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fitmom, here is another retort for people who want to "Guilt" you for being a SAHM.
"My husband and I have decided we want to raise our children ourselves, rather than being raised by a baby sitters standards."
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Good morning everyone!

Just a quick check-in before heading out for grocery shopping and a pedicure with DD before going to see The Rat Pack tribute. Afterwards a Greek early dinner.
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All of my wives, and serious relationships, have been working girls....

As I grew older I really---REALLY appreciated my mom being a stay at home mom My mom didn't join the work force until I was a senior in high school and my youngest sibling was in middle school. She did so because she wanted a little extra $$$ to have to buy things for the family that were not necessities. She missed being home but also had friendships with women she met in her job right up until she passed away 30+ years later. She worked for about 10 years until her grandchildren needed her

I can't tell you how comforting it was to know she was always there for whatever my needs and wants were.

Oh, and as far as all those teen-age "girls" questions and problems young men mom knew all the answers! Who knew moms know so much about women?

The plan was for my first wife to be a SAHM but that didn't work out...w/o going into boring details I'll just say is was better for her to work for her own personal growth and, thank God, my sister and mother were there to care for my children daily.

I had such comfort with my own children being watched by my mom and sister and being in church school and day care when myself or my ex-wife were not able to be with them.

It isn't easy being a working parent or a stay at home parent. Not all of us are able to live out the desires we have. Life gets in the way.

I think my wife would go crazy if she didn't is also a great present knowing, as a teacher, she has plenty of days off for R&R

In EZ's world, the wife would always be at home and have plenty of fun and fulfilling activities to do with adults and her children. Husbands would have a 9 to 5, or in my case a 6 to 2 job 5 days a week, with several vacation times a year.....

that is not the world I live in

EDIT~ Also, in EZ's world, I would be a SAHG-randpa

SAEF I can't tell you how many times I have been held up on pay when I was in business because of lack of funds or other matters. I actually was not paid over $30,000 many years ago by the original owner of Jack In The Box, for over a year, after the project was done.

We are just about to finish a $5 million project and have yet to receive a wonder my boss is a little edgy He is still owed over a $1 million for a project completed 3 years ago.

It is very possible, as you mentioned, that the draws have not been paid. Probably just a matter of time. Years ago I did a tract of houses where, as my contract stated, I was to be paid in full (less 10% retention) after each house was completed with my drywall services....30 homes...after the first few I was paid only when the sale of each house was finalized...took me a long time to get the $$...and all of it was paid out for the labor and material.

Good luck to you and all those involved

I am really looking forward to this kitchen remodel Angie is just about to start....NOT!!! This could get ugly.....

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bargoo: I like that retort - A LOT. I will definitely remember that one.

EZ MONEY: My late mom was a SAHM for 15 years and I really appreciated it too, especially as I got older.

The article is up with my photo for those of you interested in it. Here's the link:

It's a site about empowering women, taking back the weight room and lifting like a man but not looking like one. Anyway, the site is about having man biceps so the photo is one of me flexing my small-ish bicep. I know, my fifteen minutes of fame. Remember, that I'm middle-aged, have only been weight training for six months and am not a professional photographer (lol). I'm the middle photo with the black top and pants on. Also, please do not repeat or use my real first name here on the forum as I don't wish for it to be widely known. Thanks for understanding.

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Thanks, all, for the encouraging words and for explaining a little more about the apparently widespread practice of delaying payments to the contractor. I don't get it. Well, I do -- banks and other entities want to hang onto large sums, like insurance payouts, to pick up some interest on the money along the way. That's fairly despicable. Gary, you were talking about how things would be ordered in EZ's World. In Saef's World, all kinds of professionals would be paid promptly, just as salaried people are. You do the work, you get the money. End of story.

