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Meg 06-13-2008 05:56 AM

No Excuses! Friday to Friday 6/13 - 19
After last Friday's server crash, Amanda suggested that we take the opportunity to run our "No Excuses!" challenge thread from Friday to Friday since weekends are often the toughest times for us. This way we all have a fresh start heading into the weekend and can focus on making the best food and exercise choices to start off our new week. :)

My "No Excuses!" motivation has been my August knee replacement surgery and it's done wonderfully to keep on focused and on track. Of course, the scale isn't cooperating, but I'm convinced that I need to cut off body parts in order to lose weight. :lol: I managed to bake DH's birthday cake yesterday with only a few nibbles of the pecans I used in the ooey, gooey German chocolate cake icing. And pecans, minus the butter and sugar, really aren't that bad so I did OK. Today the cake is leering at me from under it's glass cover, but I'll get it sliced and in the freezer so it's out of sight, out of mind.

I've switched up my leg workouts to focus on both strength and endurance for post-surgery. So I'm doing a traditional leg day with as heavy of weights as my knees can handle, but then adding in a lite leg day of high rep endurance stuff, still with a respectable amount of weight. Today will be bi's and tri's since arm strength is key for hauling oneself out of bed and using a walker after surgery (go ahead and laugh ... a walker!! :rofl: That absolutely kills my self-image. Don't believe that 50 is the new 30; 53 is the new 83, apparently!)

I tried making a mock Frappachino out of espresso and chocolate protein powder yesterday, fairly unsuccessfully. But I drank it anyway and it actually had quite a kick. :eek:

Today will be same old, same old when it comes to meals. :)

So let's have a great start to another week! How's everyone doing? If anyone's having a rough patch, please come and post about it rather than being quiet and staying away. I can guarantee that ALL of us have walked in your shoes, understand, and want to help. :hug:

rockinrobin 06-13-2008 07:44 AM

Hi guys. Yesterday was day 2 of being POP after my long holiday weekend.

I will surely be a part of this thread no matter what day it starts out on. But, and again I'm in no matter what day, I personally prefer it to begin on Mondays. That's the start of a fresh week for *me*. The time when all my planning ahead starts and so on. I can surely see where lasts weeks crash made Friday the perfect day to begin anew. I don't know. Starting a new thread on a Friday seems all out of whack to me.

Whatever you folks decide of course will be fine with me. I AM looking to have a POP weekend this time around NO MATTER WHAT.

Have a great day everyone.

DGAdDawg 06-13-2008 09:04 AM

B- Smoothie, PB toast w/banana
L- Spinach salad w/tuna, apple
D-out...my family is in town. My sister wants BBQ. I plan on picking a place that isn't JUST BBQ with hopes of finding a grilled choice.

Exercise--most exercise this weekend will be walking.

Have a great day!! I have to get to the DMV!

modkittn 06-13-2008 09:11 AM

I changed up my dinner yesterday. Still good on points though!

B - Puffins cereal (1), milk (2), and banana (1.5)
S - Fiber One Bar (2)
L - Salad (0), Salsa (0), shredded chicken (4), FF yogurt (2)
S - apple (1) and FF SF pudding (1.5)
D - Grilled chicken (3.5), medium potato (2.5), corn on the cob (1)


"wogging" (walking/jogging) for 1/2 hour - +3

joyofsix 06-13-2008 11:51 AM

Yesterday ended badly. On to today
B-2 peanut butter balls(dry milk, pbutter, rice krispies) coffee
L-boca lasagna(I'm eating itbefore the hot dog, chip filled Bible School picnic)
D-salmon, greek salad

mandalinn82 06-13-2008 12:30 PM

I just start each accountability week with a renewed sense of "Yes! This week I will be POP". Given that my weekends tend NOT to be POP, it's a good little motivator. But that's just me - we can go with the group on this.

Little stress induced baking meltdown last night. While I only ate two, very small cookies, I did get my fingers into the frosting bowl. I know I shouldn't bake when I'm stressed, but baking is my stress reliever and I haven't found anything that works even remotely as well.

Was repaid for my sugar situation with a migraine this morning, and a 4 lb upward blip on the scale (though at least 2-3 of that is my "normal" water weight from heavy strength training).

Onto today. I already ran water in the extra frosting dish (what reason, really, do I have to keep it?)

B - English muffin w/ cheese and pizza sauce
S - Greek yogurt w/ blackberries
L - Leftovers - Chicken fajita salad
S - Popcorn
S - Ry-Krisp Crackers w/ laughing cow and cucumber
D - WW penne w/ chicken breast, tons of veggies, light "cream" sauce.
S - NSA Ice Cream w/ a grilled peach

E - It may be nothing if my headache doesn't go away. I'll have to walk to the store, at the very least. I'm making 30 minutes of cardio (other than the walk) my goal since I feel so icky.

alinnell 06-13-2008 01:12 PM

This morning didn't start out as good as I had hoped. We'll see how the rest of the day plays out. DD is picking DS up from the last day of school and we're all going to an Italian restaurant for lunch. Dinner was planned as orange chicken (not a good choice, but I have to get it out of the house) but DD is going out with friends so it will be eaten Saturday night. Perhaps eggs tonight as I'm totally running out of food! I'm embarrassed to say I don't have any fruit in the house and only 1/2 a bag of lettuce with no other veggies to throw in it. I will be loading up tomorrow at Costco!!

Amanda~it's not the cookies that do me in, but the starchy things. I had leftover red potatoes for breakfast this morning. Yikes! Ok, no butter on them, but I did add 2 T of shredded cheddar and some bacon, but that certainly can't be considered OP.

