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Mudpie 07-05-2010 08:02 AM

Maintainers weekly chat - July 5 - July 11
Good Morning all!

How were everyone's holiday weekends (Canada Day and Indedendence Day)?

Have a great week all!

Dagmar :dance:

Mudpie 07-05-2010 08:16 AM

Happy Monday!
Oops! That's Independence Day. :o

I'm happy :dance: to be home. My own computer, pets, and no beer or chips :p (favorites at my client's house)!

This particular pet sit was a real challenge. The diversity of ages meant that I couldn't treat the two dogs as a unit. They had to have separate walks, separate activities, and I had to watch the puppy every minute that he was out of the crate.

I don't have the heart to have a dog in a crate when I'm there so that meant cooking dinner and showering and everything else with the puppy underfoot, no TV (the old dog started "scream" barking when we went upstairs without him), and no time to myself (which I value very highly).

My sanity :crazy: was saved by the mostly great weather and a large front porch that the dogs could be contained on. The puppy was content to chew a rawhide bone and look at things on the street while I sat and read every afternoon and evening. The old guy slept on the porch mostly.

I did OK :angel: with the food too. Put all the beer and chips into the basement kitchen (full apartment downstairs that they don't use yet). Did succumb to the siren call :devil: of ice cream from the freezer one night but that was pretty much it.

I usually come home from pet sits lugging about 2-4 extra lbs. but this time I maintained 135. :cp:

Great Monday all!

Dagmar :sunny:

WardHog 07-05-2010 08:32 AM

Good morning! This is my last week at home before our vacation to Wyoming. Much to do ...

BillBlueEyes 07-05-2010 09:41 AM

Yeah for a Monday Holiday
Thanks for starting the thread Dagmar (Mudpie) - Since I'm not going to work today, I knew it wasn't Monday, LOL.

I survived a big BBQ with lots of folks on Sunday. Did well on everything until the roasted suckling pig was pulled off the coals; then I ate more than I had planned, but plausibly caught up by the end of the evening by counting the BBQ as both lunch and dinner.

Today's challenge is to do some waterproofing in my cool basement while it's pretty hot outside.

Megan1982 07-05-2010 10:08 AM

Hi all,

Two weeks ago I dealt better with the stress and busy-ness, health-wise, last week I started slipping again with food and a few cocktails. I need to get back to patterns from 2 weeks ago. We've had tons of rain and thunderstorms for a full week now, some tropical low developing over us, which made field work challenging last week but we managed to get it in between storms. B/c of the storms BF actually only had to work a few hours for the past two days and was put on stand by the rest of the day, so we actually got to spend time with each other, awake, which was nice. I've been fighting off a seriously swollen/sore throat and a cough all week that doesn't seem to be budging. More of the same this week - busy at work, just trying to keep it together and get to the gym and cut up veggies when I'm able. I got a big watermelon for the weekend that is just deeelicious.

I actually skipped the fireworks last night. BF was in bed before dark, as usual, and I was on my way there and too sleepy to head over to the beach. I'm such a party pooper. :p We're both on very early waking schedules right now - him, 4 am, me, 6 am.

My sis was due yesterday but she hasn't popped the baby out yet. She's scheduled to get induced Thursday if she hasn't gone into labor by then.

Dagmar, great job staying OP during your sit!

Ward, ooh, I'll bet you're looking forward to vacation.

Bill, good BBQ is tough to say no to. I'm sure you'll even it out. Good luck with your waterproofing.

Shannon, they mentioned the Peachtree on the Weather Channel (yk, my favorite channel) yesterday and I thought of you. How did it go? I see in last week's thread you took a nap afterwards, lol. I would too!

Have a great week everyone! :)

Marie 07-05-2010 11:13 AM

Morning everyone. I hope everyone's holiday weekend has been great.

Dagmar, GREAT, I repeat, GREAT job on maintaining on your dogsit. That one sounded difficult throughout. Enjoy your own stuff.

