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BillBlueEyes 02-18-2013 06:54 AM

Maintainers Weekly Chat Feb 18 - Feb 24
Happy Presidents' Day for those celebrating in the U.S.! Hope everyone has a vacation day.

I avoided horizontal snow yesterday - haven't seen that in a few years. It didn't leave much on the ground, just nasty to be in.

I've run up a few days without extra snacks. Only a big deal because I had fallen into an excess snacking pattern. It might be related to cabin fever. February is the "cruelest month" in my opinion, with all due respect to T. S. Eliot. DW insists that April really is because she begins to yearn to be gardening. I'm just interested in getting out of the house.

WardHog 02-18-2013 08:55 AM

Good morning. DH and the kids are home today - I just want to get back into my routine.

ICUwishing 02-18-2013 09:25 AM

Bill, I wish I had a vacation day today! :) We had a few minutes of the horizontal snow on Saturday, and it was just enough to lay a nice polish on a local section of freeway and cause a terrible accident. Congrats on the days without snacks! I completely agree with you about February being the worst month. Winter needs to GO AWAY. I'm tired of being cold! Next month should have a few teasers of warm weather to let us know we're coming out from under. Hoping that it's not too warm for too long, and the silly trees blossom too early again. I don't think Michigan farmers want another year like last year!

dagmar, sounds like DH needs to get off his fanny. Don't know if he'd respond to the fact that housework counts as exercise - worth a shot! And you don't have to go outside in the cold to do it, which is a bonus. Hang in there - it WILL get better. :hug:

allison, in the last couple of years, I've not only had to quit drinking coffee after 11am, but I'm also (this is taking a while because I want so badly for it not to be true) finding that I have to stop at 16oz no matter how early. I LOVE my dark, chewy French Roasts ... and much to my distress, my consumption of it is directly related to the quality of sleep I get. Sounds like a really healthy raccoon! He/she must know where all the goodies in the park can be found!

michele, nice job with getting out to the social scene. Sounds like you handled it very well! Yikes with the stairs! I can imagine a big dog crashing into you with little dog might have almost been funny ... on a different surface and in a different time. Glad that all three of you survived it!

Chris, good to hear that you're emerging from the "bad place". My son calls it "funking out" and fortunately, doesn't connect it with food. It definitely is challenging to wait out the detox when sugar's involved.

Sheila, I am so looking forward to getting outside for a walk - can you send me just one decent weekend sunny day? Today is going to be 41 - a nice increase, but it won't last. :( Back into the 20's tomorrow. Bleah!

Spent the weekend in Frankenmuth; the choir was performing Noyes' Fludde (Noah's Flood), a Benjamin Britten children's opera. It was a lot of fun. DS and I went to the rather infamous brunch at the hotel; it's been a very long time since I faced a buffet. I enjoyed what I had and the food was surprisingly high quality. Only the strawberry mousse was memorable.

My cold is 99% gone, so I'm resuming normal activities. Which isn't saying that much, really - but me and the TRX will be getting reacquainted tomorrow morning.

It should be an interesting week. DS auditions for a spot in the HS swing choir on Wed; it's a highly-ranked and very competitive group. He has mixed feelings about it - he wants to do it, but it will mean that he has to give up the boychoir because of conflicting evening practice schedules. :( If he doesn't make the swing choir, he'll definitely get into the varsity vocals, which is much less work but won't be even a trivial challenge - however, he could still be in the boychoir. Dilemma! I'm not sure what he's going to do.

CherryPie99 02-18-2013 10:05 AM

Hello all!

Here I am crawling back into chat. Thanks to all who supported me through my meltdown of last week! It is much appreciated. So many of us seem to be going through this, though, is there something in the water?

I had an excellent weekend on being not 100% but close to food wise and did a ton of exercise. We have been in the process of expanding our workout room, so I painted and put down carpet and we cleaned and then organized the room. There is SO much more room down there now! So I feel accomplished.

Plus I was happily rewarded with my weight being back down. Red line is 120 and I am 118.2 this morning. I hate that a small bounce in the scale can effect my mood that much, but it is what it is at this moment in my life.

I'm lucky enough to have the day off, but my SUV is dying a slow death so I am going to look at new vehicles which I hate.

Wish me luck and Happy Monday everyone!


alinnell 02-18-2013 11:27 AM

Good morning and Happy President's Day! Today would have been a holiday for me, but we're heading into the office soon to start packing DH's office. I don't know when we'd be able to do this otherwise as he gets so many interruptions and distractions during the week.

I'm not discussing my weight at the moment.

Sheila53 02-18-2013 11:38 AM

Bill, horizontal snow? I'm assuming it's snowing and really windy so the snow doesn't fall straight down? Never experienced horizontal snow. The weirdest "snow" I've seen was gropple in June 2011. I'd never heard of gropple before then.

ICU, I'd love to send everyone some good weather. It made for a nice respite from the grey days of winter. If I were still living in the Pacific Northwest, it would be grey, but flowers would be starting to poke their heads up, which is always a cheery sight. Glad your cold is just about gone. I'll be interested in hearing what DS decides to do.

