Maintainers Weekly Chat - Sept 27 - Oct 3

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  • Good grief - this week dips into October. It's getting harder to deny the changing of the seasons when I write October as a date.

    My current challenge is that evening snacks are trying to creep up in size, and that's gotta stop. Evening snack is a piece of fruit, which I look forward to and enjoy. Two pieces of fruit is not on my plan. And an extra little dish of peanuts isn't on my plan even if I eat them sitting down, LOL.
  • Hi Bill! I'm still up in my time zone waiting for a baby and I thought "Bill might be starting the weekly thread about now!" I think the weekly thread should be started by someone getting up, not by someone who is still up.
  • Good Morning!
    October - what the heck ?!

    DH is off to his physical this morning and I'm taking both of us for passport stuff tonite. Moving forward after a long summer of spinning our wheels.

    I hear you about the evening snack Bill. Mine is supposed to total 150 cals and I came in at closer to 300 last night.

    I think Meg may have handed the "thread starter" job to you because you're doing such a great job!

    Great Monday all!

  • Good morning! It's hard to be the first one up in this gang when you're out west! Bill's got me beat by two hours. Midwife, I hope everything worked out well with the baby.

    I can't believe it's almost October either.

    Yesterday was spent babysitting my granddaughter while her mommy and daddy had to work. Daddy works 24 hour shifts and Mommy works 13 hour shifts (both are paramedics) so it was a long day for Grandma! But I planned all my meals in advance and had everything ready to eat, in little plastic containers. Every few hours I pulled out a (mini) meal and by the end of the night, I hadn't gotten into the brownies in the pantry.
  • Good morning maintainers!
    No! October!! No! I'm not ready!
    I will be glad when this year ends.... I have way too much to do before then and don't know how I will get it done. I truly don't. Trying not to panic but it is hard!

    I have a question for you all. My dh cooks a great meal of grilled shrimp, grilled salmon, and quinoa with veggies. I love it! But, everytime he makes it I blow up with sodium retention. He made it last night and I have been miserable since. I have a headache, am congested and am totally swollen and puffy (not to mention several pounds up on the scale). I haven't wanted to make dh feel bad as he swears he only uses a tsp of salt at the most with all of the meal (tons of leftovers so he cooks a big batch). I finally told him last night that I don't think I can eat this meal anymore as I feel miserable. He came up with the thought that maybe I'm developing an allergy to shellfish and it has nothing to do with sodium. I had never thought of that. I looked up shellfish allergy symptoms and they seem to be more hives, trouble breathing (though I am congested). Anyone have problems with shellfish? It does say that the allergy often develops as an adult so maybe it is just starting? I have had some eczema (another symptom) off and on for a couple of years but haven't tied it to any foods.
  • Does he wash the quinoa before cooking it? Some people react to one of the surface chemicals in it.

    If he didn't use a lot of salt, then it's not sodium-related water retention.

    It could be that you're becoming sensitive to the shrimp, too.

    You could do a test. First, have him wash the quinoa before cooking it, and see if you get the same reaction. But don't eat a lot of it!

    If you have no ill effects, then that's probably the answer.

    If you still have the effects, then have him leave out the shrimp and see what happens. Again, don't eat a lot of it.

    Please note that this kind of self-testing can be dangerous, so if you feel uneasy, talk to your doctor.

  • Jay-- thanks for your thoughts. He doesn't rinse the quinoa but it comes "pre-rinsed". We can try that. We were going to try shrimp later in the week without the quinoa and see what happens.

    It's going to be a LONG Monday. All 1000 plus of my students are now showing up at another school in my library system. Something has gone wonky and I can't see what anyone has checked out or check anyone out. I'm going to have to do everything by hand. It will make for a very long and stressful day. Grumble.......
  • Michele~my MIL developed food allergies as an adult--one to avocados, one to broccoli and one to walnuts. The avocados and broccoli give her extreme stomach cramps and the walnuts give her canker sores. Just last year she decided she was sad not eating broccoli (after nearly 20 years without it) and tried a piece here and there with no ill affects, so she eats it often now. She is still afraid to try the avocados. Anyway, my point is, yes, you can get food allergies as an adult and they don't often follow the "rules" of an allergy. They can cause problems that aren't the norm. My suggestion is to try each of the items he uses separately. If one causes the same problem, then you know which one it is.

