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Mudpie 07-03-2011 06:04 AM

Maintainers weekly chat July 4-10
Good morning all! New month, new Monday. What is everyone planning for July?

Happy 4th to the Americans. Enjoy the week everyone!


OOPS! - sorry , had a holiday on Frid. and don't know what day fo the week it is

silverbirch 07-03-2011 08:52 AM

Forward thinking! Good work, Dagmar. I am with you. :cool:

Just back from cricket and am at work (food packed). I have an afternoon of report writing ahead of me. July brings me a National Tour to a family wedding (the other side ...), a meeting in the east of England and, well, space for other things to happen.

I'd like to be able to cruise through these considerable challenges and emerge a better (and smaller) person. :wave:

alinnell 07-03-2011 11:03 AM

Yesterday was HOT! We went to see Transformers and when we got back to my car, the computer registered 136 degrees. It "cooled" down to 116 by the time we got home.

Today is miserable. Hot AND humid. When we got up at 6:15 I remarked it was strange the sun wasn't out. Well, that's due to the clouds. The thermometer read 88 degrees with 61% humidity at that time. Still 88, but now 62%. My goal today is to clean out my pantry. Not that it's dirty or anything, but it's gotten disorganized and I can't find anything! This afternoon DH and I will go see Beginners and go to the mall as I want a new pair of jeans and he needs a battery for his watch,

I made the beef rolls with wine tomato sauce last night and it was a lot less work than I imagined and turned out really good. We have leftovers for another day.

BillBlueEyes 07-03-2011 02:21 PM

136 degrees is hotter than I've ever heard of before - just WOW.

We're still having cool nights, knock on wood. It's a lovely weekend in the Boston area.

k8yk 07-03-2011 02:57 PM

Hi Maintainers! I stalk this thread but haven't joined in yet because you all seem like you know each other so well. Hope you don't mind a new face :)

Quick intro: I'm Kate, 33, living in Phoenix (my car said 140 once when it was parked in the sun) I'm an animator/graphic designer. I have 2 cats 1 boyfriend and no kids (by choice). I love all things art, music, and writing. I am writing a book about my lifestyle change. I met my goal in April and am loving maintenance so far and not having any trouble. The key for me is weighing myself daily and accepting fluctuations. I've set an upper limit of 170 and hit it once. When I hit it I calorie count until it goes back down.

Anyway, I'm a vegetarian and I'm getting ready to go to a BBQ today. I'm bringing homemade black bean burgers and caprese skewers for the grill. I love potlucks because I can bring what I want to eat and ignore the rest!

Happy 4th weekend!

Mudpie 07-03-2011 03:42 PM

:welcome3: Kate!

Mudpie 07-03-2011 03:56 PM

I'm now going to post the entry that I originally planned for this morning (since I thought it was Monday :o).

We went to see "The First Grader" last night - a charming film about an 84-year old Kenyan man who wants to learn to read "before there is soil in my ears". I had my usual popcorn (sans toppings) and large diet pop.

I woke up repeatedly in the night with a hugely dry mouth, cramps in my legs, and no feeling in my hands. After a couple of minutes there was a great tingling in my fingers and then I was ok - kinda. I also developed a headache and didn't sleep much as a result of all of this. Thinking I was dehydrated I drank what seemed like gallons of water. That had the only effect :tired: of making me get up even more to go to the bathroom.

I think it was a reaction to the popcorn - which was massively :barf: salty. My body kept telling me to not eat all of it but my brain overrode that - silly brain :dizzy:! So no more popcorn at the movies. I will take a small bag of my own snax instead. SIGH - getting old sucks in some ways.

We did go out biking this morning (and I had to keep slowing and waiting for DH). Now it is monstrously hot (I'm enjoying hyperbole with my adjectives today) and we have discovered that the lawn sprinkler doesn't work.

Guess which one of us is trekking to Canadian Tire to get a new one?

And I just signed up for my first stand up paddleboard lesson. This is a passtime with a paddle and a board - I think my lack of co-ordination won't hinder me and they tend to go on early morning group paddles (which suits me to a tee).

Good Sunday all!

Dagmar :cool:

traveling michele 07-03-2011 05:54 PM

Welcome Kate! Glad to see a new face!

My daughter's name is Katie and she is *almost* a vegetarian. She is struggling hugely with her weight so I love to see vegetarians have weight loss success. She actually just made black bean burgers for the first time yesterday.