Jen, good luck! What are you interested in buying? Same SUV or something different? Congrats on the good weekend.

Allison, packing, yuck. But it will all be worth it in the end.

Today is my first day since last fall that I won't be going to the gym. The LiveStrong program is over, and I can't justify the expense. My DH joined, but he really needs the structure. So it's back to working out on my own. At least now I have a lot of new TRX routines. Monday is always a great day for me because I have "coffee ladies" at 1:00 pm. Nothing like spending a couple of hours with smart, fun ladies having good conversation over a cup of coffee.

bargoo 02-18-2013 12:10 PM

Sheila, thanks for giving us the word for the day. I had to google gropple to find out what it is, and I was born and raised in Minnesota where we see plenty of snow.

traveling michele 02-18-2013 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by CherryPie99 (Post 4637048)
Hello all!

Here I am crawling back into chat. Thanks to all who supported me through my meltdown of last week! It is much appreciated. So many of us seem to be going through this, though, is there something in the water?

Jen-- I've been thinking about this and I think it is a combination of things for many of us. Even if we aren't actively trying to lose weight, come January we all get caught up with everyone excited about being healthy-- people talking about losing weight-- eating healthy-- exercising-- etc. Much of that dies down come February and that coupled with winter doldrums may cause a letdown in moods for many of us. Just a thought.

All this talk of snow has me a little anxious. I HATE cold weather and have told dh I would NEVER move anywhere cold. I still doubt our *possible* move would come to fruition, but if it did, it would be to Louisville. At first I thought-- that's in the South--but when I looked up the weather there it is cold and they get.....gulp....snow..... I was born in Connecticut and lived in Massachusetts as a child, but since then I have lived in Houston, South Africa and California.

I'm excited to have the day off. I have planned a full day-- I don't understand just wasting a day off. I'm off to Bikram Yoga soon, then to run a few errands, lunch, to donate blood, and to get my nails done. I've been craving PF Changs so I may go there for lunch by myself. I have a healthy(ish) lunch that I like to get there. It's at the mall and I need to go to Nordstrom to try to return a Christmas present (I hope they will still take back winter gloves!).

Here's to a highly successful week for everyone!!:carrot::carrot:

Ishbel 02-18-2013 12:34 PM

Hey Hey Everyone,

Jen I like shopping for vehicles! I just dislike paying for them! :D

Sheila I had to google gropple as well (almost typed google google there). We get a lot of blizzards here...it's always windy! ;/ We're pretty flat where I live (but I was raised in a massive forested area so the wind is hard to get used too).

Been MIA for a bit, but I'm still here and lurking once in a while. I think my nemesis is simple sugars so I'm committed to keeping them out of my diet for a while. Even if I have a bit when I relax a bit on the weekend...it really affects my week and how bad my cravings can be. So this past weekend, NONE..even closed the cupboard door on the chocolate and just the next day it was easier. If I want sugar, it must be a fruit preferably berries.

Hope you all have a great day!

alinnell 02-18-2013 12:47 PM

Too funny. The Tripawds website just posted a new app available for iPhones--The Fat Dog app designed to help your dog lose weight!

Megan1982 02-18-2013 01:27 PM

Morning all,

I had a nice, relaxing weekend. I took the dog for loooong walks, did my taxes, had a guitar night w friends, and BF and I just hung out at the house Friday & Saturday evenings watching movies, listening to music, and playing Monopoly, which neither of us have played in years. It was nice to find some different things to do and not end up at the same watering hole down the street. BF is not exactly on his diet train still food-wise (though as I said before he never ate that badly), but is still limiting his alcohol intake.

Of course my weekend ended abruptly at 5:00 AM this morning when the dog decided to throw up all of the salt water she drank at the beach yesterday. Ick. Cleaned up, got another hour of sleep and off to work today. No holiday here.

Confession time. I have once again fallen off my "losing" plan for the past two weeks or so. I've had tons of leftovers in the house, and the part of me that hates to waste has tried to eat them all, while the lazy part of me was excited I didn't have to cook. Being able to get out and exercise over the weekend helped clear my head a bit. I think mentally I'm back on track, but will just show it by physically doing it over the next few days. I was too chicken to step on the scale this AM. I hope to just keep February from being a total loss (er, gain) at this point.

Ishbel, simple sugars (or really simple carbs in general) are my nemesis as well. They just make me so snacky, feeling hunger, wanting more more more. Fruit is fine and doesn't do it to me. It is so hard to control. I need to keep them OUT of the house (unlike the last week).

Jen and Becky, I agree, maybe the winter doldrums as well as some diet fatigue, plus Valentine's chocolate, causes the meltdown this time of year. For me, it's really hard for me to see images of, talk about, think about health and weight loss constantly. I really have to walk a fine line because when I'm POP, I'm thinking about it a lot. If I go over the edge I snap, though.

