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Default No Excuses - A Clean Slate! June 6 - 12

After the Server Crash of '08, we're starting again.

I kind of like the idea of starting our No Excuses weeks on a Friday, to be honest. What better than to start renewed in time to face the dreaded weekend?

Today was OP (though the scale still punishes me for reasons unknown), as was yesterday, and the day before, and...this weekend won't be so hot (I'm going to an event called Pinot and Paella). Still, I'll do my best. The hotel has a great looking gym!

So how is everyone else doing?
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Friday is a great idea, Amanda!! OK, here's to a brand new week, starting ... NOW!

What's everyone have planned for the weekend?
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For me and my plan, Iím certainly thankful the last 2 weeks were erased; I really do want to forget they existed. Iíve been on plan all day but then weekdays arenít too difficult the challenge part of this challenge will begin at 5:00 pm and continue to be challenging until Monday morning.

Iím in a can do frame of mind, that is an improvement from the now undocumented 2 weeks so lets see if I can fan this flame all the way through the weekend.

So to new clean slates.
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Deleted was my rant about my weight. I'm going to re-post it because I'm still curious what other people think.

I've been OP. Really, really OP. 1300-1450 per day for a week and a half. I've done an hour of cardio, 6 days a 2 hours a week of strength training. I've been eating clean. I've been working my plan. I've upped my strength training intensity a bit, switched up my workouts, and generally have been a very, very on-plan little monkey.

In this same time I've gained 6 lbs, putting me 8 above my target.

The weird thing is - my clothes still fit the same, my body fat percentage is the same (actually has done down a bit), and my measurements are the same. I even tried on my super-skinny-super-tight jeans...and they fit, even a little looser than I remembered. And the last time I was this much up (during the "I just hit goal and it's Christmas" eating debacle), it was VISIBLE on me. This time? I feel the same. I can't SEE any difference.

I'm under a ton of stress, which might have something to do with it, but seriously...anyone have any ideas? I'm at my wit's end (not just with this...lots of personal and work and money drama too), so I find myself getting on the scale in the morning, seeing the ridiculous increase in scale value with no explanation, and bursting into tears (mostly the personal could tell me I have lint on my sweater and I might burst into tears).

Anything? Can stress really have THAT much of an impact? And if I'm really gaining actual weight...where is it going? Not to body fat % or measurements or clothes sizes...
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Hhmm, Mandalinn82, I just read your tagline that says "Remember-we use the number on the scale to measure our progress not because it's the most accurate. . ." so I'm betting you can guess what I'm going to say.

Your body is changing for the better! Ignore what that number says--it's probably water retention from lifting heavier weights--and pat yourself on the back for fitting into those jeans and lowering your bodyfat percentage even a smidge. I know it's frustrating to see that number climb, but the pants-o-meter says you're doing fine. Can you quit weighing for a while and keep on doing what you're doing? The weight is bound to come off because you know it's not "real" weight.

I don't know about stress making you gain weight when you're eating clean. It's sure been shown to cause a lot of problems so it possibly could be another cause of water retention--I don't know how, but, hey, it's possible.

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Man sons are so much easier to take care of!

Listen KIDDO your life is going to be full of "crap" from personal, emotional and monetary things from time to time. I know...I have been through all of it myself.

You have to remember that those "things" are not YOU!

The personal and $$$ troubles can hurt us but we have to remain strong enough to know that "our bodies" require good in exercise and nutrition!

I know, in the past, I wanted to eat and sleep...this eased my pain...(and honestly I didn't have a weight problem)...I'd eat and and sleep.

Not good...nope!

You have done so well and have such an "IMAGE" to live up to that it can't be easy for you!

All the stuff bothering you right now will pass!

When/if I end up in Folsom I may catch up with'll get one of my "daddy hugs" I give my daughter's...all will be good!

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Could you be eating too little now? I know they say your body can go into starvation mode and hold onto the calories, but I don't know if you are eating too few. You are tall though so I would think you would need more calories than a smaller person. You could always increase your calories (with healthy foods of course) for a week and see what happens.

Other than that, I agree that if your clothes are fitting well, you shouldn't worry about the number. It is much easier said than done, I know!
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Yes, I regret my timeline at times like now...because I know it's probably true, but at the same time, I am not happy about it.

I'm just worried that it's going to get out of hand, and I'm not going to have any tools to stop it. I'm working all the tools I have right now, the same as I always have, and yet the number goes up.

I'd say starvation mode was a possibility, but I can't imagine I'd lose, get to goal, and then 6 months later start gaining on starvation mode. And at 1250 to 1400 calories of good, solid nutrition?

I just don't know. This weekend is going to be a calorie disaster (pinot. and paella. Oh my.) We'll see what happens when I get home. I will exercise both days and beyond that, be moderate, and we'll see.