I'm writing from a Ramada, where I was fortunately able to exchange a smoking room for a non-smoking room. I've had a full day, after a long ride down, fairly sunny and yes, windy. I picked up my pint-sized sofa, made a run on Trader Joe's and walked through my apartment. This contractor has done a nicer job of fitting the floorboards very tightly together than was done on my previous floor. There is a pile of drywall boards or whatever you call them in the center of the living room, waiting. Also, I ran into another tenant near me and he told me a little bit more about the work stoppage. It began **five weeks ago**, so it must have been right after my most recent visit. The contractor had to let his crew go, as he could not pay them. I was assured he'd come back this Thursday, and hopefully work will resume soon thereafter. The other tenant is unhappy. His lease ran out earlier this week and he's moved into an extended stay Marriott till the rest of the work is done.

He didn't blame the contractor for his plight, and of course, I don't, either. The contractor is very popular with us tenants because he is meticulous, works like a dog, and is very direct in telling us what is doable and what isn't. I could see after a short time with him that he's passionate about getting it right. I always admire that in a person. Upholsterer, restorer, contractor, whatever. Those are the people I like to be around: People who want to get it right and maybe even become a little obsessive about it. And I must say, I don't mind looking at him, either. Not at all. He has this great head of thick curly black hair. It's Mediterranean-looking. (You've got to be Portuguese or Latino or Italian-American or Greek to have a head of hair like that.) He's married. To the daughter of one of our co-op board members. So no possibilities there. But, as I said, I like him and while I'm sorry I can't move into my apartment yet, I am also sorry he's faced this aggravation with the payments.


I hope everyone's getting the same unseasonably warm weather that I'm enjoying. This is March? With all the earthworms crawling out on the pavement so that I was trying to avoid them during my morning run?

But how can I complain about a headwind when I am running or driving when I see on the news that people have lost their homes? Of course, I can relate to that. I almost can't bear to look at them. It brings it all back in a rush, those first few hours and days after hearing of what the flood had done. But no one lost his or her life in our complex. (Though two people in wheelchairs had to be grabbed when the water came up.) I am so sorry for them. I'll be looking online for some charitable info soon.

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We are very fortunate here as we only got a lot of really gusty wind. Our moving project at the sailing club was rescheduled for today but I just can't again reschedule everything I rescheduled to get there today. DH is mad at me - too bad . I get a couple of hours off on Sunday. Just to keep my sanity.

Speaking of DH we had my "birthday" cake leftovers last night. One piece each. DH was very disappointed I didn't have another cake stashed away. He is also working today - Sunday - and has a job interview on Monday so we passed on the champagne.

I face off with my dad today re a joint bank account. I am just going to TELL him we are going to the bank and setting it up. No argument . I can't pay for his funeral otherwise. Boy the conversations get kinda weird with people over the age of 80 (he's almost 89). But it has to be done.

I will not eat tonite as a response to all of this. I am determined to hit 55 under my red line!

Good Sunday all!

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Good morning everyone, thank you for all of the welcomes!! I was unable to respond yesterday as we spend Friday night in the Tampa area and went to the Phillies Yankees exhibition game with our son-in-law's father who is a big Phillies fan.
Saef- Sorry to hear about all of the problems you are having with you your apartment. EZ Money my mother and wife were SAHM and I fell very fortunate that was able to happen.
Too everyone else I hope yo are all having a great day!!
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Sad that my DD left already to go back to Fullerton. Not even a 48 hour visit. I hope to see her again in April. She won't be coming home for my birthday. :-(

It'll be a beautiful 80 degrees here today so we're golfing (could you guess that?).

The Rat Pack show was really good. The guy who played Sinatra was amazing. The guy who played Dean Martin got all the mannerisms perfect, but his singing wasn't all that great. The guy who played Sammy Davis, Jr. was quite good. Apparently he won America's got Talent a few years back. And the guy who played Joey Bishop is Buddy Hackett's son (he's also the one who put the whole thing together). It was fun and the Greek place for dinner was great. We were the first ones there, which was good as there were 6 of us and it's a tiny place. We were followed by 5 more groups! I think they were a little overwhelmed! We all said that a few of the groups looked like they had come from the show as well.
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