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Working My Way Back Down
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So lunch today was a plated meal, and I have to tell you it was wonderful! Small - i.e. just right - portions, and nice seasoning. I did have 1/2 slice of bread, but overall I think it fit in my calorie range. The dessert was some sort of cookie - I passed. Here's what we had:

Green Spinach Bread (with lots of garlic, baked in, not spread on - yum!)

Your Choice Empanadas,
Bratwurst or Veggie
served with cardamom rice (and this was brown rice, and had green onions too)

Juicy Carrots, and Baby Sweet Peppers en papillote
(Succulent veggies steamed in a paper pocket with herbs)
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Wow, Pat, that menu looks delicious! If only every plated meal could be like that, then business meals might actually be enjoyable instead of something to be dreaded and avoided. Most people truly enjoy reasonable portions of fresh, healthy foods -- when will restaurants and businesses figure that out?
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Moderating Mama
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Plan for tomorrow - and I'll be 100% sticking to it, unlike these slight deviations from the past few days...

B - Whole wheat tortilla, 4 egg whites, broccoli, turkey breast, and bell pepper
S - Strawberries, cherries, and peach fruit salad
L - Tuna melt on an english muffin
S - Blueberry VitaTop
S - Popcorn
D - Tofu stirfry with brown and wild rice, tons of veggies
S - NSA Neopolitan in a regular cone

E - 55 min elliptical, 55 min strength training
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Constant Vigilance
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So, except for my lunch, I was totally on plan today. Even skipped one of my normal snacks--didn't need it and didn't have time for it. It was easy. I don't know why it's been so hard to do this in the past.

And lunch wasn't even that bad. The choices were chicken with lemon slices (I don't even think it had a sauce on it, just the lemon slices), veggies (with too much butter but I'll take it), green salad, mashed potatoes, white rice, and some sort of strange mystery beef thing (seriously, I couldn't tell what it was, but I knew I wasn't going to eat it so I didn't look that closely). I skipped the mystery beef, potatoes, and rice. I did have a cookie and a small piece of birthday cake (see my rant in the weekly chat thread) but I had been planning on the cooking--hey, I'm maintaining, one cookie isn't going to kill me. The cake was a special treat but it was a pretty small piece. I'm not making excuses; I take full responsibility for eating both the cookie and the cake. They were good and worth the calories.

Then I came home and got right back on plan, no problem, like I do this all the time. Piece 'o cake (pun intended ). And now the kitchen is closed and I'm going to bed.

Totally unrelated to the food that was served, the meeting was really worthwhile, which is a rarity. The presentation was so great I'm going to have the panel redo it as a webcast, which is great because I needed to find another webcast to offer over the summer (so one thing I can check of my list of things to do). And I think I'm going to be able to write at least one, maybe even two articles with everything I learned at it. It's so rare that I go to a meeting that is this productive for me.

Today was my extra exercise day--25 min HIIT and one hour circuit training (in a sauna--also discussed in my rant in the weekly chat thread).

WaterRat: Wow! They actually served brown rice! That NEVER happens! I love cardamom--it sounds really yummy. Way better than the world's blandest chicken that they served at my lunch (not that I'm complaining; it was much better than the greasy lasagna or Chicken Parmesan they sometimes serve).

Mandalinn: That fruit salad sounds really yummy. So does the tuna melt, for that matter. I may have to try a tuna melt for lunch next week.

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Pat, that sound delicious.

I've had a good couple of days since my melt down Monday. This has been a really tough week due to my son being extremely ill and major job stress. Eating and workouts are the ONLY things I can control. It feels so much better to be in control of something in my life, even if it's only my peanut butter consumption

Keep up the good work!

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Jumping in again. Today's plan
B-egg burrito w/salsa, coffee
S-16 animal crackers, tea
L-4 oz chicken, 1 oz goat cheese, hug bed of greens, vinegar to dress it
S-4 C popcorn, apple
D- Hummus wrap w/ spinach, orange, sunchips (picnic at ds's game)
S-1 pc ww toast, 2s TB peanut butter
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Just a quick drop-in, as work is busy today. Had another great day yesterday, so I feel officially "recovered" from Tuesday's binge - now to make that feeling last! Took a few extra minutes this morning to make my first ever veggie egg white omelet - yum! (I usually just add some tomatoes to scrambled eggs b/c for some reason omelets scare me).

