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Smile Today Is My Sixth Anniversary


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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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Congratulations Meg!

You have created your own miracle, dear Meg! You are truly one of my heroes!

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Popped over to say Congratulations -- you are amazing!! Thank you for sharing such a special day with us and a true 3FC learns that special days are not celebrated wtih feasts, cake, etc. but with friends, family and a bit of exercise!!
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Congratulations, Meg! I'm pressed for time, otherwise would write a book back to you. Just know that you are one of the main reasons that I will be able to post a very similar story in October.

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Yes, BRAVO to you dear woman, not only for your incredible accomplishment(s), but for your brilliance, your patience, your perspective, your input and your goodness.

Another brilliant post, a keeper for sure (you do need to sticky this with the other "Best of Maintainer's Posts).

I loved the analogy that you made with weight loss & maintenance and having children. Right on the money.

Hmmm, I wonder just how many people you enlightened today with this post?

Anyway, a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you. I would say and many more, but is that really necessary? All right, what the heck - and MANY, MANY more. I will add this, may the many years of maintenance that you have ahead of you be as struggle free as possible.

Oh and one more thing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have personally done for me, directly and without you even knowing it. What a shining example you are. All the best. Robin

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Huge congrat's Meg, you are such a great inspiration to the rest of us. Thanks so much for all that you contribute.
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CONGRATULATIONS MEG!!!!! You are such an inspiration to us all - a wealth of knowledge, experience, workout ideas, recipe ideas, motivational sayings, the starter of most of our weekly maintainers forums, a coach, mentor... I could go on and on. THANK YOU for being here for so many others. You should be patting yourself in the back - you have accomplished so much!
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ONEderland here I come!
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Meg, since I've been here, you are my hero. Have always been. We are not friends, don't hang in the same circles... but everytime I see your avatar I push a little harder... dig a little deeper.

so from the bottom of my heart Thank you!

and congrats on the major anniversary!
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Pretty harmless really...
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Happy Anniversary To You Dear Meg! Rock On & Thanks For Leading The Way For All Of Us Followers.
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You are, indeed, an amazing woman and a blessing to me.
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Congrats to you and thanks for all that you do for 3FC. You have inspired me (and others, I'm sure) much more than you will ever know. Every point in your post resonated with me but one thing that really hit home was how you feel sad, panicked and stressed when you aren't eating on plan. I have to remember that to help keep me on track because that's exactly how I feel too. Eating a bunch of food in a haphazard way doesn't bring me joy in any sense of the word. Eating healthfully (and exercising plenty) does. Big time. Thanks so much for taking the time to put together your post.

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slow and steady
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Congratulations Meg!!!!

Thanks for the post too. I really like what you said about maintenance being 24/7/365 (or 366 on leap years! ). You are totally right. I find that now even when I have a day or meal or something that I have planned to eat whatever I want, I am still conscious of how many calories I am taking in. I hope I'll be just like you on MY 6th anniversary!
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Congratulations Meg! As someone who is just starting to think about maintenance and what that means, your post is an incredible inspiration. I've so enjoyed reading all your posts in the months I've been lurking, and just want to thank you for continuing to support others while being such a wonderful example to all of us that the weight can be kept off. Thank you and congrats!

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Congratulations Meg!

As everyone else has said, you are truly an inspiration. And thank you for your post. Once again, you have answered questions for me that hadn't even completely formed in my head yet I am still miles away from maintenance but I am convinced that the reason I've always gained everything back is because I never actually had a plan for maintenance. You are teaching me so many things and give me hope that I will actually be able to become (and stay) a maintainer too. Looking forward to toasting you on your 12th anniversary!
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What a lovely treat! I always enjoy your anniversary posts, and I thought "Has it been a year since the last one already?" Time flies right on by, and that to me is a lesson of your post.

Six years. Six years. 72 months. I'm too sleep deprived to count the days and hours so I won't, but it made me think....where do I want to be in 6 years?

I look up so much to you, and Mel, and Lydia.....women who are just a few years senior to me (not many, just a few) and I look at your lives and how you all make the choices you make and by golly!!! It is WORKING. To think of women who are healthier and fitter in their late 30s, and then 40s than in their 20s....I really don't know very many people like that in real life. Just one or two maybe (both very athletic physicians, interestingly).

Your journey is meaningful to me in so many ways. As an example of success. As an inspiration to continue with daily choices. As a way to bust through limitations that I place on myself or that society places on women.

Lift harder. Lift stronger. Be tauter, tighter, veinier (is that a word?). Being powerful.

Seizing life in our thirties, forties, and beyond....saying I will be strong. I will be athletic. I can make my reality far far grander than anyone would have ever imagined for me.

What you have accomplished is awesome. Not just in the Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure "awesome".....but in the meaning of "awe-inspiring". A very rare minority of women will do what you have done and what you continue to do.....But we here at 3FC have an edge, because you show us what to do. Day in, day out, the choices, the actions, the consistency.

You show us all that the incredible is possible. The Maintainers Forum and the Weightlifting Forum have changed my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
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