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Default Maintainers weekly chat - July 19 - July 25

WAKE UP - it's Monday. And Grandma Meg is till grandmothering out west.

I have a memorial service to attend today - a well loved person whose event is expected to draw some 300 people and will be catered. My job is to deeply mourn my friend but only lightly celebrate at the catered tables.
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Talking Good morning all!

Sorry your week is starting off so sadly Bill . But your comment shows that, even at such an event, you have your maintenance strategy in place.

I have a bit of salt bloat right now from the two small popcorns I had during movie watching this weekend. It'll be gone by tomorrow.

We finally have some ripe fresh fruit at the grocers and both DH and I are enjoying cherries, mangoes, apricots, etc.

I'm going to risk buying peaches once when the local ones come in. I think I will head to an organic market or a farmer's market if I can find one open on a weekend. I just read an article about "stone" fruits (peaches, apricots, nectarines, etc,) and now I know how to avoid getting sour or mealy peaches.

My obliques are STILL sore from Pilates on Saturday. I'm going to do a strength workout now but avoid the exercises for them for today.

Great Monday all!

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Good morning from NM! One of the best things about living here is the abundance of cheap, wonderful summer fruit! It's going to be a sad, sad day when all the melons, berries, peaches, cherries etc are gone.

I'm sorry your week is starting out on a sad note, Bill, but it sounds like you know the real reason for a memorial service (and it's not eating). Why do we make any and every occasion into a food fest?
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Good morning ......

Well I am not a big fan of fruit .... but my husband bought a lot of them this weekend so taking about fruits.

I have a new plan for this week ... now that my DD is on summer vacation i wake up so late , around 10 am - 11 am . So yesterday I decide to try to Wake up early and try to do my exercise in the morning.

So here i am drinking my Te at 8:00 am , did my routine already yeah.
As my second week into maintenance I WI 129.6 , 1.2 less than las week let see what this week brings me.

Have a nice week everyone ...
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Happy Monday, everyone!

You all have such a nice community here on maintainers. I feel a little like I'm at a party where I don't know anyone and I'm stepping into a circle of people who know each other really well. But I can tell that they're all nice, supportive, welcoming people, so that makes me a little less shy.

Summer fruit... I wish I could bathe in it! We have discovered Black Velvet Apricots this summer. They are so sweet, like eating candy. Between those and pluots and plums, we could go through pounds of fruit each day around here. Our first cantaloupe is almost ripe enough to pick -- with many more on the vine getting more ripe every day.

I'm easing into maintenance and realized last night how little "wiggle room" there is when you're aiming for equilibrium. When I was losing, if I forgot to log something, or eyeballed a portion and got it wrong, it might have slowed my loss, but if I was off by 100 or 200 or 300 calories, it wasn't going to erase my deficit for the day, much less the week. But with maintenance, if you're over, you're over! That's intimidating. I know I will get the hang of it... just have to be patient and work at it. And listen to all of you!
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Good morning!

Decent weekend - Saturday was good food and exercise wise, Sunday not as good on food but not terrible and was an exercise off day. We went to a birthday party for DH's uncle yesterday, catered by the restaurant where I work. He turned 80 and looked great. I had a little bad for me food, but not too much. Did indulge in a piece of birthday cake. I do have to admit to ice cream on Friday... and not a nice controlled Marie portion like I saw in last week's thread. I have a disease. I really do.

Meg - love the summer fruit!

Bill - sorry for your loss, and sounds like you have a handle on the catered part of the affair.

Jess - great week last week! Congrats!

Jessica - great job in your tri on Saturday!

Same7 - I felt that way when I first started posting in here, too. Everyone already knew everyone else, and I was also shy on popping in. It faded quickly, though. And I hear you on the over - when you are over on maintenance cals you are just over! That gets easier to process, too.

Shane - hey there! Wondered where you were lately. Sounds like a great job opportunity, sorry about the smaller support network out there though.

Dagmar - I love peaches... And popcorn. Your dinner with DH sounded like fun!

Allison - great pic of Ringo in the last thread!

Marie - mini blizzard. Now that info just might save my life...

Sheila - owie on the car dying. Serious repair needed?

Good day everyone!

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Good morning and welcome to thesame7lbs!

Sorry for your loss, Bill.

Aaah, fruit! It's been a nice change of pace eating cherries for our lunch dessert rather than our usual apples! Nectarines are my favorite, but I don't buy them often. In fact, I really try to avoid most fruits as they keep getting bigger and bigger and the "medium" size that is x calories is nowhere to be found. I like that some stores are now selling "baby" sized fruits which are actually the right serving size (but in some cases are not fully grown and are not as tasty). At least with cherries, I can count them out and not go overboard.