I'm just wickedly frustrated.
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Amanda, to the extent that you can, put your weight completely out of your mind this weekend and try to relax and enjoy yourself. I honestly think giving yourself a break could be the very best thing for you. Have fun!

Oh, as for starvation mode ... I've read that too few calories (like under 1200) for months and months can cause us to hold onto fat and not lose as quickly as we should. But it's impossible to gain weight from storing fat unless we're in an energy surplus and I doubt that you are at your current calorie level. Since I don't think you possibly could be gaining fat at your exercise and calorie levels, what you see on the scales is probably the result of water weight manipulation due to stress hormones. My best guess, at least!
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Amanda, I have nothing more to add advice wise to what's already been said. I just wanted to send you some good thoughts and good wishes and a great big ole' cyber hug.

All right, I'll add something. You say you don't want it to get out of hand. Well, I think you are too aware and too savy to let that happen. You ARE doing the "right" thing(s) and I really don't see this trend (weight gain) continuing. It's bound to give. Hang tough. You've hit some obstacles before and you've overcome them and this time is no different young lady.

Sheesh, our bodies can be stubborn sometimes.
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Amanda I vote for water weight or possibly increased muscle mass? If all the clothes fit I'd let the scale ride. I tend to be about appearance(vain I know) and not the scale number so much.
Our power was out yesterday due to storms and didn't come on until 5:15am. My eating went slightly off rail since we couldn't cook or get into the fridge really (trying to avoid spoiling of my $$$ food). Anyway, today WILL be on plan.

Today's Plan
B-english muffin w/peanut butter, apricot
S-iced latte
L-huge salad w/feta and olives
S-popcorn, grapes
D-grilled chicken breast, grilled vegetables, berries w/greek yogurt
S-2 Lindor truffles
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I'm probably the only one who doesn't want to erase the past 2 weekS! They were good ones for me. Oh well, my weight is still down over the past 5 weeks of no excuses.

THis morning I had to go to a pancake breakfast (for work). I managed by (a) not eating anything at home and (b) eating 1 blueberry pancake and 1 sausage (ick, nasty frozen things anyway), and drinking lots of coffee. As long as I had an "eaten from" plate in front of me, no one bothered me. It was an 8-12 event, but once the key speaker (one of our US senators) had left I felt I didn't have to stay. I'd done my share of glad-handing local folks.

B - pancake above
L - leftover pasta and peas
S - whoops- too busy
D - potatoes/cabbage sauteed together, broccoli, turkey bratwurst (not too bad!), red wine
S - 1/2 cup applesauce, 1 graham cracker
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Hey Amanda,

This is going to be strange advice coming from a self-avowed daily weigher.

Try to ignore the scale.

We don't walk around with our weights tattooed on our foreheads. We walk around in our clothes (unless we walk around without clothes, but that would be another thread). People see the way our clothes fit. And our clothes (barring laundry accidents) don't change. I think it is important to have a way to measure ourselves (especially since many of us have body dysmorphism), but clothes work just as well as anything else.

Your skinny jeans fit you? Cool!

Your body fat is hanging steady or going down? Cool!

The scale is going up? Could be water....stress? Muscle retaining water from your increased weights? A broken scale?

Control what you can. Measure portions. Move. Drink plenty. Your body is governed by biology. You know all this. I know you know all this. I know all this too but I sympathize, cause I would be too!
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After the server crash wiped the slate clean for us all, (at least for the last two weeks) I'm slinking back to the no excuses thread. I've maintained over the last few weeks. Not really a victory as I'm trying to lose weight.

Amanda, It sounds like you are doing everything right. I think this is one of those cases where you just have to hold steady - keep doing what you are doing and wait it out. It sounds like you have a lot of stress going on right now and I feel that may be part of the cause. Hope the weekend went well for you.

I have gone the last two weeks without tracking my food. Unlike a lot of the maintainers, I don't eat the same foods everyday, so it's kind of risky to not track. I'm always aware of the calorie count while eating, but I've not been tracking it. I've maintained, so I'm hopeful that once I actually get to my goal, I may be able to quit tracking calories for maintenance. We'll see. It's been a bit freeing to not have to enter it all, but I started back tracking yesterday.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. After it cools down a bit, we've got to get in the garden and stake tomatoes and till some weeds.
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Tammy, maintaining your amazing weight loss for a few weeks isn't a VICTORY?? Where have we here in Maintainers gone wrong?

You ninny! (said with great affection ) Of course it's a victory, especially because you were experimenting with not tracking and taking a trial run of what might work for maintenance. Obviously you were still aware of how much you were eating and consciously making good choices, since you didn't gain. I'd call it a successful few weeks and yes indeed, a victory.

It sounds like you've discovered that you need to track what you're eating in order to lose, so welcome back to the thread. But hold your head up high -- no slinking allowed!
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