    BTW, on the subject of quinoa--it is no longer allowed in my house! I fixed it once and DS and I ended up, um, unusually regular. I can only serve it if it is mixed with other stuff (of which Trader Joe's has the most scrumptious mixture with coucous, red quinoa, baby garbonzo beans and other stuff that I can't remember). I don't fix it often as I tend to over eat it, but it is so good!

    We're having unseasonable hot temperatures here. Normal for this time of year is around 95 and the hotspot in the nation was Indio at 113 yesterday. Indio is just a few miles east of us. We had to resort to turning our central AC back on. I much prefer the evaporative cooler. So yeah, almost October but we're still in high summer here!

    My kitten is no longer a kitten. He's a small cat. When do they usually lose their baby teeth? Anyway, he's just such a loving kitty! I'm so glad we got him!
  • Allison-- they start losing their baby teeth at around 4 months and continue until around 6 months. Like puppies, you often won't see any fallen out teeth-- they tend to swallow them or lose them elsewhere.

    It wouldn't surprise me if I'm developing allergies. As a child, I was extremely allergic to strawberries but I can eat them now. As an adult, I developed an allergy or intolerance to alcohol so I can't/don't drink. I also can't eat MSG. I have tons of other seasonal and sinus allergies and asthma and have had sinus surgery so it wouldn't surprise me one bit. It might explain the eczema that I've developed that I never had before. Guess I need to do some eliminations and see if I can find the culprit(s).
  • Afternoon everyone,

    October? October did arrive quickly - and it means vacation! T - 5 days until I leave (Sat. AM). Sorry I talk about it so much, I'm just so excited! I did manage to cross a few things off my "to do" list this weekend, but constant rain and thunderstorms ruined my plans to clean out my car and get outdoor exercise. I spent a lot of the weekend also trying not to have to cancel our fall theatre production, and also keep myself in a position to maintain sanity while helping with that production! I'm hoping it resolves itself in the next 2 nights. It involves a lot of directors backing out and people who help behind the scenes backing out...

    My book club is meeting this week and I'm 1/3 of the way through "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good read. I'm really enjoying it! I even stayed up past my bedtime last night reading it. Oops.

    Michele, can you try to prep the meal eliminating one main ingredient at a time? Try salmon and quinoa, then just make the salmon and shrimp, etc. to see if eliminating one thing eliminates your reaction. Of course as Jay says I'm no doctor.

    Allison, I hope it cools down soon for you. Hot weather, bleh.

    Meg, way to stay OP while babysitting! Your granddaughter and daughter are lucky to have you there! Are you just staying with them permanently now?

    I'm actually quite looking forward to a taste of what is to me "true" fall when I visit my parents in NY state for Thanksgiving. I really miss the change of colors and that fall smell in the air (you northeasterners know what I mean) that we just don't have in Florida.

    Have a great week everyone!
  • Good afternoon - head cold still lingering here. I'm hoping I am almost finished with it. I've only had one dose of my cold medicine today and am feel mostly okay. We'll see what happens when I get home and unwind... I'm feeling bloated from the meds, grumpy from sleeping sitting upright (I cough too much if I lie down), not at all hungry, guilty about not exercising. I'm a swirling maelstrom of ickiness.

    Wow. October. DH told DSS this weekend he would know it was almost time to trick or treat by when it started to get cold outside. And then it was 82 this weekend. I need some fall..

    Michele - I've been reading a lot today about washing quinoa and it having weird effects if you don't. I second the washing it idea from Jay. Also, trying the different ingredients separate from one another to see what is the trigger. But be careful - also no doctor.

    Meg - great to see you! Glad you are enjoying the baby time, and managing so well while doing it!

