When will my brain catch up?

  • Hey ladies!!!

    Haven't posted here in awhile. I'm nowhere near my goal but I have maintained what i've lost so far. Yippy!

    I find that I imagine things, more so extra "fat" or area so to speak on my body that isn't there. I constantly feel like there is fat on my chin touching my neck, turkey neck essentially. Then I'll feel my chin and realize there is nothing there and actually lots of space.

    How long did it take you to catch up mentally with what you've lost physically because this is sort of weird and i'm hoping with time this will pass.
  • Good to see you again!

    In answer to your question: I'm still working on it. My brain hasn't completely caught up with my body (even after six years) and I still find myself pulling jeans out of the dryer that I don't think will fit (but they do). Or I see a photo of myself and look much smaller than I think I do in reality. The mind-body disconnect has certainly improved over the years but still isn't entirely synced up.

    Did you know that we have a subforum here called Body Image And Issues After Weight Loss? There actually have been quite a few threads talking about our minds catching up with our changing bodies that you might find interesting. Check it out and feel free to post about your experiences. It's always a relief to know that we're not alone!