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Jessica Love the visual of "hello" during the ultra sound. Made me laugh while I read it.

Jen Yay on being happy with the number on the scale...tough decision on the job. Completely understand wanting to get away from cooler a Canadian I don't have much of a choice LOL (I want to stay in Canada lol)

I quite enjoy the posts on whether you can maintain what your doing now it caused me to reflect on my own behaviours and I ended it up in quite the thought process and the thoughts cycled a few times lol. On one hand I felt comforted by your posts that perhaps I'm not as nutzo as I think (not that I think you're nutzo...that I'm not the only one with the fear(s)) On the other hand I admited that sometimes I do feel obsessed and that my reality is that I hope it will just be second nature...this new lifestyle of ours (mine and my fiance)...and maybe JUST maybe I won't feel obsessed...but if in 5 years I still feel obsessed, I'm ok with long as I feel the way I feel right now.

It also caused me to do more reading in the sticky's of 'living maintenance' which caused MORE reflection on the whole 20% less calories and 20% more exercise. Although it doesn’t make me happy (even though I knew this before I hit maintenance) I think at this point in my life it’s a ‘meh’ feeling – so I’m feeling accepting of the cards that have been given to me. There is nothing I can do it about it…so why focus on it.

I'm in awe of most of you, I'm glad you've welcomed me into your online group (THANK YOU). I don't think I'll be able to say "I've maintained for X 'years'" without the support of this forum.

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I met Bulut - the street dog from Istanbul - yesterday. Her story so far is a very brutal harsh one but she's here and she's looking forward. As most dogs do.

I tried to take her for a little walk. She is totally dog-averse - tries to run away whenever she sees another dog and gets quite anxious when she hears barking in the distance. And she's smart - already knows where "home" is. And that I carry treats in my waist pouch.

She is not going to meet bratty bully Lucy tomorrow. I'll try Bulut with the 2 softie goldens and see what happens.

DH has now decided (again) that he has to "shape up" in order to interview for a clerical job. Right now he no longer fits into his interview suit or any of the "office clothes" he bought about a year ago. And he's so broke he can't afford to get new ones. And now the only store he can go to is the "fat guys" shop across the City.

The tax preparer whose tax course he took turned him down for a job. His current very part time job will now go down to 1 day a week - not enough to pay his portion of the bills and keep his car running.

I made us a healthy dinner last night. Dessert was frozen blueberries with low fat vanilla yogurt - our answer to ice cream.

I went to bed around 9:30 and DH drank a couple of beers and continued eating.

I have thrown in the towel on his weight loss. He did promise to start making salads (a job I hate) to go with dinner. I will accept that as a gain and keep my lips zipped.

I have enough to do without being his mommy. My own weight is up - haven't been on the scale this week because I don't need any more discouraging news.

I'm hoping February brings better news.

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Dagmar, here's some good news I read in today's paper. People with dogs live longer. It's because, of course, they're walking the dog so they take more steps than people who don't have dogs. Since you walk dogs for a living, you'll be in much better shape than someone who walks just one dog. Now to get my DH on board with this wonderful piece of news. Unfortunately, our last dog, who had to be walked at 11:00 pm at night in the rain to specific spots in the 'hood before he'd potty, turned my DH completely off dogs.

Shannon, glad you went skating and enjoyed it. Your money story reminds me of the saying about the shoemaker's kids going barefoot.

Jessica, loved the ultrasound story!

Another one here with a cold or something. I spent most of yesterday in bed asleep or just lying there miserably, then managed to turn out the light at 11:00 pm and sleep until almost 8:00 am. Woke up once during the night, but went back to sleep. Now that's pretty weird after doing almost nothing yesterday. Missed a night out with friends and plan to miss church this morning mainly because I don't want to get anyone else ill. I want to feel better by tomorrow afternoon because I enjoy my coffee group that meets at 1:00 pm. Hope everyone else who is ill starts feeling better soon.
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Sheesh, lots of people with colds here. I hope you're all feeling better. My sister has had the flu for 4 weeks and her doctor finally gave her tons of meds to try to knock it out. I'm thankful to be cold and flu free so far this winter.

bargoo, I too have trouble resisting a good sale. I was very excited to score some suede knee-high boots at Target yesterday for $12! But I have to watch myself, as I often buy things I don't need all that much just because it's a good deal or I have a coupon or whatever.

Shannon, I applaud your commitment to sticking to your budget. My expenses are pretty low yet I spend too much on discretionary stuff. I did switch to Geico for car insurance yesterday and saved myself almost $600, so that was sweet. It will pay for about half of the vet bill for my poor kitty Grommet.

Dagmar, good luck with Bulut and the Goldens. I hope they help her overcome her fears.

I visited with my Newfie friend today and got a very warm welcome. I've know her for years and introduced her to ice cream, so she looooves me. It made me feel good.
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Dagmar - Better dog averse than dog aggressive!! A little love from some friendly goldens should go a long way!

I hope things work out for your DH. I am grateful every single day that DH and I took this journey together - not sure that my commitment would have lasted on my own.

Visited my 94 year old FIL today. I feel so bad for him that his mind has totally sharp but his body fails him more and more every day. However, we did get worried as we went to leave and I noticed he had left the stove on!! Worrisome indeed.
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