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There Is No Wagon
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I just got back from the gym-- I had an icky day of sitting around and eating candy Thursdays are usually my day for just letting myself relax and not worry about anything, but I ate so much crap that after my show was over and it was only 7:30, I asked myself if I had one good reason for not going to the gym and the answer was cleary no. So I threw on some gym clothes and drove the 5 minutes to the gym and got in 40 minutes of cardio and some strength training before closing at 9, and now I feel so much better! Impulse gym going I think is auspicious for maintenance That makes 5 days in a row of at least 45 minutes of continuous exercise!
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I am pleased to share that this morning I was down to 113.8! I know I will still bounce back up some over the weekend, but it's very nice to see some data points within my maintenance window again, finally!!

It's been a long haul; since Labor Day I've managed to avoid ALL junk food and sugary sweets and haven't missed a daily workout (sometimes even twice). And I'm hitting my weight goals in time for my first half marathon of the season, which is what I wanted.

Now if I can just stay here and not backslide (again) I'll be doing good. I'm not going to use this as an excuse to have any Halloween candy, because I took the pledge!!
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Congrats forest and MBN!!! Great choices!!!

I made good choices at a dinner meeting last night but I'm feeling the sodium retention today. Wow---we're almost to 500 posts!

ETA: I can kind of indent the Turkey a little bit, but it's still makes a THUNK when I drop it on the counter....

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slow and steady
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Great job MBN and forest!!!

Midwife, the water weight will go away soon!

Thursday accountability:
Snacks: no, I snuck some candy corn
Workouts: check, strength
Calories: Check, 1296

OK ladies, how are we handling our weekends? Megan, what's your weekend plan?

My plan is to get some exercise in tomorrow morning, then spend the whole day cooking, cleaning, and decorating, then eat a huge pile of junk food for dinner. I've kept my calories low all week in preparation for the Halloween dinner extravaganza. I already know that my bigger challenge is going to be avoiding the leftovers on Sunday. Sunday afternoon DH and I are going to the art museum so at least I'll be out of the house for a while. Maybe I'll go for a swim Sunday morning.
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We don't have any plans for the week-end, other than T or T'ing on Sat. night. I think it's my turn to take the kids out while DH mans the door. I am making pizza mummies (english muffin mini pizzas w/ strips of string cheese to look like bandages and olive slices for eyes peeking out) for the kids for dinner but I won't be tempted to eat any.

I will spin on Saturday morning and plan for a nice long run on Sunday. Oh, and stay away from the evil candy.
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Thread continued with Holiday Edition.

I like the mummy english muffin idea, Ward! I think I'll do that!
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