Annual "No Halloween Candy" pledge!

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  • I'm in; none for me!
  • I'll take the No Candy Pledge, however I reserve the right to eat 1-2 pieces of candy on Halloween (and cut back on non-sugary calories accordingly).
  • Too late for me I'm afraid - I had my mini chocolate bar binge in August. Yup, that was when the supermarket put out the first Halloween candy - though they didn't call it that. It was nice and fresh then.

    I haven't been tempted since then. And the grocery where I shop puts it all in one aisle so I don't go there.

  • I'm with Jessica. I reserve the right to have a few pieces (within reason) of some "really good" candy. 10 pieces does sound reasonable to me. I have not yet determined what kind and I haven't bought any candy yet. I usually buy something I don't like--like Reese's PB cups--blech!
  • No problem here avoiding Halloween candy.

    I have set my standards too high. I want something like an exquisite real Belgian truffle. Why would I eat anything less?

  • I'm with Jay...I have no problem avoiding Halloween candy either. I do love chocolate & a long time ago one of my friends gave me the best advice ever to deal with my sweet tooth - get used to the really good stuff & you won't crave the crappy stuff....and she was right!

    I joined the Godiva "club" on-line & they give you a free piece of chocolate once a month & I choose a exquisite piece of dark chocolate truffle to savor. Sometimes I buy a really good quality dark chocolate bar & give half away to my niece.

    Recently I tried a fun size bag of peanut m&m's & it tasted like cheap sugary crap & it was not very satisfying. I used to love all of them: twix, kit kat, nestle crunch, snickers, etc. Nowadays I have no problem walking past my coworkers candy bowls.

    Now, freshly baked desserts is a whole other matter...
  • I have never gone a Halloween without candy, but just to prove to myself how serious I am and how I am willing to suffer for my goals, I'm in! This will be difficult since I have three small children, two of whom will certainly be bringing in a truckload of candy. I can do it! I plan to equip myself with something else to eat while everyone else is eating candy. Any ideas for healthy or at least semi-healthy Halloween snacks?
  • I don't know if I can give up ALL Halloween candy, but I'm strategizing a plan now to avoid it as much as possible

    @CloudySky: I posted a thread in the 20s something board about Halloween candy replacements and people have suggested a lot of great ideas.. like pretzels and grapes. Check it out:
  • I already ate some that my mom had out. I guess I was unprepared for the pre-Halloween plethora of candy everywhere. I'm not doing that anymore, or maybe allow myself a certain number, like 3. Really I don't even like most of it except the Strawberry flavored Laffy Taffy. Those are my weakness. Thanks for the ideas on replacements. I think I'm coming to her house prepared with a healthy snack tray or something! My mom is the worst with junk food, and her and her boyfriend are skinny. It's so annoying.
  • No candy for me!
  • I find I'm not even tempted, as long as I don't bring any home. In past years I have used the excuse "oh it'll all be sold out" so I HAVE to bring some home early. This year I will buy it early but keep it at my dad's house until Halloween day.

    That will satisfy my inner manic planner and keep me away from the candy!

  • Honestly, what works best for me is to have a little bit of candy now and then just to satisfy my cravings and keep me from feeling deprived. My main problem is having the actual food IN the house, though. I know that if I keep really junky food around, I will not be able to stop thinking about it and how yummy it would be until I've eaten all of it. This leads to far too many ridiculous sugar highs, food babies, and regretful mornings than I'd like to admit.

    But as long as I'm not buying candy for myself or cooking baked goods in my own kitchen, I think I can handle just a *little* Halloween candy. It is my very favorite holiday, after all. I know that that's no excuse, LOL, but I think I'm normally pretty good about resisting temptation, so it's not like I'm just using the holiday as an "excuse" to eat as much junk as I want without worrying about the consequences. Since I've entered maintenance, Halloween (and maaaybe Christmas and my birthday) may be the only day of the year that can eat something junky without feeling like I must beat myself up about it/run to the gym/eat salads for a week/etc etc.

    Man, I love Halloween. Good luck to all of you ladies with your pledges! Let's keep it happy it and healthy!
  • Just renewing my pledge. I've got first shift at the door tonight - when the precious little ones show up with both parents, if not the whole tribe. The next door neighbor will be over with thier two year old. Kids just glowing.

    And I, me, will be eating none of it.
  • Halloween is over for me - we had ours over the weekend. DS12 came home with a tiny stash of maybe 30 pieces; I confess to accepting the offer of the two mini-Paydays. It was a peanut thing.

    Hang in there, Bill, and everyone else around the "stuff" tonight!
  • Fail, epic fail...