Megan,I too skipped the fireworks. DH, DD and DGS went up to a mountain resort lake and watched a great display. I was worried about my doggies if people lit fireworks nearby. Kodiak is terrified of thunderstorms and putting him in his kennel so I could watch fireworks seemed cruel. And Sasha hasn't been with me during the 4th so I didn't know how she'd respond. So I didn't go and I went to bed. Now they're all sleeping and I'm awake. Hence I get to 3FC.

Ward, have a great trip.

Bill, enjoy the cool basement. I so much miss having a basement. There pretty uncommon here in earthquake zone. I often use one big celebration meal as two for a day. It's the only way to contain the damage.

I started antibiotics yesterday because the sore throat isn't a cold. It was amazing how within a few hours I started feeling better. Nearly 24 hours later I can swallow without wincing. I did HIIT training on Friday and that had been a bad idea. But I did think it was just a cold. Saturday and Sunday I just walked the dogs their 1.5 mile route. Oh and on Saturday I biked for 5 miles but at the pace my children (all adults mind you) go, it was like sitting on a barstool lightly pushing my feet up and down. Today were going river rafting. No one can call me a party-pooper for being sick. Yesterday was spent lounging on the pool. Me mostly out as I was too cold from being sick until DH found the floating I'm in that kept me mostly out of the water. http://www.mariesdogs.com/images/4thJuly.jpg

alinnell 07-05-2010 03:11 PM

Marie~DH had a sore throat for over a week. He thought his was from post nasal drip from a sinus infection. He sounded like a frog. A lot of people here have been getting it. Thankfully not me! I hope you feel better soon. Antibiotics are great!

We had a very relaxing 4th. Neither of the kids wanted to do much, so we stayed in, watched two movies (Crazy Heart and the 2nd Twilight movie--both on On Demand). We all played games (dominoes, triominoes, cards, etc.). No one was interested in the fireworks either.

Today we'll go out to a nice lunch, go see Knight & Day and then DD will head back to school. She has 2 weeks left of summer school, then a few weeks before fall semester starts in August.

We went to see our kitty again yesterday, and forgot the camera. He/she is getting big and they're all so socialized. They aren't afraid of their dogs (GSD and a Schnauzer) and they don't cry when they're picked up anymore. Ours is content to be held on his/her back and have it's belly rubbed. He/she just stared at me. So cute!

Well, everyone have a good day!!

Shannon in ATL 07-05-2010 04:50 PM

Hello hello all!

I am tired today. Didn't get my nap yesterday after all - came home, did a puzzle with DSS, then after his mom picked him up DH and I went on errands. Went to Home Depot and bought a grill, which we had to exchange because the propane regulator leaked. Went to the store for groceries for our cookout with MiL after that. Came home, fixed a side item for the cookout a our neighbor's house we were going to last night. Finally got a shower at 5:30... Went across the street for dinner, stayed until 1:00 am, had copious amounts of Apple Jack Brandy. Came home, went to bed, got up early fr yoga and DSS pickup, grilled out today. Burned up a corn dog in the microwave, almost triggering an asthma attack in DH. Cleaned up, am planning on nap now. :)

Dagmar - good job maintaining on the dogsit!

Bill - I count lunch and dinner together sometimes too. I bet the roasted pork was fantastic.

Ward - last week before vacation. Busy busy. Truro get some rest so you actually enjoy your trip.

Marie - sorry you ate sick, glad the antibiotics are helping. I woul probably bike like you kids.

Megan - the peachtree was lots of fun. Didn't feel like 55,000 people. The start waves they used this year were smooth. Hope you are an aunt soon!

Allison - we borrowed "Crazy Heart" from our neighbors last night, may watch it tonight. Or may watch baseball. Haven't decided. Your kitty sounds precious! How much longer before the big homecoming?

I haven't done terribly with the food the last two days, apple brandy aside. I'm pretty poud if myself actually - I was at the store twice and declined buying Ben & Jerry's both times.

