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Unhappy Going to be entering maintenance phase soon and I am scared!

I really am scared! I have 2lbs to go to my original goal and 8lbs to my vanity goal and I am scared. I know maintenance is the same as losing (just with more calories), I know that I will still have to exercise (I have no problems with that as I am addicted to exercise) but I am scared!

Will I be able to keep it off? Will I have the committment to stick to it? Is 158 the right weight for me? How will others view me? Will the weight slowly creep up on me? Will I slack off? So many darn questions..........

I plan on reading the threads in the maintenance forum over the Christmas break to give me some comfort but I just needed to write down my emotions here.

Thanks for reading.
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I know you're scared, but don't be. I let the anxiety of maintenance really get to me and it was hard adapting. But like you said, it's the same as losing. I mean really - it - is - exactly - the - same. So embrace it and KNOW that you already know what to do. I've only been maintaining a short time, so I'm no expert, but I'm already feeling like I'm in the groove and it's good. Now I'm just struggly with some residual body image issues and trying to accept that 140-145 is the right weight for me and there is no reason to lose any more. Good luck!
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Guess what....I whooshed right into maintenance this morning! GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats on reaching goal!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, um, I'm right there with you on being nervous about maintenance. I know how to lose . . . do I know how to stay the same?

You're definitely not alone in this.
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I just started maintenance about 3-4 weeks ago and I was scared to death too.....I raised my calories a little at a time, like 100 every day for a week, then up another 100 a day for a week, etc. I was at 1200 to lose the last few pounds and now I'm up to 1550 a day, and oddly I am still losing very slowly. Right now I'm staying 2-3 pounds under my goal of 140....So, I'm going to raise my calories another 100 calories starting Christmas Day (since I'll end up splurging that day anyways LOL)

But it hasn't been so bad figuring out this maintenance thing. And I really enjoy eating away those added calories
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Originally Posted by Slim CB View Post
Guess what....I whooshed right into maintenance this morning! GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations !!!!
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Good for you!

Yes, maintenance can be scary. It might help you to think a bit about how you want to live in maintenance--your plan for "the long (indefinite) run."

Obviously, a person can't just go back to eating junk foods and sugary foods in mass quantities. A good way to enter maintenance is to slowly increase calories by increasing the amounts of healthy, nutritious foods you are already eating.

Also obviously, exercise/physical activity is part of good health. But it's not always necessary or desirable to work out every day. Figure out what schedule of exercise/activity you can maintain indefinitely.

Certainly, it can help to keep tracking, at least for awhile. Many maintainers formally track for years, and are still tracking. Others may keep a mental tally. It all depends on what works best for you.

I want to especially say, don't panic or get down on yourself if you see some regain. Stick with any strategy for at least a couple of weeks before trying to change things. Many maintainers have a weight range, and as long as they are not above or below their range, they consider that they are OK.

Just as during weight loss, you'll find that there are still foods you have to say No to and foods you have to limit. That's just life! And you probably have good skills by now.

Good luck!
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Congrats on making goal!!! I think logically speaking, maintenance is about as scary as losing weight in the first place. As ncuneo says, they're really the same. Same exercise, same food in similar amounts, with slight tweaks (slowly increasing the amount of food or decreasing exercise until you find the happy balance that keeps you at your feel great weight). You didn't gain the weight overnight, you didn't lose it overnight, you're not going to gain it back overnight either. I think I had this fear that I would go to sleep at night and wake up the next morning and somehow pffff! 50 lbs come "home"! Of course that didn't happen.

Please read all the stickies at the top of the maintenance forum. There's lots of great advice there. I think you'll find a lot of the maintainers here slowly increased calories by 100-200/day, week by week, to find their optimal calorie intake for maintainance. Those who exercised while losing, most kept at it. Most also have some way to track how they're doing - a "red line" weight that if they go over, it's cutting back the calories, or a pair of pants that if they get too tight, it's time to cut back the extra food treats.

And don't be afraid to jump into the conversation, either! I also believe that maintenance requires lots of support, just like weight loss!
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I've been trying to maintaining for 17 mo. To me, it's alot harder than losing the weight was. I think cause now I crave all the junk food I didn't eat when dieting & i get really bad hunger pain all the time, which I didn't have while I was dieting either. Also, expect that your body won't settle at the lowest weight you may want. My lowest point was 104-106lbs. I'm only 5'3. I could maintain that for about 13mo. I felt great, but had some menstrual problems which was not healthy. All of a sudden without even trying, i started gaining, little by little it would creep up, I tried everything i could to fight it. Nothing worked, it was like my body took over & I had no control anymore. First I stayed at 108 for a month & now 109-112 is my average weight. Menstrual problems are gone and I guess this is just where I'm supposed to be, I don't like it cause all my clothes are tighter. Good luck with it, just don't give up!
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