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Megan1982 05-09-2012 08:50 AM

Maintainers Staying Slim for Summer Part II
Alright, I started a new thread. Come join me!

Speaking of yoga, it's Wednesday which is yoga day in my world. It helps me de-stress and feels really good on my tight muscles the day after my NRLW workout. Ahhh. I spied the first watermelon of the season at the grocery store yesterday and am very excited, too!

alinnell 05-09-2012 08:55 AM

DD's recital last night was really nice. We brought her a bouquet of roses and I forgot to give her the mail I'd brought along for her. We left Chico home for the 7 hours and he was so excited when we got back--he greeted us as he used to with a toy in his mouth. Granted it was a cat toy, but still a nice sight to see.

Getting my hair cut this morning--I seriously have some calendar issues going on. I thought the appointment was for next Wednesday. Oh, well, I guess I'm due for some confusion here.

I really thought my weight would be down or at least steady this morning, but I guess my only 5 hours of sleep contributed to a bit of a blip. I'm tired, but have a full day ahead, so I won't let it get to me.

bargoo 05-09-2012 09:31 AM

Megan , thanks for starting the new thread. My weight was down a little this morning, glad for that.
Allison, sounds like Chico is doing well, what does the vet say ?
About hair, I am trying to get mine long enough to have it cut, does that make sense ?

alinnell 05-09-2012 09:49 AM

bargoo, that makes total sense to me! Right now my hair is short, but it's really too long at the same time! I'm going back to my old style--the one I have now is too conventional. It makes me feel "old" or at least older than I should feel. The other style is cut super short on the sides and back but one section on top is long--hard to explain. I'll see if I have photos.

The vet is quite happy with Chico's progress. He says that because we kept him slim and well exercised his recovery is going more smoothly.

hair 1

hair 2

current hairdo

bargoo 05-09-2012 09:59 AM

Allison, I like your "spiky" hairdo. I think it is flattering and youthful, but of course you have to pick something that you are comfortable with.

traveling michele 05-09-2012 10:27 AM

Allison-- glad Chico is doing well and he did well when you went to the concert. Our dogs love to play with cat toys too!

My weight is "stuck". I've been an angel which has been hard to do this week. It is staff appreciation week. Monday was a "dessert bar". I had a few blueberries. Yesterday was "lunch provided by a local dentist". Since I had no idea what that entailed, I brought my own. It ended up being Subway sandwiches with chips and cookies. Today is PTA provides breakfast. It's not set up yet, but I will see if there is some fruit. Tomorrow we get "tea and cookies" and I'll miss Friday (lunch provided by PTA).

We leave tomorrow night for dd's graduation. I'm still hoping to make it to the gym today despite dh grumbling that I need to skip the gym because I have too much to do. I know that I probably will get little to no exercise Thursday- Monday which will drive me crazy. We will be eating almost every meal out so I'll need to be hyper vigilant about my choices. I'm just mad that my weight is 4 pounds higher than I like it to be-- I'd prefer for it to be lower before my travels. We will do sushi tonight and sometimes I see a drop after sushi, so we'll see. Dh and I are also going to the scuba place tonight to see about signing up for our classes. I think they may fit us for our mask and snorkels, etc. too-- I hope they don't mind if I'm a little stinky from the gym??

Oh! I forgot about the interesting comment I recently received. I went to happy hour with a few co-workers and was talking to one that I don't know well. Our daughters are both in choir and at a choir concert she pointed me out to her dh as someone she works with. He said he sees me at the gym all the time and "she is a maniac"! I never really thought about what others think of me at the gym. Weird! Yet oddly complimenting....

saef 05-09-2012 10:30 AM

Megan, I wish I'd kept going to the yoga studio that I joined last fall. But I found that I wasn't going as often as I ought to. That's because I could not mentally accept yoga as my day's workout. It had to happen in addition to weights & cardio. Weights & cardio are my magic talisman against weight regain & help me work off stress and raise my endorphin levels out of depression. So that meant a morning workout, a full day of work, and then off to the yoga studio at night. My life just couldn't comfortably contain that many hours of exercise, and still allow me leisure and time for cooking dinner & other weekday errands. And yoga seemed optional compared with the other exercise. (Who'd think yoga could be a source of stress?) Also, yoga was difficult and I wanted an excuse to quit. It made see certain inadequaces in flexibility and balance. And since I wasn't experiencing any measurable success or progress that would have motivated me to keep doing it, I let it drop. I approached yoga with too much of an achievement mindset.

Still, I don't feel comfortable with my decision of dropping it. Yoga also felt like a therapy session to me. It still feels that way & thus is something I ought to be doing, to get away from my achievement mentality, so I feel vaguely guilty whenever I encounter the word "yoga." Yoga = The undone thing that I never finished.

I'm quivery and angry today. My boss told me to meet with someone who was heading a project. I was supposed to give this person pointers on how to do something. Or so I thought. During the meeting, the person revealed that rather than doing it herself, she wanted me to do it. And she'd cleared that with my boss already. So I have been saddled with an additional project. I'm flustered and angry, and wish I could talk with my boss, but she's out all week putting in her garden.

I am trying not to eat over my anger, but I have already furiously chewed through a pack of gum, which is a vestigial binge behavior of mine.

I need to make a cup of tea, clear my mind, and work instead on one of my other projects which has been piling up since Monday.

I am seething with anger at what they expect on this job. I am grateful I was able to take this job to my mother's house with me, after the flood, and keep working. But I am also an ingrate who's getting fed up with special projects and new quality initiatives.

traveling michele 05-09-2012 10:48 AM

Breathe Saef-- breathe... practice some yoga breathing!