Good day all!

alinnell 07-05-2010 09:00 PM

Shannon, since the kittens are only 4 weeks and 3 days old, it'll be at least two more weeks and possibly 4 weeks before we bring it home. I've been investigating things...the best time to determine sex is right after birth. After that it can take months to really know what you have! And eye color typically changes after the first few months. Blue eyes typically only remain if there is a Siamese gene in there, which we seem to have, but more likely it'll end up with green or yellow eyes. The blue eyes it has now sure are pretty, though. And the mom, named Blu, has beautiful blue eyes.

So sad, DD left to go home...I don't know when she'll be back, but she didn't enjoy the desert heat (despite it being 10 degrees cooler than normal). She prefers the 70's where she lives. Sigh

traveling michele 07-05-2010 10:42 PM

I forgot it was Monday too!:dizzy:

Allison-- I bet you're so excited to get the kitty. I love kittens!! I understand your feeling :( about your dd leaving. I am sad that I missed my dd. She is working again at a camp in S. California and they cancelled a session due to lack of campers. She came home for a week but left before I came back from Houston so I missed her entirely. She will only be back for one night to pack before leaving again for college at the end of August. I am hoping to go and see her for parent's weekend and spend some quality time with her then. We've always had a great relationship but it is unfortunately feeling some strain now. I'm sure it will improve later but she is very jealous of me (of course she doesn't verbalize that but that is our thinking) so until she works out her weight/self-esteem issues I think she will continue to be cool to me.

Shannon-- what is apple jack brandy? A type of brandy? Your 4th sounds exhausting. Hope you got a nap in today.

Marie-- love your pool pic! You look very relaxed.

Megan-- hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to hear about the new baby. Does she know if she's having a boy or girl?

Bill-- BBQ'd pig does sound yummy. Combining meals does help to balance out the calories.

Ward-- good luck getting ready for your trip! What is in Wyoming? Relatives or just a vacation?

Dagmar-- sounds like you did very well on your dogsit. Sounds like the puppy kept you busy! Glad you stayed the same on your weight too. It is nice to be home.

I am happy to be home from Houston. Got back yesterday afternoon and had to go do fireworks last night. All I wanted to do was sleep. I had been up since 4 am to catch my flight (which was 2 am California time) so I was wiped out.

Crossing my fingers on my weight but it was exactly the same this morning as when I left 2 weeks ago. Still up 2 pounds from where I like it to be but if I didn't gain I'm ecstatic! We leave AGAIN in less than a month for Maine so I'm going to be extra careful until then. We will be celebrating my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary and they honeymooned in Maine. We will all be staying in a house together (lord save me) minus my dd who can't make it. It will be myself, dh and younger dd, my in-laws, my brother-in-law and his wife from London, and my other brother-in-law, his wife, and their toddler from Hong Kong. Not sure what we'll be doing except eating lobster. Not sure what kind of exercise I'll be able to get-- probably just walking on the beach I guess. I really think the running I did in Houston saved me weight-wise. I ran every day I was there and swam some of the days (except one day when we had a hurricane!!).

Gotta go eat dinner.

Mudpie 07-06-2010 08:00 AM

Well DH went on a bit of a bad food/beer binge :devil: while I (being the adult/coach/mom of us two he says) was gone.

The good part :clap: about that is he thinks his hernia is now so bad that he's "emergency dieting" :lol: (gotta love a man with a sense of humour and I do) to keep from getting a strangulated hernia before his big exam.

The exam is 6 weeks away so maybe by that time losing weight and walking (he's trying to walk every night instead of TV) will feel good enough that he will continue to make better choices after the exam.

I am completely supportive and I'm hoping that his behaviour will inspire me to stay OP for the next 10 weeks until my vacation in Chicago. I really, really want to wear my skinny pants without the "muffin top".

Dagmar :cheer2: :yay:

paperclippy 07-06-2010 11:10 AM

Good morning everyone!

Dagmar, :lol: my DH also goes on an eating binge when I'm out of town. The last few times I went on business trips he ate a whole lot of fast food cheeseburgers instead of cooking for himself, then regretted it afterward since his system isn't used to the grease. Hopefully your DH's plan will stick this time.

