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That was my experience as well, Silverbirch. After being invited to join and meeting a few people the group was not for me...
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I'd be careful with Mensa. It can be mentally stimulating at best, but pretentious, prideful, and downright bigoted at worst. I'm always leery of separating out the world by characteristics we cannot control, with IQ being one of them. And while an adult with a good head on their shoulders can glean what is useful and stuff the rest, I'd worry about some of the attitudes of other members rubbing off negatively on my children.

I'd consider actual achievement-based activities as a better direction to steer your daughter toward. A debate team, academic decathlon, chess clubs, even research projects through private organizations would all acknowledge and reward her brightness without causing some of the gloating/ego issues that come about from elite membership to an elite group, who think quite highly of themselves and rarely for any reason more substantive than IQ.

Wow, sorry, I didn't mean to soapbox! I'm pretty passionate about this issue, especially since DH and myself fall into the Mensa membership guidelines, but wouldn't ever join. I didn't realize until after I typed it out that my opinion was quite that strongly negative on the subject, however.

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Nothing to add to the Mensa discussion. I feel far inferior to anyone with the ability to join!

The neighbors are having a party--we're thinking it must be a a Kentucky Derby party for lack of another thing to celebrate. It sure smells good! There are at least 16 cars out front, so a huge crowd. Hmmm, we weren't invited...

We golfed (surprise!) this morning and I actually did better than usual. Had I kept it up on the back nine I could have gotten one of my best scores, but it kind of fell apart. Not a bad score, but nothing noteworthy.

We came home, cleaned the house and ourselves, ran errands and then I put together the enchiladas for our Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow. Serving them with blackberry margaritas. That sounds yummy!
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Thanks for the Mensa opinions..... I had a feeling a few of you might have personal experience.....

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm hoping to avoid any Mexican food or festivities today. I leave in an hour to get dh from the airport.
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My experience with Mensa was not pleasant, either. I didn't meet anyone I would want to interact with socially - lots of ego and competition, even in casual conversations. And like Taryl said, a lot of bigots and elitists. It wasn't worth it.

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