We saw two movies this weekend, Inception and The Sorcerer's Apprentice and enjoyed them both. We never buy popcorn at the movies because we usually do a matinee right after lunch so we're not hungry. Just water to keep us hydrated. The theater we go to used to have an open food policy--you could bring in anything you wanted, but (probably due to the economy) they now post that outside food is not accepted so I have to smuggle in my water! Good thing I have a big purse!

I think I'll get my kitty pics up on photobucket so they're easier for everyone to see.
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Good morning!

It's a disgusting, rainy day here in southeast Texas. Bleh! No morning bike ride for me -- I washed, conditioned, and straightened my hair The good news is I can still lift weights and run on the dreadmill... errr.. treadmill

I just finished meeting up with a potential customer (more than potential now that we signed each others' paperwork ) who bought a box of donuts. I didn't want to be impolite, so I had one. It was mighty delicious and I'm glad I didn't have MORE than one. I love donuts.

Oh! I took out my piercings last month. (For those who didn't know, I had my eyebrow and lip pierced.) Piercings are not socially acceptable in this pseudo-Pleasantville town of Kingwood. I'm still mourning this silly part of me that died, but I'll move on eventually. I felt it was a good business move... and in the end, it's just jewelry, right?

Bill - I'm sorry to hear about your friend I wish I could offer more encouraging words of support, but I never know what to say about someone dying. I know you will stay away from the treats Funny how everything is celebrated AND mourned with food -- like Meg said. It seems we always find an excuse or reason to EAT.

I remember the food at my grandfather's funeral was far from good. I was very disappointed (and thirteen years old at the time -- no thoughts or concerns of weight yet.) Perhaps your memorial service will have the same crappy catering?

Dagmar - dontcha just HATE that bloat? I know I do. It makes me WANT to be off plan in retaliation because I feel like I GAINED weight and that all my efforts are in vain. Of course, that's just an irrational set of emotions.

Meg - do you permanently live in NM now, or just for the summer? That would make us next-door-state-neighbors.

thesame7lbs - maintenance IS intimidating at first. Also, you will most likely have some days where you eat a little less (deficit) and others where you eat a little more. In the end, it all comes out the same and you're maintaining anyway.

Oh... to the party! We LOVE new faces. It's just as crucial (in fact, even more so!) to have a support network while maintaining as it is while losing. As stated numerous times before in these forums, there's always a slew of weight LOSS advice but no one telling you how to keep it off.

Shannon - Sort of random... I like what you put for your location... "wherever I go, there I am."

It's difficult to be controlled at parties... shoot... if you want to be optimistic, just say, "WELL... at least I didn't eat the entire cake!" There is ALWAYS worse

Marie - I will most definitely have to get a picture taken of me surfing. When that happens, I'll put it as my icon The last time I was at the Gulf was around ten years ago... and while I don't recall it looking like chocolate milk, I don't remember the exact color it WAS, either.

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Good morning everyone.

I am sorry about the loss of your friend Bill. I hope the memorial is lovely.

Allison-- thanks for the movie reviews. We don't see too many movies so when we see one we like to make sure it is one we'll all enjoy. I always sneak my snacks into the theater as well. How long until you can bring Ringo home?

Shannon-- sounds like a nice party for DH's uncle. It surprises me the difference in the way people age-- some people look great at 70 or 80 and others look terrible.

Welcome thesame7lbs! I felt the same way when I started posting here too. The advice and friendship is priceless. Black velvet apricots sound interesting. I need to make it a point to try some new fruits and vegetables. I saw something new at the store and I looked at it but didn't buy it. I can't remember what it was called but it was a yellow fruit.

Jess- sounds like maintenance is going well for you. What time does your daughter wake up?!?! My kids never woke up late!

Hi Meg! How much longer will you be in NM? Hopefully you're having a magical time!

Dagmar-- I'm still sore from my workouts last Thursday! I decided to do two workouts that day and the soreness has stayed! Unfortunately, I slacked off on exercise Friday and Saturday as a result and my weight went up bigtime!

Busy weekend for us. I'm off in a few minutes to take dd to get her wisdom teeth out. I'll be at home with her much of the week. Hoping it doesn't throw off my food and exercise plans.

We also bought a new car yesterday! We were planning on buying a used car and somehow we ended up buying a new mini cooper convertible! Dh will pick it up tonight. We are already freaking out about the payments! We'll have 3 car payments for a couple of months until dh's truck is paid off. We're excited though!

