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Constant Vigilance
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I was on plan today for both diet and exercise. Calories came in a little low, which I've sort of been aiming for on the weekends.

Originally Posted by paperclippy View Post
It's this crazy contraption that is both a regular bike and an arm bike -- you sit on the chair, and you can rotate these handles, and there are also feet pedals so you can do both at once if you want. At OT I only do the arm section though.
That sounds like it would require a lot of coordination! They have an arm bike thing at my gym but it doesn't have foot pedals. I don't think I could do arms and foot pedals at the same time. Coordination really isn't my thing.
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Cardio yesterday was only walking but that's fine. I can't be busting my butt everyday or I'll get tired out and have a nap three days in a row ... oh wait ...

I've had two highish days in a row so I'll tighten in the reins today. Salt has been much better this week and so has my water intake.

I'll weigh in tomorrow.
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fat chick FKA Velveteen
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so incredibly envious of Meg... I'm from New Mexico and haven't been home for 2 years now...

missed this week's thread and consequently had a less than stellar last couple of days. I still lost, but I'm not that satisfied with my efforts. Onwards and downwards, right?
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3 + years maintaining
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Hi everyone. I've been away for a few days and I am way behind on this thread.

My toe is not great. I will definitely have to go to a podiatrist tomorrow and have him lance whatever the heck is going on to relieve the pressure and release the - yuck - pus. So exercise has been next to nothing. Which stinks big time. Not only that, since I'm walking around so little, my bad knee is now a horrendous knee. What is it we say, "move it or lose it"? It is SO the truth.

Was away at friends Friday night and had 2 incredible parties yesterday. I overate very, very badly. VERY. I planned to go off plan, but I didn't do it moderately. In fact someone even commented to me that they can't believe I eat so much (he saw my plate loaded up from the big buffet) and can stay so skinny. Wanted to know how I do it actually. First I was like, is he kidding? How DARE he comment on what I eat. He should of course realized that I eat like that rarely. So, that's basically what I told him. That I eat really, really well more then 90% of the time, and every now and then - I eat well, ummm, not so well.

I am retaining water like crazy today. Like crazy. My rings don't fit me. And my legs are swollen, which is what always happens to me when I overeat. Today is a new day. And I am very much looking forward to being back on plan. NO EXCUSES.

My next splurge meal that I am planning for will be a huge, fancy, shmancy black tie wedding at a beautiful hotel on Memorial Day. First of course I have to get this weight off to fit into the outfit I am going to wear. I'm fairly confident that I can do it. Which is probably why I let myself go like I did. Some excuse, huh?

Have a good, on plan day everyone.
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Was way low in calories yesterday, mainly because it was just so darn hot . I did drink a lot of water, vegetable juice and iced tea. I just wasn't feeling well so probably will not have any lasting effect on being low calorie.

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Working My Way Back Down
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Today's plan:

B - ww toast with 1 tbsp pb, 1/4 cup ff yogurt with 1/2 banana and 1/2 c strawberries,
S - graze the fruit/veggies at after-church coffee hour
L - last of the leftovers from last week's dinners!
S - pear and lf cheese
D - shrimp, stir-fried veggies (or maybe grilled - depends on weather and my energy level ), angel food cake

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Default Walking with faster intervals daily (May 18-26)

Ok. I'm in for this upcoming week. Don't know when Meg starts the thread, but I thought I'd post mine now. I'll move it if needed.

For the past two weeks, I have (1) given up my SF caramel candies and (2) promised to either walk back and forth to work daily or ride 40 minutes on my home recumbent bike instead. I'm maintaining those changes and adding another this week.

This week, I need to incorporate more on my walking goal. I've read that if you intersperse faster walking intervals, it will make the walking better for you--challenge you more cardio wise. So, that's what I'm going to do this week. Every time I walk, I'll intersperse faster intervals using driveways or signs or mailboxes as my marking places. I also want to walk at least 7,000 steps each day this week.

Here I go! If anyone has ideas for how to make walking more challenging, let me know. I am doing intervals, but I know it isn't as challenging as doing my cardio on a true strider at the club. Need some ideas!!
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Moderating Mama
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Today - (I woke up late - I think I got some mild heat exhaustion yesterday...I was at a picnic outside, it was over 100 degrees, and last night I got the WORST migraine and could barely move, so my eating schedule is a bit off. Cals are still good though).

S - Fruit salad w/ strawberries, peaches, cherries
Brunch - Leftover tofu and veggie stirfry over brown and wild rice.
S - Popcorn
S - Protein shake w/ vanilla almond milk
D - "Lasagna" with ground turkey breast and zucchini noodles. The portion looks like it is going to be GIANT, with tons of protein...I'm excited!
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No description available.
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Yesterday I went to a wedding. I ate cleanly all day. I ran 3 miles. I drank tons of water. I made good selections at the buffet.

And then they put out the sopas.

I had 3. Alas.


ETA: My wedding ring flew off when I was dancing with my 8 year old. I found it, but I guess that is an NSV of sorts!

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Boy, for someone with no excuses, I've bombed this weekend. Haven't had this bad of a weekend in months. Many good choices and much resistance, but also many bad choices. The scale is not being friendly either.

My exercise is spot on though. Wish that was enough....

No excuses, no excuses, no excuses....
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I was down to 173 and up to 175 this week. Still watching my alcohol and getting my miles in...portion sizes pretty good.

AMANDA ~ I hope you feel better soon.

MIDWIFE ~ too cool!

ROBIN ~ I hope that toe gets better real soon!

PAT ~ "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" sounds neat!
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Moderating Mama
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EZ - I stayed out of the sun today and felt much better...thanks!

Had a great day foodwise - not exactly what I'd planned but totally reasonable in terms of calories...lower than average, even, but that's OK since yesterday was off.

Plan for tomorrow:

B - Wholegrain light english muffin, 3 egg whites
S - Fruit salad (strawberries, cherries, peaches, and apricots)
L - Leftover noodle-free lasagna (zucchini and eggplant noodles, ground turkey breast, lowfat ricotta and mozzarella, tomato sauce)
S - Popcorn
S - Greek yogurt w/ strawberries
D - Roast Beef (top round), Roast Potato Wedges in dijon, and roasted asparagus
S - NSA Neopolitan.

E - 55 min elliptical, 55 min TB strength

I haven't been excited about a weeks menus in a long time...went to the farmer's market on Saturday and got entirely inspired. Local, organic, free-range eggs, the first peaches, zucchinis, and apricots, green garlic and young onions, plus amazing strawberries, the last of the asparagus, and my FAVORITE find...local, organic NOPALES! I'll be having chicken and nopales fajitas this week, and I can't wait.

Can't wait for summer, when I can homemake some mozzarella and serve it, still warm, with big heirloom tomato slices. I LOVE SPRING/SUMMER!
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3 + years maintaining
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Let's move on to week #4. The new thread has begun! :
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