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Default Maintainers Chat: November 17 - 23

Yawn! It's so hard to get out of bed on these cold, dark mornings and head out for the gym. More coffee needed! It snow flurried all day yesterday and our forecast is for snow every day this week. It must be winter!

I finally sat down and tried to get organized for the holidays this weekend. There's exactly four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it's all going to be here too soon. Like most people, we're cutting back this year but I still want there to be presents under the tree, so need to spend wisely. I'm guessing we're going to be inundated with coupons and special offers from now through the end of the year, so I'm in watchful waiting mode -- knowing what I want to buy and waiting for the best price/special offer.

Along with shopping etc, I need to give some thought to maintenance through the holidays. This is the eighth holiday season I'll live through since the beginning of weight loss in 2001 and there have been more and less successful years along the way. Must analyze .... We've had threads about holiday planning in the past, perhaps we should do another? Of course, the best mantra ever is Anne's -- it's a holi-DAY, not a holi-WEEK or MONTH! Or did I screw that up?

Enough blabbing -- one more mug of coffee, then into my gym clothes and out the door.
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Default Weight loss weirdness???

Good morning everyone!

I weigh 132 lbs. this morning. I should be but I feel like I've cheated somehow.

It's so weird sometimes. I initially found it hard to believe the people on "Biggest Loser" didn't know what the scale would show but now I believe it's entirely possible.

I ate waaay over the calorie budget two nights last week and then stayed OP but not under budget for the next three.

And I lost a pound. It's "real" weight too as I drank a lot of water on the weekend and limited myself to two caffeinated drinks per day.

Good start to my week! And I think DH is seriously on board now too. His hernia got worse on the weekend so he's now determined to lose the weight and get the surgery done.

I wonder why it takes a health crisis for most people to seriously start losing the excess? We all know how much better it feels to be slim and OP. I guess the important thing is that we start and continue on the journey .

Have a great week all !!

Dagmar (no food porn this week)
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Hi Maintainers, I appear to have gotten my stuff together, and am now working the Couch to 5K plan, the New Rules of Lifting for Women plan, and the Beck Diet Solution plan. I feel like I'm losing fat, but the scale has been pretty stable. Given that I'm so SORE from the lifting, and the scale is up when I'm sore, I'm pretty happy with it. Bye bye postpartum jiggle.

I'm posting more regularly now on the Beck thread over in General Diet Plans, in case you are wondering what's happened to me. I'm still around here though, with no plans to go anywhere, and will try to pop in to check in, and offer support when I can.

I'm going to do a Thanksgiving pledge. Just something easy like Halloween. It made me feel good to succeed, and I think went farther that my simple statement, just because of that.

Have a great week!

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Hey all - Happy Monday!

Meg - I am already writing out my plans for the holidays, and planning in the treats that I will allow myself ( 2 eggnog lattes between Tday and New Years). Knowing those are there will help keep me from spontaneous holiday treatings.

Dagmar - congrats on the loss! I think people need some sort of crisis to make them actually *focus* on weight. It's always in the back of your mind, but you need something to bring it to the front for total attention. It's like when someone you know dies suddenly without a will, and it makes you realize how you need to get one done asap.

Anne - I saw your thread and committed my plan to paper (internet).

I did really well this weekend foodwise. Quite pleased actually, as weekends have been a struggle as of late. I really hope to see the 130s by Thanksgiving and I sit at 140.6 this morning. The scale goes so slow that might be stretching it, but I'm hoping!

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Good morning all,

I went for a beautiful walk on the beach yesterday. I live by the beach, but don't go to it nearly enough. My weekend was pretty average but I had several run-ins with overeating/eating junk food. Logically I'm telling myself I couldn't have done too much damage, calorie-wise, but then again my body is just not logical. This week is another week of running from work, to gym, to play rehearsal, and the performance is this weekend, so I'll be keeping busy.

My gym finally moved locations last week. I've seen more "cardio queens" coming in (they really need to get more cardio machines!) and I wonder if the cardio section will be much more crowded permanently. The floor layout is very different. But I'm a creature of habit and routine and I just need to get used to a new one - I'm just glad we still have a gym!

Meg, you're right. I've finally figured out most of my holiday plans and need to plan which will be "special" meals, which will not be, and sit down and make my shopping list with budget concerns in mind. And I will have two Thanksgiving meals, two Christmas meals between my family events and BF's family events, at least 3 Christmas parties here (so far!), see friends from high school...

I do have a friend getting married at the end of January - like our other friend who was married last June, we'll be (same group of college girlfriends) bridesmaids but not have dresses assigned. That's always extra incentive to keep my weight down though! Got to look good for those pictures!

Anne, I really enjoyed the NRLW program - I hope you will too!

Dagmar, I've decided that just as salt/water retention can cause the scale to swing up a bit, the opposite can cause the scale to swing down a bit that might not be "true" weight. But I consistently ignore the higher numbers, at least for a few days until I've had a chance to flush myself out and see if the scale is showing "real" weight, but gleefully accept the lower numbers as real.