Dagmar-- hope you feel all better today. Was the movie you saw a true story or fiction? It sounds great.

My weight was up 2 pounds today as I expected so I'm back to 119 which is fine with me. Off to the gym soon! Will check back in later.....

alinnell 07-03-2011 09:50 PM

Ok, so there's no way it was actually 136, but just getting into a car that is that hot is, well, hot. Today was just humid as all get out with no letup in sight. It means no evaporative cooler for the next few days (the evaporative cooler is much less expensive to run than our central AC units). It is during the summer that we actually accrue an electric bill--the rest of the year we're contributing to the grid with our solar panels.

DH and I didn't get to the movie today. I just felt like reading. We did go to the mall and I got a new pair of jeans. 7 for all mankind. I measured myself beforehand (37/33/40) and yet the jeans are a 30 waist? And they aren't tight at all. Makes you wonder who makes their measuring tapes.

Salt isn't good, yet I've never had those kinds of effects, Dagmar. Scary.

Welcome, Kate. I think I've seen you post in other areas. One of my BFF's lives in Phoenix-well, Scottsdale. We go visit from time to time.

DD is having a great time in Portugal. I wish I were there with her!

k8yk 07-04-2011 02:52 AM


Originally Posted by traveling michele (Post 3919117)
Welcome Kate! Glad to see a new face!

My daughter's name is Katie and she is *almost* a vegetarian. She is struggling hugely with her weight so I love to see vegetarians have weight loss success. She actually just made black bean burgers for the first time yesterday.

I gained a lot of weight being vegetarian. I've been veggie from 13-25 and now, 31-33 yrs old... I think people forget that chips, fries and cake are vegetarian. I had to change a lot to be a healthy vegetarian. I try to eat one vegan meal per day- keeps me from adding cheese to everything. Focusing more on what I should eat (lots of fruits & veggies) than what I shouldn't. Much happier now!

BillBlueEyes 07-04-2011 05:13 AM

Happy Fourth of July to all in the U.S.

Love it! This thread is like the magazines that arrive with a future date on the cover, LOL.

Even though it's still dark, the ground is wet outside, but a clear day is predicted for all the BBQ's and fireworks planned for the day. It's a good day for me to keep my eating on plan since prime opportunites exist for massive over eating - just like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Mudpie 07-04-2011 05:42 AM

Avoiding the scale lately. . .
. . . because I know it will be up. I can usually tell from certain body parts when I've put on 3-4 lbs. and confirmed that this morning. There is a distinct disadvantage to having a bit of stretch in all my cotton shorts/jeans/ etc.

So back to measuring, weighing, recording, etc. until I'm down past my red line again.This should be easier now that DH is making a sincere effort (with a little :drill: and :kickbutt: from me) at eating less.

It's going to be so odd for me today - seeing other people going to work while I kayak and then being able to put all my work stuff in order for tomorrow in a leisurely way. And I have dinner already made! I'm going to enjoy this extra day immensely :D. I'm sooo ready to retire - only 16 more years! :p

Happy 4th to the Americans (again) and good Monday to everyone else!

Dagmar :beach:

JenMusic 07-04-2011 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by BillBlueEyes (Post 3919567)
Love it! This thread is like the magazines that arrive with a future date on the cover, LOL.

:) Thanks for a morning laugh, Bill!

What's up with having a day off and waking up at 4:30???? That's happening more and more, and I live in fear of turning into my father, who wakes up (with no alarm) at 4 every morning. Ugh.

Welcome, Kate! I've been posting here for all of a week, and the crew is very welcoming.

Megan - You'll be happy to know that my suitcase for my weekend trip contained 4 pairs of shoes, PLUS the pair I wore there. You never know what shoes you'll need, right? Of course, I only wore 2 of the 5 pairs.

alinnell - As someone who grew up in Florida and now lives in Atlanta, I know hot and humid (and generally like it) but that is ridiculous!

So, my weekend trip to Asheville was great! It was so good seeing my friend, and having good, deep conversations. We can talk (and often disagree on) many different topics, and I always feel that, when we're done talking, I still have more things I want to talk to her about. That's the sign of a good friend.

She (thankfully) didn't make a huge deal over my weight loss. When we first met up, she said I looked great and beautiful, and that was it. Later in the weekend we discussed calorie counting a bit, as it came up, but it wasn't awkward at all. Yay!