Ward, have fun on vacation! Are you going to go to Yellowstone?

Bill, I feel the same way, if I didn't go to work it wasn't Monday!

Megan, do you have a niece or nephew yet? I also skipped the fireworks. Well, I watched some fireworks on TV, so that was sort of like going, right? :lol:

Marie, I'm jealous of your pool!

Allison, the kitty sounds very cute!

Shannon, how did you manage to burn a corn dog in the microwave? :?:

Michele, great job maintaining on vacation! :high: Have fun in Maine!

My weekend was totally full of working out. I feel like that's all I did all weekend. Well, for a fact, all I did other than working out was grocery shopping and laundry! :lol: Plus cheering for DH in a race and buying a new sports bra, but that's not much. My tri is coming up extremely quickly. I'm hoping my legs will recover from all the workouts so that I'm not sore going into the race. I may rearrange next week's schedule to give me two days off before race day.

It has been absolutely roasting here lately. Are you guys all having heat waves too? Temps in the 90's the past few days and going forward the rest of the week too.

WardHog 07-06-2010 12:03 PM

We're celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary and the whole family (us, my parents, my two brothers and their wives and kids) is going to a dude ranch outside of Jackson Hole.


We will take a day trip to Yellowstone, as well as a trip to the rodeo, unlimited horseback riding, a whitewater rafting trip, hiking, & fishing. At least 1/2 of every day there will be activities for the kids - my two and their three cousins. Each family will have a cabin and there is a main lodge where we'll have most meals. There's no TV, no internet and no cell phone service. (My husband is going to die.) I am very excited and a little nervous; I have never been on a horse before. Plus I was sick last week (like, hospital sick) and not back to 100% yet. I went to spin today just to get myself moving and I hope to get back up to speed by next week.

alinnell 07-06-2010 12:24 PM

Ward~my in-laws are in Montana, just outside of Yellowstone, working at an RV resort there all summer. Part of their job is to "sell" Yellowstone to the RVer's. Because of that, they've visited Yellowstone several times already to better acquaint themselves with the park. It's so beautiful up there! Enjoy yourself!

Michele~I understand the jealousy thing with your dd. I'm not sure my dd is jealous, but she certainly needs to lose weight herself. I refuse to get involved, however. I've learned not to jump in and give advice unless it is asked for. But it was hard biting my tongue this weekend. We went out to lunch three times: #1 she ordered chicken strips with fries at Applebees (I had a salad). #2 she ordered a burger and fries (I had a salad). #3 she ordered half a turkey sandwich with a side salad...and an order of fries (I had the same 1/2 sandwich and tomato soup). Her favorite restaurant is Islands--because she loves their fries.

So Thursday I'm cutting my hair. Right now it is long--about 6" below my shoulders. I'm going to cut it to about shoulder length or a tad shorter. It's just too hot on my neck to keep it long. I put it in a pony tail at home, but I'm getting tired of that "look". DD suggested I get it cut super short (like my MIL) but I don't think I can pull that off. Her hair is cut shorter than most mens haircuts.

I took Chico for a walk twice this weekend and managed to run part of the way each time. The first time I went longer, but went really slow. The second time I went faster, but didn't manage to go as far. I'm just happy that the exercises I've been doing seem to have helped me and I didn't have any knee discomfort (although I did ice my knee when I got home--that really feels good!).

Tuca125 07-06-2010 12:28 PM

Hi everyone I will join you all now.

Well i will try to write as much as i can , my English is not that good. Some times i want to comment but my bad writing keep me away.

That been said here i am ... this is my first week into the maintenance thing, i am trying to figure it out how to keep up my exercise (like for a lifestyle not because i need to)
I realize if i stop for more than 3 days it is hard to get back on track, so yesterday i did a calendar to keep track of my water, vitamins ,WW points and exercise ,I am a visual person ...I like to see my progress , and I put it on the fridge.

So hoping to meet everyone here.

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