    Allison - I'm so glad you are enjoying Ringo!

    Megan - I'm going to check out that book, thanks! I just finished 'Good Enough To Eat', the book that Amanda recommended in another thread.

    Bill - my evening snacks have grown in size some, too. And reading your post reminded me I didn't log the handful of peanuts I had yesterday. Darnit.

    Dagmar - hope DH's physical went well.

    Good day everyone!
  • Michele - I have perennial rhinitis, am allergic to alcohol & MSG (flushing, breathing diffs). Prawns (your shrimp? Our shrimps are fingernail sized) are questionable for me - I often flush etc but not always. Salmon can do the same but is much rarer. Never had problems with quinoa. Oh! and I've had sinus surgery too!

    Good luck in working it out. Do let us know if you crack it.
  • Silverbirch-- you sound like my allergic twin! Yes, prawns are what we call shrimp here. Really large shrimp we call prawns. What happens when you drink alcohol? I flush red and immediately get a weird and terrible headache...ringing in my ears....all over feeling horrible-- certainly not worth it but dh tells me I'm no fun anymore!
  • Hi everyone! October, OMG! It sure came soon. Hopefully this month we will actually get started on our project that's due at the end of the year.

    I was at red line today. This weekend I have some planned indulgences (our anniversary celebration), but after that it's time to get back to business here. I cannot be at my red line at the START of the holidays.

    My grandma's funeral was a very nice ceremony. Small -- only about 15 people, half of whom were cousins of my mom's that I had never met before. The whole weekend was kind of a food disaster. Friday they fed us Chinese for lunch at work, and I ate a bit too much. I resolved to have a healthy dinner at my connection in Charlotte. Well, when I got to Charlotte, I couldn't bring myself to buy any of the premade salads that were there as I got food poisoning from one once and I'm afraid to eat them, but then instead of getting a sandwich, I got fried chicken and a biscuit and coleslaw.

    So Saturday morning I got up early, worked out, including a HIIT run. Went to breakfast with my parents and ordered scrambled eggbeaters, Canadian bacon, and dry ww toast. After the funeral we went to lunch, and I got a salad that had chicken and a vinaigrette, and turned down dessert. Then we got back to my aunt's house, and out came the spread of banana bread and chocolates from the special NJ chocolate shop that my family loves. A veggie tray joined the festivities later, but the damage was done. I have proved to myself yet again that I cannot turn down chocolate or cake -- my only recourse is to not get into situations where they are in front of me. Then after the incredibly hectic and stressful drive where we stupidly attempted to drive my sister and her wife into Manhattan on Saturday night (we ended up getting them to a train in Jersey City), I was so stressed out and it was so late that I ate more than I should have at dinner (Malaysian restaurant). At least when I got back to the hotel I was calm enough that I went straight to bed instead of going to the bar for another drink, which was tempting.

    I recovered somewhat on Sunday. We went to IHOP -- another harrowing drive, I hate NJ driving -- and they had some lower-cal options on the menu. I got whole grain pancakes with banana and egg beaters. Lunch in Charlotte was CPK -- not the greatest, but not as bad as fried chicken.

    Now I have another challenge coming tomorrow because we're interviewing someone and we're supposed to take him out to lunch. Hopefully it will be somewhere with reasonable food choices.

    I'm excited about this coming weekend though! We have tickets to the opening night gala of the symphony, with Itzhak Perlman. We're going to a restaurant we haven't been to before after the concert. Then Sunday we're hosting our dinner club for some fall-themed food (I picked the recipes almost entirely from Cooking Light, but it will still be an indulgence).

    Sorry for writing a book without really saying anything!
  • So DH read the back of his appointment card and went to their after hours clinic instead of to the doctor's office. He is trying again tomorrow. I am printing out a Google map right now. SIGH.

    It is now pouring rain outside and I ca hear DH snoring on the couch. I will have to boot his big rump - we need to get the passport photos done tonite and he still has to do the dishes when we return.

    Good evening all!