Something about the weekend was very sobering, though. My friend is overweight herself, and has gained weight since I last saw her (over 2 years ago). I knew about it - she had mentioned it to me - but what I was more surprised by was how quickly she tired and how slowly we had to move as we walked around the town. The downtown area in Asheville is very walkable, with lots of little shops and great outdoor places, but it was pretty clear that she didn't have the physical stamina to explore in the same way that I would have liked to. At one point, she mentioned how hilly the walk was and not wanting to walk up any more hills, and I was confused - I hadn't even noticed any hills! It reminded me of myself, before I started losing weight and adding exercise. It's a very stark reminder of the health benefits losing all this weight has brought me.

I definitely overate this weekend, and am up a couple of pounds this morning, but I'm not sweating it. Actually, I'm pretty darn proud of leaving food on my plate at every meal - that is a big step for me. Now back to daily life and my normal plan, and no more "events" on the horizon to give me an excuse to overdo it. :)

Sorry for going on and on this morning. Happy 4th, everyone, and happy (belated) Canada Day, Dagmar!

saef 07-04-2011 07:33 AM

I've awakened -- also at 4:15 AM -- to a damp, humid day here in New York which is likely to lead to some thunderstorms.

I'm on my second cup of coffee & still indecisive about whether to head north, into green leafy territory, or spend the day downtown, savoring the city's emptiness & catching some small films.

I'm still thinking about "Tree of Life," which I saw two days ago. I liked it very much. Its account of the sensory experience of childhood rings true to me, because I was also a free-range, outdoor child -- but that is already an historical childhood, without television, without laptops or cellphones or online games. It is certainly not the childhood I see around me here, and it is not at all a New York childhood. My two friends who remain the most haunted by this film are both men in their 40s & 50s who grew up in suburban Connecticut. One man is completely estranged from his self-centered authoritarian father & the other man lost his father when he was still in high school. I sat in the theater crying as I thought of my own father & projected back into a boy's experience growing up.

Jen, I had a similar experience early last week when a friend of mine visited. We walked to the theater to see "Beginners." She said she wanted to drive. "It's really close," I said. "How close?" she asked, looking dubious. "Maybe four blocks." She looked as though she wanted to drive, but I told her parking would be annoying & we walked four blocks, quite slowly. I tried to remember how it felt to be her. That wasn't all that long ago for me. I mean, four years ago. After all she turned out to have no problems with walking the four blocks & then strolling back on a nice summer evening.

Today feels more like a day to see documentaries. And then watch Macy's fireworks tonight. I've been hearing fireworks for the past two nights, some official shows, some local & illegal.

Mudpie 07-04-2011 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by saef (Post 3919656)
I'm still thinking about "Tree of Life," which I saw two days ago. I liked it very much. Its account of the sensory experience of childhood rings true to me, because I was also a free-range, outdoor child -- but that is already an historical childhood, without television, without laptops or cellphones or online games.

You're making me feel old here saef. This is also my childhood, complete with having to come home for the night "when the streetlights go on". Not much supervision, walking to and from school every day with kids from the same street, no driving to endless lessons, "camps",etc..

I think I have replicated some of that (no electronics during the day) in my workplace, which is one of the things I love about my job. I feel a lot more "free" at work than I think someone in a cubicle with a computer and phone would.

Jen Glad you enjoyed your weekend and :bravo: to your leaving food. I find that very difficult to do in restaurants (particularly with DH who feels that if you pay for the food you eat ALL of it). And I know the feeling of participating in an activity with someone who is overweight and unfit. It makes me feel sad to know that I am 5 years older but in such better shape than DH. I'm taking it easy with "exercising" him :p as I don't want him to get discouraged and give up.

Since I am still a person of leisure today (who gets up around 5 a.m. without an alarm every morning due to having a big dog to walk for almost 16 years) I have been perusing the real estate ads in Kelowna BC. I have found 2 really nice houses that I will be able to afford once my dad is gone and I sell the family house. This gives me hope that I can relocate, start up business again, and have a home of my own finally. I am sooo tired of being at the mercy of landlords (even though my present one is a very reasonable nice woman). I will buy a house that I can afford outright, rather than assuming a mortgage at my age. I just signed up for 7 years (!) of car payments (0% financing) and that's enough!

Gotta go wake DH and decide whether to kayak, bike, or walk. Will depend largely on him as he had some breathing problems during the night. Already done my yoga so I'm up for anything!

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