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Lose 5lbs so I'm back at my normal "I wish I could lose 5lbs stage."

Lose that 5lbs.

Otherwise, I feel pretty happy with myself.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Originally Posted by evilwomaniamshe View Post
Hope to continue maintaining 5 years & beyond!

Sweet dreams!


Resolved/determined to let these soft tissue injuries heal completely by sticking with cardio! /

My goal is to be soft tissue injury free by the end of 2012! I'd love to be able to resume weightlifting again, as I truly miss pumping iron something terrible!

So yeah, in a nutshell my wish for 2012 =

I see this thread hasn't been brought to the surface, so I figured I'd start it with my continued 2012 year in review....

check! I have to say mission complete! I'm still maintaining, my dreams are sweet, still working the 80/20 plan the majority of the time. Soft tissue injuries of tennis elbow and golfers elbow have finally healed after 2.5 years. Weightlifting regime has resumed.... Yay!

However, I just returned from an extended vacation & after walking the beach barefoot and playing beach volleyball daily, I picked up another injury. Go figure! Grrr.......Yup, I saw a podiatrist yesterday & I have metatarsalia, custom orthodics are being made for my feet now. I will have to mix workouts up yet again, I will continue to pump iron iron and cut cardio until my feet stop hurting & orthodics arrive. Keep on keeping on....

How did all of you guys do now that the year is winding down?

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Interesting to look back and see what our plans for 2012 were. I have to admit I have not stopped procrastinating. OH, well, maybe next year.
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I guess my goal would be to post for next year! I checked for my resolutions and I never posted them! Oops!

I know that I'm 4-6 pounds heavier than I want to be and I've been stuck here for months. I'm going to have to shake things up if I want to get these few pounds off.

Other than that, I'm quite pleased with how the year has gone. I was hoping to get in 310 workouts this year and I won't quite make it, but I'll be close and I'm okay with that.
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Leveling Up
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Ooo fun! Let's see where I ended up

Originally Posted by sontaikle View Post

I'm looking forward to entering 2012 at my new, lighter weight. Much lighter than the one I entered 2011 with! Here are some of my goals for 2012:
  • Maintain in the range of 133-138
    I feel really, really good here. I don't want to go above or below this. I also don't want to undo all of my hard work!
I was actually around 123lbs here (my scale was off) and wound up slowly losing about 10 more lbs after I posted this. But I did NOT gain the weight back! Yay!

  • Challenge myself with my strength training
    I've already been adding to the amount I lift each week, but I want to make sure that I keep challenging myself throughout the year and get stronger as I do it.
I TOTALLY did this! I wound up joining another gym so I could lift even MORE. I've been really pushing myself and seeing some fantastic results.

  • Get back to running in the warmer weather
    Running still isn't my thing, but I would like to pick it up again in the spring or when it starts to warm up again. My favorite part is just running with my ipod and listening to music Nice and peaceful. I haven't been running since I was about 25lbs should be easier on my joints now!
Nope! I don't like I don't do it. I realized that this year I am a lifter, not a runner

  • Reflect on my teaching after my first year and become an even better teacher in my second year
    I just got my first teaching job this year. I'm learning each and every day and I want to make sure that I keep improving and become the best teacher that I can.
I did get a another position for this year, but I wound up leaving it and I'm considering entering back into education in another way. I'm not sure if my place is in the whole classroom setting, but I do feel my place is SOMEWHERE in the education field. I'll find it eventually
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Chuggin' along...
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Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
Health goals for 2012:

-Weight: I began 2011 at 164, wanted to lose 10 lbs. I lost 6, am starting 2012 at 158. Somewhat successful - and though I fluctuated up and down, 164 was the highest all year, so I'm glad for that. I'd like to lose 10 lbs by July 2012 to get back in the 140's for my 30th birthday.
I spent most of 2012 at 154 until Thanksgiving + vacation the week after, and I now sit at 158. Trying to get some of this gone before Christmas. I'm still not very happy at this weight.

Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
- Eating habits: Improved somewhat in 2011 in that I did less "extreme see-sawing" - totally OP in "losing" mode to binge mode, and back and forth. I felt much steadier in my eating in 2011, when I wasn't "on" plan it didn't mean a total meltdown of overeating. I was probably a better "maintainer" in that sense, but I wanted to be losing weight. I would like to continue to be more "even" but can be more mindful and aware of my hunger levels, and stopping eating before I'm stuffed.
Like in 2011, in 2012 I feel like my eating was on an even keel and I had few if any binge-ing type events (please note I've never been diagnosed with binge eating, but for a few years after my weight loss I would and could eat 2000-3000 calories easily when I lost control). Awareness of hunger levels and stopping at smaller portions is an ongoing project.

Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
- Cholesterol: I found out in summer (fall?) 2011 that my cholesterol is 217. Since I already exercise a lot and eat tons of veggies, whole grains, etc., I think I need to focus on reducing stress levels rather than changing my diet. I started going to yoga semi-regularly, and have also increased my tea intake (also reduced my crystal light intake, and I'm sure the artificial sweetener reduction will be good for me too). I will try to reduce my cholesterol levels to 200 this year.
Not sure as I haven't had a cholesterol test lately. I have tried to continue to go to yoga, drink more tea, and started filtering my coffee.

Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
- Exercise: I'm in a weird place exercise-wise, and I feel somewhat in limbo. I got a very energetic dog in Jan 2011, so my gym schedule has changed due to needing to care for her. I do more lower intensity cardio now, though a lot of it, and much less strength training. Though it's vague, I would like to come up with a more comfortable overall exercise plan for 2012 - cardio and strength training I feel comfortable with, and is do-able for me.
I struggled with this one, this year. After "fighting" trying to get to the gym when they're open and more hour cuts, a few days ago I finally let my gym membership expire. The jogging rather than walking w the dog never materialized, and getting both of us out to exercise wo overheating in the summer was a struggle. Rethinking working out at home in 2013.

I feel like I didn't make much progress on my health goals in 2012. I need to sit down and think about how to change some things in 2013.

Congrats to goals met, friends! Where will 2013 take us?
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I'm closing out the year in a better place than where I started.
  • I am getting fairly good at recognizing and quickly disarming the negative stream of talk in my head. It's let me spend more time noodling on topics of greater importance.
  • I've lost a few pounds and a few percentage points of body fat this year, mostly since July. My shoulder is about 95%.
  • I've made a lot of rational decisions regarding food, and balanced quantity with quality quite well.
I'm comfortable with this foundation of incremental change. The last hurdle is to get movement and exercise established in my regular routine - it has to become a "big rock" and get put in first.
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I hope to maintain my loss for another year. 2012 has been a better year for me diet and maintenance wise. 2011 had some stress factors that I didn't deal with so well, I was better at handling stress in 2012.
The other dream is to get a dog, I have had many dogs in my lifetime and had to deal with losing them for various reasons. It has been a little over a year since I lost my coclapoo that I loved so much. In the last six months I have started thinking seriously about getting another dog. I have found several but I never have been able to go through with the actual adoption, that fear of loss is so strong. In the year 2013 I resolve to get over that fear of loss and take chance on the joy a pet can bring.
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Girl Gone Strong
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Oh dear, I was feeling fairly good about having gotten through 2012 in a functional state ... till I re-read these and saw how much more I'd hoped for from my year.

Originally Posted by saef View Post
1) Physical fitness resolutions: To run a 5k in 30 minutes or slightly less. To do three consecutive unassisted pullups. To attend yoga classes more frequently and to become good at vinyasa sequences, particularly those involving balance.
I got my 5K time down to about 33 minutes but stopped running after last winter, to spare my feet. I have worked on my upper body strength for the past year but haven't attempted an unassisted pullup, though I use the Gravitron every week. (I have to give this a shot -- doing even one will be major.) I stopped taking yoga classes because doing it in addition to my usual gym-going was taking up the remainder of my spare time.

Originally Posted by saef View Post
2) Diet resolutions. To continue to eat healthily. To eat fewer nuts as my protein source. To chew sugarfree gum less frequently. (I've been addicted.) To try at least seven new-to-me foods over the course of the year, which would be one just about every other month, so that should be doable.
I've eaten healthily all the way through 2012, even when I had no gas oven, even when I was staying in motels and traveling. I eat just as many nuts as ever. I go through periods of renouncing gum and then returning to it. I have tried just four new-to-me foods: chia seeds, farro, tomatillos and celeriac root.

Originally Posted by saef View Post
3) To demonstrate (and also to feel) greater patience regarding my apartment renovation.
I wasn't patient, but it still got renovated somehow, though it was past the initial scheduled date for completion in March. The place was finished in early July.

Originally Posted by saef View Post
4) To spend less time on eBay looking for lost things. To open up to new experiences and to spend less time online and more time in the world. To look for cultural activities even though I'm not in the city.
The eBay obsession continued for a while after I moved into the apartment, as I bought dish racks and plate hangers & furnishings, but has now abated, now that the apartment is pretty much done. I have not opened up much to new experiences. I think I was starting to open very tentatively, but then slammed tightly shut after Hurricane Sandy blew through. Recovery is going to be slower than I'd thought.

Originally Posted by saef View Post
5) To return to my exploration of a meditation practice.
This completely fell off my agenda, though I have tried for moments of stillness. What I mean is, when my head is spinning with a to-do list, I try to gather myself and think, "Just do what you are doing right now. Do that & think of nothing else. Just get through this moment." This has helped me focus. I am not yet able to quiet my mind any further than that.

Originally Posted by saef View Post
6) To work at communication with my mother & to work on my relationship with her, which is very up-and-down from our living together.
Our relationship is better since I moved out, but it's been remote, as if I've deliberately fallen out of contact for days & days at a time to re-establish distance.
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Staying the Same
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I didn't post in 2011 about my 2012 goals, but I probably exceeded them and then some.

In 2012 I quit smoking, lost 5-10 lbs depending on a number of variables, began and stuck with a strength training regimen, joined a gym, bought size 2 pants, wore a bikini in summer, ran farther than 10K, and have not had a single episode of what I personally classify as "binge eating."

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