Maybe once you are back and settled, you could incorporate yoga back into your routine? I do know what you mean though-- I don't count long walks as exercise, and my yoga has to be bikram to "count". Mind games I say!

bargoo 05-09-2012 11:12 AM

saef. I understand your anger. Seems like someone at your job is thinking"Good old saef, she'll do it, we can always count on her". Flattering but not fair.

paperclippy 05-09-2012 11:20 AM

Saef, it sounds to me from your post that doing yoga would be good for you in multiple ways. First, it would force you to recognize that you can substitute it for one of your other workouts without gaining weight (which I am confident is true). Second, it will push you in ways your other workouts don't, like flexibility. Third, you said yourself you get mental benefits from it. I would suggest maybe just swapping out one weekly weight session for yoga instead to start and see how it goes.

Allison, glad Chico is doing well.

Our dog sitter came by during the day yesterday for a walk with Carter and he didn't even bark at her once! I'm so glad. I think he is going to be just fine with her while we're gone.

alinnell 05-09-2012 11:41 AM

Saef~breathe deep and relax. This, too, shall pass.

An interesting thing happened last night. I had forgotten to write down which recital hall DD was performing in. We got to the building and I realized my error and there were no signs indicating who was in what hall (there are 3 or 4 halls). There were 40 or 50 people milling about, but DD was nowhere to be seen (obviously she's backstage setting up). I get my phone out to text her (in hopes she has her phone with her) when a nice kid with a nose ring approaches me and DH and says, "you're Dana's parents." Not a question--a statement. From someone I've never seen before. I indicate yes, and he shows us to the correct hall to which I thank him. A few minutes later, a man comes up and again, states "you're Dana's parents." He was the father of the other recitalist. Again, someone I've never met. Finally, a girl approaches me and says, "you're Dana's mom." (This one I actually understood as she's friends with DD on Facebook and I've heard about her.) We had a nice conversation with her and they sat right behind us at the recital. This morning, I had to ask DD about all of this. She said she had no idea how these people knew me (with exception of the last). She did say that the nose-ring guy was a fellow percussionist, but she had no idea why he'd know who we were!

ICUwishing 05-09-2012 12:10 PM

Megan, thanks for starting the thread. :) I'm envious of your early produce ... we are *almost* to the frost-free date where it's safe to plant the sensitive stuff. An early melon would be divine. :drool:

allison, it's good to hear that Chico's moving back toward his old habits. Our vet always complimented us on how we kept our dogs trim - he said it contributes more to their lifespan and quality of life than anything else you can do for them. I've been trying to squeeze in a haircolor and cut for about 3 weeks - I feel like a fuzzy skunk. :p

bargoo, I get the need to grow things out. My cut requires a lot of razoring and thinning and layers - to change it up at all means having to get at least 3 inches on it. It's a long, frustrating wait!

michele, you certainly have a lot to think about this weekend! I like the "maniac" comment - I would find it a compliment to be noticeably more intense at the gym.

saef, I agree that yoga does a great job of finding lots of imperfections. :D Must be why it's called a "practice"? :lol: I am hoping to add some this summer, as there are few ways to spend time that have that high of a "bang for the buck" for both mind and body. Bravo on taking your anger out on the gum - a good brisk walk might help too, if you can get out for a bit. My employer went to great lengths to put a bunch of trails around campus with signs that describe how far/time to complete. With 3000+ people at our location, it can get crowded, especially during "launch season"! It sounds like you are having what we call the "pains of competency". The rewards for mediocrity can sometimes be very tempting, if you can live with yourself. I never could, and I'm sure you couldn't either. :hug:

Jessica, you are truly a great doggie-mom. Few people would take the time to thorougly vet the sitter-doggie relationship as you are doing. You should have a lovely vacation, knowing things are going well at home!

I'm back up above the 150 line, grrrrr. TOM is imminent - I can tell by the bloat, irrational thoughts, and the gravitational pull of salty/crunchy things. There is some hopeful news, though. I finished an hour of water aerobics last night, and my shoulder didn't complain during the wall pushups. After the workout, I went over to the lap lanes, and swam 1000 yds in 20 minutes with no pain! This morning - no pain! :yay: Could this be the end of the physical excuses?

bargoo 05-09-2012 12:15 PM

Allison. Your daughter must resemble you or your DH or both. I have seen children that I had no doubt who their mom /dad were, without prior knowledge.
On the other hand I have been with my mother and someone meeting me for the first time has said to my Mom, "Your daughter doesn't look like you at all." Am I supposed to look like my Mom, this always puzzled me.

alinnell 05-09-2012 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by bargoo (Post 4327143)
Allison. Your daughter must resemble you or your DH or both. I have seen children that I had no doubt who their mom /dad were, without prior knowledge.
On the other hand I have been with my mother and someone meeting me for the first time has said to my Mom, "Your daughter doesn't look like you at all." Am I supposed to look like my Mom, this always puzzled me.

Go look at my pics on Facebook. I think DD looks like my husband's side of the family. DS looks more like me.

Shannon in ATL 05-09-2012 01:11 PM

Megan - I got some yoga in this morning, and I feel great. :)

Saef - Oh, that is frustrating about the project. Don't let the anger overtake you. On the yoga - I get the same way. I feel like weights and cardio are exercise and yoga is exercise. What I've learned is that yoga is a good compliment to the others, and some yoga workouts can take the place of some other workouts. It makes me feel good.

Michele - that definitely sounds like a compliment to me! :)

Allison - love the hair!

Bargoo - glad that your weight is down! Woo hoo!

I'm okay today, though a little miffed with weather and circumstance. We were supposed to get thunderstorms last night, so when I got out of work late I skipped my run so I wouldn't get caught in it. Planned to run today, which was supposed to be clear. The skies cleared, no storms last night. Raining today. Ack. I did get some yoga this morning, so that is good. Looks like an indoor weights day instead of outdoor action. Sadness.

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