My weekend challenge is that my parents are visiting. Shouldn't be too bad - they're very healthy and fit people - but we will be eating out tonight and tomorrow at two of my favorite restaurants, and I know from past experience when the four of us get together that there will be WINE! And tomorrow night at least, dessert (b/c the place we're going has amazing desserts). Knowing these things, I've planned ahead, chosen my healthy fish dishes, will ignore the bread, and will eat very clean and healthy during the days. And the ultimate test - right back POP when they leave Sunday evening.

I won't be able to check in while they're here, so best of luck to everyone with their weekends!


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slow and steady
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Food yesterday was POP! I feel very proud of myself. Exercise didn't really happen in any official form, although I did chase the dog around playing with him for 20 minutes or so -- enough to break a sweat, that's for sure. Plus I also broke a sweat in the morning doing the arm bike at my occupational therapy session. Man, I should get one of those things for myself. It's this crazy contraption that is both a regular bike and an arm bike -- you sit on the chair, and you can rotate these handles, and there are also feet pedals so you can do both at once if you want. At OT I only do the arm section though.
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bargoo~try waiting until your bananas are really, really ripe, then peel them, slice them and freeze them. When frozen use them for smoothies--ooh, the flavor is so much more intense!

Plan for today:
S~carrots and pea pods
S~?? probably some nuts
D~salad and grilled something (chicken or steak or turkey mignon).
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Sorry I haven't been checking in much lately! Still at 125.

Hope everyone is doing great......

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Oh, yes I have done the frozen banana thing, they are great. When I buy bananas I get a few extra for just that purpose. Mine aren't quite ripe enough yet.
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I had concluded yesterday on plan and so far so good today BUT I'm not going to assume anything. I will still be dilegent to finish up the day on plan as well. I did get out during lunch a walked for 2 miles, had new mules on and they rubbed the bottom of my feet so I'm sitting here with bare tootsies at my desk. My boss has already caught me once. He was heading out for a weeks vacation so he was feeling pretty mellow and just laughed.

The real challenge for me will be this evening (weekends officially start at 5:01 pm on Friday's correct?) through 4:00 am Monday. No excuses, no excuses. I really need to make it all the way through the weekend just so I know I can. It has been way to long since I could report 100% on a weekend and I really want it this week. I have my fitday filled out, my plan is in place and I will be successful.

Have a good weekend,
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I was very tired this afternoon (bad scene) and dove into a box of Timbits and some Rosebuds, had a nap then ... had a wonderful weights session at the gym!

I feel fabulous! Chicken is cooking, nice potato in the mic, romaine and spinach with LF cottage cheese ... mmmm .....

My 147 lbs is not secure yet.
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DH and I went out to dinner with four other couples last night and I decided in advance that my treat would be a glass of wine. So I had a beet and goat cheese salad with very little dressing and sea bass with Asian slaw. No dessert! So not a bad day.

We're off to New Mexico this morning, so eating will be more of a challenge on the road. I've got my food packed for the plane ride, but then there will be a lot of restaurants involved. And this is the land of sopapillas!

See y'all in a week or so and keep up the good work!
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Working My Way Back Down
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And this is the land of sopapillas
I'm not a huge dessert/sweets eater, but sopapillas......

The restaurant where I had the wonderful lunch is new in town, opened in Feb. She serves only one selection a day (we call it the "take it or leave it" menu) plus she caters meetings (which is why I was there - it's a little pricey for an average weekday lunch). We had our City Christmas party there, and it also had amazing food, though since it was one of the first big events they'd done, the portions were uneven, and many of the guys were dissatisfied. Best part - it's in the next block from the library.

Yesterday, while I ate what I'd planned, was not a POP plan. Oh well. It was a day off shopping with girfriends and I totally enjoyed. I'm back with it now. I especially need this thread as DH is gone til the 31st and I tend to slump into really bad eating habits when I'm alone. To combat this, I went grocery shopping and got good healthy things that I like, and didn't fret unduly about the cost. Of course it helped that asparagus and shrimp were on sale. Oh, and also organic strawberries. And I did get some really good whole wheat bread while we were in Anchoage.

b - cheerios with 1% milk, 1/2 banana, ww toast with PB
S - probably not, as I got up late, and didn't eat b'fast til after 9
L - finish up leftovers
S - pear
D - I'm going to a "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" event given by our church. You get assigned to go to another member's house (the hosts volunteer) where you get better acquainted with them and the other guests. Usually about 6-8 people. I'm assigned dessert, so I have an angelfood cake, fresh strawberries and for those who want it, whipped cream. The rest I'll just keep it to small portions.
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