Jessica, it's good that you're taking your dog to the vet. My childhood dog (lab/retriever and big for his breed) had arthritis from a young age. My mom gave him 1/2 an aspirin daily, per suggestion from the vet, and it seemed to help him. But definitely check with the vet first!

goal, I agree that the coach is being totally unreasonable - I would both talk to any other parents you know of team members - see how many other families are dealing with changing their holiday travel plans, and also the principal. But if you aren't able to go see your parents, you can still make it a great holiday! Think of all the stress created by traveling to see family, even if your really want to go - the stress of travel, traffic, packing and making sure you've got everything you need. Enjoy not having to do those things. Pick your favorite traditions - maybe trimming the tree together, or hanging the lights, or playing your favorite holiday albums, and include those. Maybe make a few new ones for your house. Play board games, or cards, together, take a Christmas day walk in the snow (if you have snow), watch "It's a Wonderful Life", see if anyone in town has a big lights display worth visiting. Talk to your family and see what their favorite traditions are or if they have any ideas for new ones. My town has a Christmas celebrations that I always miss b/c I go out of town - maybe your town has those? And I can't offer any advice about the stressfulness of preparing your lesson plans and your upcoming surgery, but do remember to breathe and just do things one at a time. And here's a .

Have a great day everyone!
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Hi everyone!

I'm just popping by to say Hi since I haven't been around in a few weeks. Still taking care of the little one 24/7 (I'll post a recent picture), and still weigh wayyyy too much. I'm fluctuating from 221 to 228 these days no matter what I do, but I have to confess I'm not trying hard enough with the eating. I do well on some days, but on others I really screw up. I only have had a chance to run once or twice, and that was a miserable, slow, short run. I'll get it together eventually! Meanwhile, staying home with my little boy is still a joy.
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Your baby is a real cutie,I think staying home and taking care of him yourself is the best thing you can do for him right now. Your weight will come off, I found it was easier if I aimed for losing 10 pounds and after I was succesful with that I went for amother 10. Good luck.
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Lisa, little Henry is so cute and thanks for sharing his pic.

Anne, thanks for starting the Thanksgiving thread, I've already added my plan.

Lori, it certainly took a health crisis for me to get started losing weight. It wasn't that I didn't know I needed to lose weight, it was that I didn't think I could do it.

I'm facing 2 Thanksgiving meals this coming weekend. Very scary with my WW weigh-in on Monday. Tonite will be my first official Weigh-in since starting WW. I feel like I've probably lost some, but I've stayed off of home scale so will have to wait and see. My smaller jeans are no longer cutting into my hip bones and are again comfortable to wear.

My back is finally feeling better (pain not completely gone) but I will try to go to gym tonite and just do some cardio.

Last night on TLC was a marathon of shows on obesity. I watched the story of Jackie the 627 lb. woman, The Half-Ton Mom, and The Half-Ton Dad. Funny how I'm super into watching this type of shows when I'm doing good and staying OP and avoid them when I'm eating off-plan and gaining.

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Good morning all.

The Friday wedding was nice. It was good to see old friends and to see the happy couple. The food was pretty good, too. They had these fabulous cupcakes for dessert (flown in from Beverly Hills). Yum. So yeah, I didn't exactly stay on plan, but my weight did not fluctuate.

Saturday afternoon DD called, "should I come home?" she asked. I asked why and she said "the fires." I felt so bad that I was unaware of new fires. We had talked about the one in Santa Barbara at the wedding (and we could see the smoke out on the horizon) but I had no idea. And then when she said where they were and that her dorm was so smoky she had to turn off her A/C, I did worry. But when I heard the freeways were closed, I thought it best she stay put (it would have taken a couple extra hours for her to navigate around the fires and get home anyway). Sunday she reported that the air was clear and it was not smoky. I still worried.

Then this morning, I'm on the Nordic Track and at 4:35 AM an earthquake hit (I didn't feel it, but it made the bedroom doors rattle and that scared me). Another one, slightly smaller, just hit here at work. My DS woke up with the early one and was actually hoping it was bigger than the 4.1 it was. He participated in the great American shakeout here in California last Thursday and he really wants to be here when the "big one" hits (which could be anywhere from today to hundreds of years from now). I've been in a couple big ones (7.8) and it was pretty "moving." (Yeah, I planned that pun!)

So next weekend I'm supposed to meet DD's boyfriend as his band is supposed to play here in town, but he just posted on his Facebook that the band is no longer. I've asked what's up, but he hasn't responded. According to the band's MySpace page, they are taking a break because of bad economic times.
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Allison, you Californians have such a cool attitude towards earthquakes. I was in one in Seattle when I was about 12, and it was terrifying.

Lily, glad to hear your back is feeling better. Don't overdo it on the cardio!

Lisa, so good to hear from you! That baby of yours is such a cutie. Enjoy this time home with him. Are you getting into Mommy and Me activities? Getting together with other mothers of infants was always fun.

Megan, isn't it funny how we get so used to our surroundings that we take the good stuff for granted? My sister lives in a coastal town in Oregon and hardly ever goes to the beach either.

