and juice) and also the peach but they're not at all a success.

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Home sweet home! More post later, after I make a huge dent in Dirty Laundry Mountain, pick up the bunnies from the sitter, and restock the refrigerator.
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Welcome back, Becky! How was the weather on your cruise? Can't wait to hear the details!

I made an amazing lasagna last night. I think I mentioned it on a thread somewhere. I had my doubts but it turned out great. I have to think it was fairly low in calories but haven't gone so far as to figure it all out. Anyway, the sauce was called an Alfredo sauce, but it was made out of cauliflower, a little garlic and some vegetable broth. I used chopped carrots, onions, tomatoes and spinach for the filling. Then mozzarella cheese and the pasta--the only high calorie stuff in it! DS didn't get to sample it because just before dinner he announced he was going to his friend's for dinner. Sigh. Soon he'll never be home for dinner.

DS and I have been dorm shopping. We ordered a bunch of stuff from BB&B and that arrived on Friday. (I decided I didn't want to bother trying to find a store in Irvine to pick it up when he moves.) Two boxes which we've unpacked and reloaded everything into just one box. We washed his towels because usually towels are so linty in the beginning, but these seem fine. We went to Target yesterday and loaded up on toiletries and other stuff. The only thing he needs now is a bathrobe. Target didn't have any which I thought was strange.

We're dealing with record setting heat here. I believe the high yesterday was 122 which broke the previous record of 121. Not that one degree makes that much difference when you're that hot in the first place! We did all our running around before noon and then stayed inside the rest of the day. Today is more of the same except DH wants to go see a movie.
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I think my DH may have finally had that moment when the pain of his weight exceeded the pleasure of overeating. We went kayaking this morning for 2 hours and it was beautiful. Light wind, some cloud cover, easy paddling all the way.
When we got back DH could not get out of his boat. He had to ask me for help which I gave willingly and without any comment whatsoever. He outweighs me by at least 125 lbs. but I was able to lever him up and out, using the boat and his paddle to help me.

Let's hope this is his "aha" moment regarding how unfit he's become and enough of a motivator to put him on the road back to a healthier life.

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Hello everyone. It seems always my fate to post last on the weekly chat thread, as I usually have free time on Sunday evening. Hope folks check in one last time (or read the daily email digest).

I am back from a very relaxing and interesting 2 week vacation to Greece. Really glad I went, even though there was all the usual drama of a family of 5 forced to spend every minute of the day together (we had 2 hotel rooms everywhere, so we were thankfully free of the 3 boys after bedtime). I have a new appreciation for the U.S. highway system, which provides for 2 lanes in each direction on all but the smallest, most rural roads. In Greece, 1 lane plus a shoulder is the norm virtually everywhere, and it means that the Greeks both use the shoulder as a defacto right lane, and routinely pass over the median double line (sometimes all the way into oncoming traffic) in order to pass slower traffic. UGH. I loved all the ancient history - the ruins of previous civilizations that are so common that the Greeks just build around them. And I loved travelling between islands on huge modern ferries that tell me Greek priorities lie mostly with water rather than land-based travel. Most of all, I loved the people we interacted with: though I shouldn't engage in "ethnic profiling," we found Greek people to be exceptionally kind, friendly and outgoing - they seem to really enjoy chatting with foreigners (and their English is excellent, the product of starting language classes in 2nd grade).

I mostly haven't kept up with the 3FC boards, but read through this week's Chat before adding this, so I know that Allison is enduring insane heat (we thought the Greek summer was pretty horrendous, and it only hit the mid-90s most days), I know that Dagmar is both excited to be a home owner and frustrated by her DH's stubborn refusal to do anything about his weight and health issues, that Krampus is suffering from sciatic pain and that several of you are quasi-freaked out about the eerily accurate targeted ads on websites, courtesy of mysterious cookies that get lodged in your OS (BTW, if it bothers you, you can easily clear both your "cache" and your cookies in the preferences section of your browser, and this will remove at least recent evidence of browsing activity).

As for food, I am thoroughly sick of Greek cuisine, healthful though it claims to be. To be honest, I saw nearly as many overweight and obese Greeks as I do Americans here in the states. Portion sizes at restaurants and "tavernas" (pubs) are so huge that we would routinely order only 2-3 appetizers and 2 entrees for the 5 of us and have leftovers, and everything is DROWNED in olive oil if you don't ask for them to hold it. I ate very carefully but have no illusions. I will eat sensibly this week, exercise daily, and only get on the scale on Friday to avoid "scale shock."
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Welcome back, Andrea! I've always found Greek people to be exceptionally friendly as well.
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Welcome back Andrea. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your travels.
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