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Default Who survived Christmas??

Somehow I managed to not gain ANYTHING this weekend, even though from Friday thru Sunday I was going to Christmas parties and eating ALOT. I decided to have a couple of splurge days and ate as much as I wanted....including candy, cookies, etc. Now sure how I got through it without gaining but I am thrilled!! I am still 3 pounds below my target weight.

I must say though, I can tell I don't eat like that anymore cuz my tummy hasnt been feeling so great either. But thats good, I'm glad it doesnt feel good to pig out like I used to
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That is totally awesome.

I don't know if I can honestly say I have done as good as you but I did better than most probably. I had my two days this week that were very indulgent and today I am moving on and back on the wagon. I haven't weighed myself yet, I'm kind of scared to do so. I plan on weighing tomorrow morning or wednesday morning. I'm hoping just to maintain myself. My goal 2011 is to get down to your weight of 140. That is where I am happiest.
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I did great My weight is fluctuating as is normal, but my food choices have been spot on and I've avoided pretty much all the holiday temptations.

Congrats on staying strong this time of year!
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Barely survived. I'm going to go ahead and claim that I gained nothing for the season because I actually joined this site during Christmas, haha!
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I've survived and I have no idea how. I haven't really been on plan 100% and this morning when I'm normally at the top of my range I'm at the bottom. I'm so confused, but won't be using it as an excuse to keep indulging. Instead, back on plan!
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I lost the water weight in only one day (it usually takes 4 or more) and have met my Jan 1st goal weight of 125lbs TODAY.

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I'm really proud of how I've done. I've had small portions of the things I really wanted, but not everything in sight like I used to, and haven't gone back for seconds at all. Plus I've been to the gym on the 26th and today so far this week.
I'm currently up 1lb but expecting that to be gone again in a couple of days and am really satisfied with how it's all turned out as I was so worried beforehand that I'd lose control. This last 10 days or so have really helped teach me what maintenance is going to be like, and given me a lot of confidence that I'm going to be able to handle it once I get there, hopefully early in the new year.
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My ideal would have been exercising exactly as I do during the regular, more mundane days in my life, and eating the same way, too, and zealously guarding my routine from any disruption.

I did not manage that, and I am trying not to be too hard on myself.

With a pulled trapezius muscle & my mother visiting, I've had to jettison Pilates and my weight routine, and stick just to cardio. The good thing is, I've gotten in my cardio every single day. Even on Christmas Day. Even yesterday, while we were still digging out from the 19" of snow deposited by Sunday's blizzard.

I meant to eat exactly as I always do. With this, I have been somewhat successful. No sweets at all. None. (Cherries and pomegranate and a sugarfree Jell-O mousse pudding cup, frozen to make it more like ice cream.) But I have eaten more & richer meats, like pork loin, leg of lamb, standing rib roast.

Why, then, do I feel so guilty & vaguely depressed & uneasy? The holidays have been something to be gotten through & have been a distressing experience, a test of my ability to withstand change & not at all joyful.

I recognize that I imposed this on myself by valuing one thing over another: Weight & appearance over pleasure.
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Originally Posted by saef View Post

Why, then, do I feel so guilty & vaguely depressed & uneasy? The holidays have been something to be gotten through & have been a distressing experience, a test of my ability to withstand change & not at all joyful.

I recognize that I imposed this on myself by valuing one thing over another: Weight & appearance over pleasure.
I find that I get this way when I'm even planned off-plan. I think it's because of all of my old baggage. I start panicking, thinking I'm heading back in the wrong direction and nothing will stop me from gaining back everything and being back to square 1. The only thing that works is to prove to myself every time that this is my life, now, and I won't go back to old habits. I know that feeling you're having. I'm READY to move on past this holiday season and get back to routine! Congrats on doing so well through the holidays, you're very strong!!!
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Fail. Not an "epic fail" of massive gain (2 pounds up, some likely to be water), but more of a backslide into eating refined sugar. My lack of discipline was disappointing - feeling like a very fraudulent version of a maintainer. The sole comfort is that I do know that I can survive the sugar withdrawal (again), and I can return to the better habits. The tide turned yesterday when I sat down with my most recent issue of Life Extension, and read the new studies about the huge and cumulative damage that blood sugar spikes do to the body. This morning, the pretty cookies just looked like death on a plate. I'm just not ready to die for a cookie - but have some strange feelings of grief about "nevermore" and permanent lifestyle changes. 3 days of detox ... 3 days of detox ... 72 hours ... just 72 hours and it'll be OK again.
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Also fail. I have eaten everything I've gotten my hands on for days. To be honest, weeks really. I don't weigh anymore today than I did a week ago, so to some extent I survived Christmas. Since the week ago was up from where I want to be I guess I have to say that I failed the entire holiday season, though.

I need to go home and throw away the rest of the junk food. DH & DSS have been sick, we've been running crazy, I'm exhausted, I have no willpower at all.
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I did really well, I guess, because I didn't have any goals except for moderation.

The scale didn't change.

I have already been through the gaining-weight-back part of my journey. I'm many pounds above my low weight right now. So I already know that that can happen. And I already know that sometimes, no matter what self-imposed PROGRAM I try, I can't sustain my effort.

So, maybe that's why moderation as a "goal" seemed to work out OK. (Disclosure: I don't generally eat desserts and never have, and there is no Xmas candy or cookies in the house to tempt me, so that isn't like what many of you face.)

I have always been amazed at people with weight issues who bake cookies, etc. Isn't that like having your own crack lab?

This stood out for me:
I recognize that I imposed this on myself by valuing one thing over another: Weight & appearance over pleasure.
Any time those are put into opposition, one will probably be miserable. "I can't have pleasure because I value my weight and appearance." Hmm... What is the way out of that?


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I indulged with restraint and didn't do any damage. Exercised as usual.
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I give myself a B- overall. It was a progressive slide into sugar, alcohol, and junk food that ended with last night's binge .

Today has been a recovery day and tomorrow I start the dog sit. Only healthy food will be purchased for that.

I will be alone most of the rest of the week and probably on New Year's Eve but such is life. I will not turn to food for comfort as it no longer gives any.

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FAIL....I went from 144 to 148.5 between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I got back on track today with my eating and exercising. My goal is to get back to 144 within the next month. At least I enjoyed myself through the holidays!
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