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one bite at a time
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Did well last night. DH wanted teriyaki, but I order a snall chicken with the sauce on the side, used my own salad dressing on the lettuce and only ate 2 bites of rice. After dinner I only had a couple of altoids and my WW ice cream bar.

I don't really plan my food as well on the weekends, but I have been making sure to have healthy choices in the house and eat before I'm starving so I eat the healthy choice instead of other choices.

e: exerciseTV video plus extra toning/stretching, about 30-40 min total
b: whole eng muffin w/turkey sausage
s: ate a late breakfast, so skipping snack
l: maybe PB&honey or a lean pocket
s: is candy a snack? lol! I'll try to stay out of the candy and have a healthy light snack
d: Not sure, DH often wants to go out for dinner on Saturday, but we've eaten take out several times this week, so maybe I can talk him into a couple of chicken breasts w/salad and maybe some rice?
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Okay, normal day in the hungry department.

B - Fage 0% Greek yogurt, sliced strawberries, drizzle of honey

L - went out. Had artichoke and roasted vegetable omelet with a salad (dressing on the side). Came with a piece of bagquette had a couple of bites of bread.

S - tall non fat sugar free latte

S - cut up cameo apple with 1 big spoon of natural peanut butter

D - grilled steak, baked sweet potato, roasted brussel sprouts

No weird ravenous hunger, no desire to eat a handful of nuts or a big cup of tea with honey, nice to be normal.
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needs constant reminding
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had dinner out Fri night. Plans changed from sushi place to another and I had seared tuna with (too much) wine. scale was down Sat am. family dinner at home last night, had london broil and veggies, no wine. today's scale back below red line...
tonight's dinner, had cheese and pep off 2 slices and one of the whole wheat crusts, 1.5 beers, and one homemade strawberry cookie. did run 12 miles this am.... and I mean all thru the am thinking if I stop now and start drinkng my lemon tea, hopefully scale will stay below that red line o' mine.

here's to a lovely weekend and an as lovely as can be monday!
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Moderating Mama
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Alrighty. Yesterday -

Brunch - Leftovers - Chicken breast, potatoes (1/2 cup), roasted asparagus
Snack - Asian Pear, Laughing Cow
Dinner - 1 stick beef satay with 1 tsp sauce, 1 cup steamed rice, stirfry with shrimp and veggies, about 1/3 cup red snapper and curry mixture, 2 glasses of wine.
Snack - NSA Ice Cream w/ strawberries

E - The Firm 500 calorie workout (this was HARD)

Brunch - Pho w/ Rare Steak, Iced Coffee
Snack - Popcorn
Dinner - Sandwich on Sourdough Baguette piece...turkey breast, lots of veggies, either bacon or cheese but not both, and mustard.
Snack - NSA Ice Cream w/ strawberries

E - Yardwork...much digging and raking!
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I just read the sticky on "relapse" and it was definitely much needed. I'm craving ice cream AGAIN... and I did just treat myself earlier this week, I need to keep things in line. Anyway, after reading, I'm feeling pretty content with the fact that I have from FF, sugar free vanilla pudding in the fridge.

so today:
B: I got up, switched laundry, and promptly passed back out. So I skipped it =(
L: pita w/ falafel, cucumbers, romaine, tomatoes, hummus (I made the falafel so it's baked instead of fried!)
S: apple and annie's whole wheat bunnies
D: chicken & rice casserole (w/ green peppers & celery) + a slice of cheese
S: FF/SF vanilla pudding! =) instead of DQ

E: walk in park (a little over 3 mi)

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