Michele, enjoy your day off! Sounds like a nice, busy day.

Sheila, enjoy your coffee ladies. It sounds like a lot of fun. Reminds me of my description of my book club.

Alison, good luck packing.

Bill, brrrr. Stay warm. Good job staying away from the extra snacks.

paperclippy 02-18-2013 02:40 PM

Michele, if you moved to Louisville we'd practically be neighbors! :lol: Seriously though, Louisville is about 2 hours drive south of Indianapolis. It's enough of a difference for Louisville to be generally warmer than it is here, but as far as "the south" goes it's about as far north as you can get. Still doing okay after your fall on the stairs last week?

Jen and Becky, I find that the Feb-March time frame is when people who live in colder climates tend to get generally depressed and feel crappy. It's been cold for so long that we're all ready for spring, but the fact that spring is still a couple months away is depressing. I admit that lately I've been splurging and buying a lot of imported fruits and veggies because I want to be eating summery food. Usually I try to eat more seasonally, but now I'm like, screw it, I want blueberries and tomatoes. They're not as good as when they're in season, and they cost more, but I am sick of stews and root vegetables.

No President's Day holiday for me either, but at least it's warm(er) out today. We had some drama with MIL at the end of last week about baby showers and such, but I believe it's sorted out now. MIL is excessively baby crazy and keeps making all sorts of incorrect assumptions about what we want/don't want/are concerned about. We basically told her that she shouldn't assume anything, if she has questions send them to DH, and if she feels like she needs to go buy stuff she should stick to baby clothes because if she buys clothes we don't like it's no big deal since they'll only last a couple months. Also, generally I'm fine with all baby clothes as long as they don't have snotty remarks written on them (like those baby shirts that say "spoiled" or "mommy loves me best" or some such).

I have to admit, the more baby stuff I see, the more annoyed I get about how early we start gender stereotyping. We went with MIL to a clothing store Saturday, and it was divided into girls' and boys' sections even for infant clothes. The girls' section was full of pink, purple, and flowers. The boys' section was every other color, plus animals and other designs. Since when do girls not get clothes with elephants and doggies on them? Or like, yellow or green clothes? And why are dinosaurs and outer space only for boys? Why can't boys have pink flowers? I mean, these kids are like less than a year old. I hardly think they will even know or care if they're wearing pink or blue. The only reason we have this divide is so that people can figure out whether the baby they're looking at is a boy or a girl because at that age you can't tell them apart based on appearance, which begs the question -- at that age, why do you care if it's a boy or a girl? Are you going to treat my infant differently if you think it's a boy than you would if it was a girl? I would hope not.

Okay, sorry, rant over.

alinnell 02-18-2013 04:56 PM

Well, bad news.

I got the call from the cable company and it's a no go for us switching to their phone system. And we can't even take our cable internet with us because they don't service that area. Really? A business park that has been around for some 20+ years and they don't have cable (and it's next door to a new school). So I'm 1) forced to stick with Verizon 2) forced to change my phone numbers and 3) forced to go with Verizon for our internet and it isn't even their high speed Fios internet.

Mudpie 02-18-2013 05:22 PM

jessicaSome people get very embarrassed when they get a baby's gender wrong :shrug: - hence the tip off with the clothes. But then the kids do get into the stereotyping. Ever see a gaggle of preschool kids? Almost all the girls already are in pink and purple - and it's their choice now. Yikes!

We have our February long weekend holiday today - "Family Day". My vote would have gone to "February Blows Day" :lol3: I'm dogsitting so kinda forgot all about it.

I'm across the street from the house I just sold so it's kinda weird. I went over and made my final selections of my mom's stuff I will save. I took 4 plastic tubs and that was it. Once they were full I walked away.

My cousin's wife and her older daughter came over and they went crazy for crystal, china, and art books! :cheer2: Took away their SUV loaded down - :cheer: Last time I looked DH was running around in that house with cardboard boxes and books and albums and stuff all over the place. He is clearing it out and selling and sorting and all that great stuff. :D

Better him than me. I need some distance now. Which is totally ironic as I'm across the street until next Monday evening. :dizzy:

Dagmar :coolsnow:

bargoo 02-18-2013 05:23 PM

Allison, a gazillion years ago I worked for the telephone company, I worked for GTE now Verizon. It was possible at that time to have a telephone fron one exchamge in another. As an example you could have your present number at your new address, at the time it was called a Foreign Exchange and it would cost you more but in your case would be worth it. My suggestion call telephone company tomorrow for your new address and tell them you want to bring your old number to your new address. Be sure and talk to a business rep. If they say it can't be done call your present tel co and tell them you want to pay extra to keep your phone number.
It is a long time ago when I worked there but I don't see any reason that it can't be done. As an example I worked in a small town about 25 miles from San Jose. Different tel exchanges , different numbers, etc. It was not unusual for businesses in our small town to want a San Jose number for business reasons. I have known of many such instances as I was part of the ordering process.

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