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Originally Posted by Steph7409 View Post
And then on the way home I stopped at a new pizza place nearby to try it out - YUM. It's an old railroad car (used to be a diner) so it's very small and quaint, and I really enjoyed my slice and the atmosphere. I topped it off with a lemon-glazed sugar cookie that just might be the best cookie I've ever had.
Sciortino's? I gotta try it!

I'm glad you had a great day. It's been quite a long time coming for you.
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Girl Gone Strong
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Shannon, there's a name for this style of vintage furniture, and it's called "waterfall." I'm not sure how or where the term originated, but probably it's because the thin sheets of veneered wood have a strongly linear grain pattern, and they are usually glued into cross-hatch or geometric shapes. It's associated with the Depression period in the 1930s, when Modernism first arrived in mass-produced American furniture available to the average person through department stores and furniture stores, but I believe it was also sold throughout the 1950s. Sometimes this kind of chest was part of a bedroom set and would typically sit at the foot of the bed. The part of the bedroom set that people like to buy is the dressing table, which often has a huge circular mirror, or triple mirrors.

Here's an ad selling a bedroom set:

This can be an expensive restoration job because it usually involves replacing veneer.

The words "replacing veneer" make me very, very unhappy. My 1840s sleigh bed, ruined in the flood, had gorgeous book-matched crotch mahogany veneer. The restorer took the bed away to work on in August 2011. It's now almost May 2013 and he's still not done with regluing the veneer. And don't ask me about the cost, as I've discovered that it's going to cost me more than buying a replacement. (The problem is finding a replacement.)
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Krampus, yes - Sciortino's. Their slices are big squares that they cut into 6 little squares. I think I may make this a regular weekend treat. It's actually within walking distance of my house but I'd have to go under that railroad thing and that sorta creeps me out.

saef, I know veneer replacement is tricky but 2 years?? Seems excessive.

I had another great day today, pretty much a repeat of yesterday. I was happy to be only a wee bit sore this morning so I bought more mulch and went for another walk. Just gorgeous weather this weekend, so nice.
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Saef - I'm thinking more and more about just cleaning it up. There are a couple of nicked spots on the top that I think I can fill and patch, then just give it a little clean to get the dirt off. I don't want to replace the veneer if I can help it. Someone suggested a cleaner that strips the sealant but leaves the stain color I think?
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Shannon, I am not a furniture restorer, but sometimes I hang out with them. Murphy's Oil Soap is the cleaning agent of choice. If you want to turn it into something of a project, try Formby's Buildup Remover and then, over that, Howard's Restor-A-Finish (with the "neutral" colorant). Don't use steel wool because the veneer of that period is thin, unlike earlier veneer, which was hand-cut and relatively thick, sometimes really thin, like paper. Finally, a nice paste wax over the top. Be careful. If you press your finger down on the veneer and hear it crackle, that's a sign that you want to mess with it as little as possible.
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Steph-- glad you've had some better days. You deserve it.

My weight was down over the weekend, I wore some shorts that had recently been tight, and I was feeling good. I've been eating vegetarian the past 5 or so days. Today my weight was up some but I'm lot letting it get to me. I'm wearing a cute spring outfit and ready to tackle the week.

Dh comes home Sunday. Finally.....
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