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Robin, awesome test results!!! You should be so proud.
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Originally Posted by traveling michele View Post
It does make it all worth it when you get good medical results. We all want to look good, but we also need to consider how we are taking care of ourself inside too!

For sure. In fact for me it was the other way around first - I first and foremost wanted to lose the weight for my heatlh - and then lo and behold (yikes) vanity, I will admit, DID come into play. But for sure, for sure health concerns are still numbero uno.

Originally Posted by JayEll View Post
rockinrobin! I LOVE those numbers!Jay
I know!!! Ain't they pretty?!?!?!?!

Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
Robin, awesome test results!!! You should be so proud.
I am proud. I really, really am. It's a marvelous feeling knowing that I have done all that I can on my end to produce those numbers. I used to worry all the time about my health. Surely there are no guarantees in life, but I feel confident I've pretty much at least leveled the playing field, now that I am no longer morbidly obese/obese/overweight. At least I no longer lay awake at night thinking my eating habits/weight will definitely cause me a heart attack or stroke or cancer or what have you. What a blessing it is. So, yup it's worth it.

Thanks for the comments gals. I appreciate them.
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Yay, Robin, great numbers. Low Vitamin D is the norm for most of us who live in Alaska. My doctor has me taking supplements, in addition to what I get in my calcium and multivitamins. Now it's daylight over 17 hours a day so that'll help - providing I get outdoors.

Continued my NSV from yesterday - another pair of pants I haven't worn in over a year! Love, love, love shopping in my closet!
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Glory, glad to hear you were able to swallow your food better today. Hope the GI doctor will have some answers for you.

Robin, great test results. I also started my weight loss efforts due to health concerns, but vanity definitely came into play after a while. It does feel great though to have those improved lab results.

I just came from taking Molly for a 2 mile walk in the park. It is beautiful weather and I've been doing some yard work too. After the walk, I lead Molly to the edge of the small lake so she could get a drink (she's overweight and was panting), instead of just taking a drink she almost dragged me into the lake . Then, she lay down in the water on the boat ramp. So, now I have stinky wet dog smell to get out of my car. Yuck, and I had just given her a great bath last night. The real fun was when she saw several ducks laying on the walking path, she took off running and dragging Lacy behind her while she chased the ducks into the water. (I think my doggie needs some obedience training.)
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Lily-- that must have been funny to see you and Molly-- should have had a camera!!!

I recently had my two dogs at the dog park and my 115 pound great dane decided to play with a dog that didn't want to play with her. It was growling at her and she doesn't "get" those cues-- she thinks the other dog wants to play. The owner was doing nothing about it and Jozi wasn't paying attention to me. I will sometimes grab her tail to get her attention and I did this time but she somehow managed to swing me around in circles until I fell on my face! Luckily my daughter grabbed Jozi. The other lady left without saying a word to me. I always feel like it is my fault in those situations because a lot of people are intimidated by Jozi's size. However this time, just like always, everyone comes to our "side" and says that obviously Jozi is sweet and people shouldn't bring mean dogs into the dog park. I am always so stressed going there as there seem to be many "unsociable" dogs but both of my dogs love going.
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Michele, people were laughing when they saw Molly dragging Lacy while chasing the ducks. We should have anticipated that with her being a labrador. LOL. I know what you mean about people being intimidated just because of the size of the dog. I've had several people be afraid of Molly, but she is totally gentle. Last night there was a Boxer at the park that was growling and barking at Molly. I'm glad both dogs were on a leash.

Today's plan is to perfect my food plan more and to hit the gym for exercise. I have to be at the school soon to speak with the counselor to set up Lacy's classes for next year. She is wanting to take some media and photography classes that are held off-campus.
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Default Oh, so proud!

Okay, this is way off topic, but I have to brag.

Last night was DD's final high school concert. They had the junior high band play a couple songs, then the jazz band came out. After the first number, the band leader introduced the 6 members of the jazz band who were graduating. He started with my daughter saying something like, "she started out playing clarinet then bass clarinet, switched to percussion and here she is playing electric bass guitar. She is a very talented musician." Ok, eyes well up, you know. Then he goes onto the second senior and introduces him by name. And the same with the rest. He said absolutely nothing about them other than their names. When the rest of the band came out, he had all 32 graduating seniors come out for a bow--no introduction by name or anything. Boy, do I feel special?
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real quick here...

AWESOME for your daughter and the proud parents ALLISON!!!

LILY the ducks chase my dogs at the pond!!

MICHELE we go to dog parks all the of my dogs is a chicken the other "stands" up for herself but doesn't go after other ones...but there is always that "what if" in my mind.

ROBIN great results!

GLORY glad you are better!

MEGAN I really enjoy reading your sound so full of energy!

Gotta go....HI EVERYBODY! have a great Memorial Day Week-End! Join my 5K if you haven't already!!!
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