I'll check back in after dd's surgery.
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Good morning! Only 10:50 and the thread is already so busy!!

I posted my full race report for my triathlon on the tri chat thread here:

Short version:
Total time 1:48:19 (546/560)
Swim: 18:09 (543/588 - higher total number since it includes the relay teams)
T1: 3:18 (527/593 - why is this more total people than the other? I don't know)
Bike: 45:17 (568/593)
T2: 1:49 (261/589)
Run: 39:45 (567/591)

Didn't quite make my 1:45 total time goal mostly because I swam slower than expected, but I made my goal of not being last in my age group by 10 seconds. Woohoo! Good thing I sprinted to the finish, I think that's where I passed her!

Welcome to the new folks! And welcome BACK, Shane!
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Michele - cool on the new car! The Mini is a cool one.
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Ok, these links should work better. We hope to bring Ringo home in 1-2 weeks. He/she turned 6 weeks old last Friday.
Ringo 1
Ringo 2
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Bill, sorry to hear of the loss of your friend .
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Bill, I’m sorry about the loss of your friend.

Dagmar, so how do you avoid mealy peaches??? I buy from Costco and that seems to take care of the problem but sometimes driving 75 miles for my peach fix is too much. So inquiring minds want to know.

Meg, I’d like to know what every occasion is a food fest in this country. It’s no surprise the obesity problem exists.

Jessica Wendy, way to go on your 2nd week of maintenance. You’re doing great.

Same7, you are so right on the no wiggle room. I finally came to the realization I have to change my mindset for maintenance. When I was losing, I always ate my 1400 calories – hungry or not. I was allotted them so I was going to eat them. Now… is a different story. I need to learn the idea of not eating when not hungry so that wiggle room on the over days isn’t just plain over.

Allison, thanks for the 2nd posting pic of Ringo. Such a cutie! And the size of the fruit – I read the coolest article about nutrients in produce. That a plant can only push so many nutrients into a produce and that nutrients in produce have plunged in the last 50 years. The examples were mind staggering. The recommendation was to buy small fruit/veges and stick with old varieties. That the new hybrids don’t contain as many nutrients. So add that with your thoughts about the calories, that means there are way more empty calories in the overgrown produce.

Shannon, ice cream disease??? Then count me in on the fruit disease. I swear I am a piglet when it comes to fruit. And there is such a thing as too much. Both calorie and fiber wise.

Shane, the last time I was at the gulf was in Feb for my tummy tuck and arm lift. I went to Cancun for it. The waters were so incredible. A beautiful light aqua. The concept of those beaches turning to chocolate is nauseating. And this is from a chocoaholic. We’re going back to the resort in December and part of the reason we bought into the timeshare was the waters. BP better clean up their mess so everyone can enjoy the Gulf. Especially the wildlife.

Michele, you’ll love the mini coop convertible. My DD bought hers in December and it’s awesome. Comfy and fast (she bought with the Turbo). She loves leaving sportscars in her dust.

Speaking of DD, her counter-counter offer was accepted so she’s on path to buy her house. The inspection is this week and she’s pushing for the appraisal ASAP because she’s worried her offer was over what FHA appraisal may allow. So now a new reason to keep my fingers crossed. It’s a beautiful house and if that process is finished, she’ll focus on the next task. Going back to school. She has her BS in software engineering and wants to pursue a PhD in artificial intelligence or robotics (thought driven prosthetics). Her employer has tuition assistance and I want her to use that benefit. I asked her why she couldn’t work for two PhDs and she said that would be wrong. No, I said, she’d be wise to do so. Why choose between the two passions?

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Marie - congrats to your DD on the house!

So my dad and brother came up this weekend and brought me the furniture that was in my room when I was a teenager. It isn't an expensive antique set, but is somewhere around 100 years old we think. It belonged to the mother of my grandmother's best friend, a woman I've always thought of a member of the family. She and her husband didn't have kids, so they gave it to me when I was in junior high. It needs a little restoration work and I have no idea what to do - anyone know of some good online resources for furniture restoration?

She also sent some of my old stuff that was in the dresser drawers, including pics from high school college, and when I first moved to Atlanta. I saw some that were from a time when I thought I looked really great, a friend's wedding in 2002 - wow, I looked horrible. I was just below my highest weight, and really had no idea of ho big I had gotten. I can tell you that seeing those made me really think about my 'not living like a maintainer' lifestyle of the last couple of months... I will not be there again. When I looked at the pics all I could think was that I couldn't find my chin in them.

So, if that doesn't cure me of my ice cream disease I don't know what will.
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