Fiberlover, congrats on the great weekend!

Anne, love that you're saying goodbye to that postpartum jiggle! Took me way too many years to be in that position.

Dagmar, glad your DH is getting serious about losing weight. Makes it easier for you to stay on plan, too, I bet.

Meg, right there with you on getting out of bed and getting to the gym. I've started getting ready the night before so I won't have any excuse, but it's tough.

Yesterday was my two-year anniversary of making it to Weight Watcher maintenance. I've been maintaining below my WW goal weight, which is what I intended to do so I'm thankful for that. I still want to lose more, but go back and forth with being in the losing frame of mind.

Lately, I've been having a lot of pain, and I still haven't broken the comfort eating habit that goes along with pain. My mind still thinks that eating frozen yogurt, muffins and too much of healthy food is going to make me feel better. At least I'm able to stop that cycle faster than I used to so I'm thankful for that, too.

Happy Monday to all!
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Originally Posted by Sheila53 View Post
Allison, you Californians have such a cool attitude towards earthquakes. I was in one in Seattle when I was about 12, and it was terrifying.
I'll take an earthquake over a tornado any day, and these days with the fires, I'd gladly trade a fire for an earthquake.
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Wink Cat or dog - you decide

All of you who own cats will get a kick out of this or think my cat is quite demented (we've had our suspicions about her for years).

Had dinner tonite with Mudpie (my female tortie cat). She likes to hang with me in the kitchen while I prep and cook and she sits on a chair at the table when I eat. Only one rule - no paws/cat parts on or near the table.

I made a spicy veggie stew tonite with tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, carrots, and onions. I use medium spicy curry paste, cumin seeds, and ground coriander as the principal flavourings for this dish.

So, during the prep, Mud ate a piece of zucchini, green bell pepper, tomato, and she chewed apart a large piece of carrot (she likes to "kill" carrots but won't eat the resulting mess), all raw. She also pounced on a blob of curry paste I dropped and licked it off the floor. I offered her a couple of cumin seeds and she ate those.

After the stew was ready she ate cooked bell pepper, eggplant, and carrot. She carried off the piece of onion I gave her (midnight snack?) and I found it stashed near her bowl of cat food (yes, she does actually get her own meals too).

I guess she missed the part in the cat handbook about being strictly a carnivore? People don't believe me when I tell them what she eats. The only stuff I've found that she won't touch are greens and fruit. Everything else is cheerfully tasted and most of the time eaten. DH shares all his stinky snacks with her - she loves a good bit of Stilton!

I suspect she might actaully be a small labrador retriever, cunningly hidden inside a cat suit.

Have a great night all!

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I once had a cat that would eat as your Mud does. He would try anything! He loved salad dressings, but had problems with biting/chewing raw carrots, and curry upset his tummy, otherwise, he was game. My other cat always went over to see what he was eating, then looked at him like he'd grown another head. She was definitely a cat food/meat/fish eater.

Growing up we had a cat who'd crawl into the kitchen cabinets (upper) and scoop raisins out of the box with his paw and eat them. Then he'd take a nap up there. Cats are such characters.

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Hi everyone! Lurker popping out for just a second...

Mudpie, I'm not sure but I thought that I heard that onions (as well as garlic) are poisonous to cats and can cause anemia. I'm not sure how dangerous it really is, but I didn't want for your fur baby to get ill!
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Good Monday everyone!

Dagmar-- that is so funny about your cat! Our cats just eat cat food but they don't really get any other options.

Sheila-- I am sorry you have been having pain. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary with WW!

Allison-- I was so worried about earthquakes when I moved to California but so far (3 years) we've only felt smaller ones (biggest 4.1). I may change my mind if we have "a big one" but so far they are much less scary than my lifetime of tornadoes, flash floods and tornadoes in Houston.

Lily-- hope you had a great first weigh in! Did your meeting discuss how many points your Thanksgiving foods have? I found that meeting very helpful when planning my meal-- I could eat everything but I was more careful with my portions and loaded up on the healthier choices.

LisaMarie-- your baby is so cute! Enjoy him while he is little. Make the best choices you can and worry about your weight later-- I am sure it is coming down slowly.

Megan-- what is a cardio queen? You should see what I am picturing.

fiberlover-- I bet you'll see the 130s very soon since you have a great plan in place.

Hi Meg! Hi Anne!

I am facing some food and exercise challenges.... I am starting my WW training and will be doing that after work some days. I am going to try to still work out but it will be a challenge on those days. We have a giant Thanksgiving potluck at work on Wednesday. I will be bringing a healthy (but hopefully yummy) salad, and will try to make some better choices (or at least take small portions).

My family was sweet about my new job (with WW). They got me a card and flowers and cooked for me yesterday. The dinner was more or less healthy, but they got a special dessert. Oh well-- old habits die hard (using food for celebrations). I ate it but now I really need to get to the gym!

My dd will come home from college for the first time next week for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see her!

I haven't made the gym yet today-- I better get going.
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