I think I'll be spending my afternoon planning my weekly meals so that when I do make it to the store this weekend, I know what I need and I don't buy what I don't need.

On a happier note, DD has lost 8 pounds! She's currently my motivation to get back OP and start losing! She's at least 10 pounds over my weight right now and is 2 inches shorter, so she has a few more to lose. I'll be happy when I get 10 off (but I'd be happier at goal!).

WaterRat 06-13-2008 01:48 PM

Morning all. Wow, it's been and up and down week - foodwise any way. Wed's chamber of commerce lunch ended up being grilled chicken, yum, along with beans - which were nearly gone when I got to them, so I had like 1/3 cup, and potato salad, which WAS gone when I got to it :) and fruit - loaded up on this. I just didn't even look at the dessert table, so it ended up being a better lunch than yesterdays which was eaten in our HR office while on a teleconference with the city's attorney over a personnel issue. Our HR person keeps a huge candy bowl on her desk - sigh - plus the manager's secretary brought me what a local restaurant calls a "healthy" cookie. Yah, right. Basically an oatmeal raisin cookie with some other stuff. It was normal to small sized at least. Dinner was back on track.

And on to today, and then a good OP weekend.....

B - 1/2 apple + 1/4 banana + few raisins in a bowl with 1/3 cup yogurt, ww eng muffin w/pb, :coffee:
S - applesauce
L - large salad
S - fruit of some sort, or yogurt
D - finish up (at last) the chile :)

EofAZ 06-13-2008 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Meg (Post 2224285)
So let's have a great start to another week! How's everyone doing? If anyone's having a rough patch, please come and post about it rather than being quiet and staying away. I can guarantee that ALL of us have walked in your shoes, understand, and want to help. :hug:

Thx Meg, I keep trying and shooting myself in the foot and then Iím afraid my lack of control might become contagious so I "quarantine" myself.

Anyway, Monday was a good day, Tuesday and Wednesday were dismal but I got things under control Thursday and have been right on plan today too. Iíll count it as a success tomorrow morning if I make it through this evening. I'm learning not to allow myself to get over confident because that is when I do something stupid.

rockinrobin 06-14-2008 08:03 AM

Yesterday was a tad off plan. I made homemade whole wheat raisin bread. I usually completely stay away from it with no problem funny enough, given that it's one of my very favorite things. That was not the case last night. I had a hefty piece of it.

Anyone here think it's time for me to get rid of my mixer, measuring cups, measuring spoons and everything and anything to do with baking? :shrug:

:yes::yes: :yes::yes:

Exercise was top notch yesterday, so that was good.

Today I have no real "social" events to throw me off. There truly are no excuses for me to go off plan, not that there ever really is, right? ;)

Have a great Saturday everyone. :)

Mel 06-14-2008 08:53 AM

Robin, stop baking! I used to be the chocolate torte queen. Friends and neighbors would always wait for "Mel's Desseert". I even have a photo "portfolio" of my creations that look just like the covers of Bon Appetit Magazine.

NO MORE. When I made this commitment to change me, one of the things I had to learn was the ability to say NO to others as well as myself. After a few ruffled feathers when I offered to bring a fruit tray or vegies and hummus instead of dessert, people eventually got the message and stopped asking. But much to my surprise, I was still invited :rofl: And because the quality of the desserts went down, I didn't eat any :rofl:

I've been OP this week but with a bit more food so that I'm not starving all the time and prone to binges. And gained 1 pound. Maybe it's muscle :lol3: I hate it. My back is too big, my chest MUSCLES are too big. I weight 4 pounds more than my maintenance line, but my pants still fit. Clothes are tight across the back. This would be great if I were a competitive bodybuilder :dizzy:


modkittn 06-14-2008 09:21 AM

I had a great OP day yesterday. I replaced my dinner with pizza by California Pizza Kitchen. The pizza was 2 points more, but I earned some activity points so it was all good :)

Today's plan:
B - Puffins cereal (1), milk (2), plums (1)
S - Fiber One Bar (2)
L - Salad (0) with chicken (4) and salsa (0), FF yogurt (2)
S - Apple (1), Light bread (1) with 1TBSP peanut butter (2.5)
D - Chicken (4), Vegetarian Baked Beans (2), Corn on the Cob (1)\


walk at lunch = +2

alinnell 06-14-2008 12:52 PM

Good morning!

I'm starting off on the right foot today!!! I did 37 minutes on the Wii Fit and really sweated up a storm (I'm sure the heat here had something to do with it, though!).

Last night I thought that perhaps I can fit in a gym schedule now that school is out. I'm going to broach the subject with DD and DH this weekend. The way I see it, I can fit in a trip to the gym on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Monday and Wednesday I'll be driving DS to karate, so those days are out. Fridays are usually a bust, so no go and Sunday is the day I walk with DH and the dogs. I'm hoping DD will agree to go with me. I doubt DH will as I'm planning on going to the gym at 4 PM on Tuesday and Thursday--he'll still be at work. I'll let you know what they think.

I'm off to Costco later this morning to stock up on healthy food. I have a menu of healthy things for dinner this week. I WILL stick to plan!

alinnell 06-14-2008 01:02 PM

I almost forgot. I wanted to share with you the icky photo of my leg before I had my veins done. This was taken the morning of Gary's first virtual 5k. DH said to me that my leg looked like %^&% and I ought to take care of it. Can you see now why I disliked wearing shorts?

Mel 06-14-2008 03:28 PM

Ouch- were they painful or just distended?

Leg workout and lawn mowing done. OP and staying that way. I'm off to go return yesterday's pre-discount clothes. :)


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