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you look stunning! those people are trolls. they are probably purposefully trying to get under your skin.
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That stinks! It's like people just don't think. Whenever in the WORLD would it be ok to walk up to someone or comment to someone and say "You're FAT you need to LOSE WEIGHT!"? Never. Then WHY is it ok to tell someone they're too thin? I get this ALL THE TIME even though I weigh 140 pounds. It makes me SO MAD!
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needs constant reminding
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Glory, I just saw thoses comments and it does seem those posters had very personal agendas. BAH!! In no way do you look too skinny. IN NO WAY! You look radiantly beautiful in your wedding gown and I think it evoked the big ol' giant green envy!
Yup, just a case of plain old envy. Talk about self love. One who loves herself does not feel compelled to shoot others down. That comes from self disgust or displeasure in one's own self.
have a great day!!

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3 + years maintaining
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Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but I think that's what it boils down to. So many people wish that they too were "too skinny". They feel badly about themselves and must make themselves feel better by finding something *bad* about those who have accomplished what they've yet to.

And yes, they haven't a clue to what it feels like to be that healthy weight through healthy measures.

I think Jay's right. You post your pics on the internet and you're leaving yourself open to all sorts of comments. There are so many, ummm, *unintelligent* people just looking to make remarks like these. I'm sure folks have heard LOTS worse.

And as for here at 3FC, when I had my pics up, I actually DID get comments like I'm too thin. That my face looked better not at my heaviest, but my in between pics, maybe 20 lbs before goal. My face and my body.

Too thin? At 5 foot nothing and 122 lbs???? Ummm, I don't think so. ...

I really love that people know what's better for us than we do. And wouldn't you know it, it's always the folks who have never made it to their own goal weight. Isn't that odd???

Glory, you are an exquisite woman, throughout. Your transformation is astounding. Never mind these couple of off the wall comments, can you imagine just how many you've INSPIRED with those pics?

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You are beautiful Glory,don't let anyone tell you different.
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87% of women are unhappy with their weight. It sounds like these friends are such women. Don't let them bother you. You are beautiful with the added bonus of being healthy. As much as they are telling you that you lost muscle and look unhealthy, you probably have more and have decreased your risks of diabetes, hypertension, CAD, stroke, breast cancer, etc. I don't like my weight, but I also want to become smaller to be healthier and not worry about my family history of breast cancer, stroke, and hypertension. I think what you did is awesome and an inspiration for us all. I appreciate you and what you've done.
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No description available.
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I'm sorry you had to deal with those comments. What is wrong with people? #1. you look gorgeous and healthy and have curves in all the right places. But even if, say, you are too thin (which you are definitely not!) it's none of their business! So #2: Whatever happened to "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." What agenda did they have? What did they get out of writing what they did? My guess is that it was an effort to make themselves feel better somehow. At any rate, don't let them get you down!

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Your wedding photos were beautiful. Just right in my opinion.
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Well, Ms. Glory, you remain one of my top 5 biggest heroes (heroines) on this site, and that is no small feat, as you have some amazing company.

What I take from you most often is your joy in the art of healthy eating...You take the Superfoods Rx program seriously, and you seriously enjoy it. I love reading your creative (often crunchy) chronicles of enthusiastically and seemingly very easily crafting delightful, healthful fare. What seems so ironic here is that if ppl wanted to pick on someone who ate very little and very poorly to maintain an extremely low and unhealthy weight, they couldn't have picked anyone further from that kinda behavior. Yanno?

I just have to add an extra little hug for your admitting that exercise isn't something you are a superstar at. *laffin'. Exercise is great as long as I am havin' fun....

I don't understand how anyone can make the comments that were made to you, but I do know this: It is really impossible until you get there, until you are thin and have lived it a while, it is impossible to know how good that feels..what it is like every day, day after day, to *not*be* not be living with the limitations and suffering of being fat, of being affected in every single aspect of your life, by being fat. If that is impossible to know without experiencing it, then mebbe that explains why people have to jump in and judge and comment. They just don't *know what it is like to *not *be *fat *anymore. Dunno, but mebbe.
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Really maintaining now!
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I'm starting to get a bit of this, and it's ridiculous; I'm still 7 1/2 pounds overweight, and about 16 from what I think my goal will be. I don't think the people who've told me this have had my best interests at heart; I think they're projecting onto me, and I've concluded this isn't my problem.

Wouldn't it be nice if people would keep their unsolicited opinions of other people's bodies to themselves? When a doctor tells you you're too thin, then maybe you should take it seriously, but random people on the internet? They can take a hike.
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I can't add to the wonderful advice you've been given. I just want to tell you that you are GORGEOUS! Your lovely pictures took my breath away. You are radiant. The happiness is so evident in your lovely face.

Don't listen to those anon fools. You are beautiful and just perfect.
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Year 9 in Maintenance
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The camera records what it sees at the moment;
lighting etc can create shadows and lines that one might find unflattering;
also, you are 5 years older now.

With that in mind.....,
I looked at your pictures,
and although you didn't look "terrible" before,
you do look GREAT now.

Clearly those comments to you were simply projections of self-hatred,
and resentment against you for being successful.

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement,
and I look forward to watching your continuing success.
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Ignore it. I think your photos are lovely and you look very healthy to me. I don't know why people feel compelled to do stuff like this. It could be jealousy or just a need to take someone down.
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Hopefully I can state this in the way I am thinking it in my head: I think that people are interpreting your "big round face" as a mean and judgmental comment against yourself, and they are kind of back-lashing because your before picture looks pretty much like they are now? So really, they are defending themselves by saying, "There is nothing wrong with your 'before' picture; in fact, your current pictures show you to be too skinny! So there!"

I honestly would try to not be hurt by it. I spent several minutes looking at your wedding pictures when you shared the link the other day, and not once did I think that you looked too skinny or that you didn't look like you loved yourself! All I saw was a pretty, happy girl in a gorgeous gown, getting married to a nice guy and surrounded by a nice family. That's it.
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Changing behaviours
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I can't get over the fact that these people felt the need to comment at all.

In any case, Glory you look wonderful! And not just your fantastic figure, but your lovely face, beautiful smile, and gorgeous hair. Enjoy your slim body, you work for it and you deserve it!
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