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3 + years maintaining
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Barbara, great job on forgoing the Chex Mix. When you said that you had a "moment" with it, you scared me for a sec. I know you say that you're okay with moderation, you've said it before in fact, but geez - Chex Mix? PEANUT BUTTER Chex Mix, no less? IDK, that stuff will never find it's way into my cart. Glad you recognized that this wasn't a good week to purchase it.

Susan, sounds like you simply aced yesterday. Here's to more great days........

Evangeline, that's exactly what I do. About 200 more calories on the weekend.

Yay Gary!!!!

Yesterday was a scary day for me. I baked all morning long. It was pouring out and I stayed in & decided to get it all over with. Though unfortunately I put the oven on too high, (how DID I manage that?) and have to do one batch of something over agaiin. I caught it in time, but it didn't come out "just right". Good enough to eat, mind you, but not good enough to give away. Anyway, I made one huge batch of oatmeal raisin cookie, 2 batches of chocolate chip biscotti and 2 batches of cranberry almond biscotti. I can't tell you how delicious all 3 of these things are. If you knew how many times I went to grab a piece of the dough, you wouldn't believe it. Ditto how many times I went to break off a piece of the finished product or eat some of the crumbs. Man it was hard. I did put a couple of pieces of the too high temperature stuff in my mouth to see if it was okay - but I spit it out everytime. It's packed away and in the freezer. I am so glad that is over with - for now.

The rest of the day was POP, though I didn't walk nearly enough.

Looks like many of us will have some challenges this coming week . One day at a time. Hope today is a great one for all of you.
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I've been lurking around this thread for the past couple of weeks and thought I'd come out of hiding.

We are going on our family vacation in early June and even though we tend to be very active, I know that it will be awfully hard to stay completely on plan. I've been hovering around the higher end of my maintenance range for the last few weeks, so my goal is to get to the bottom of the range before we leave -- to give myself a little "wiggle" room. I know for me, it's unrealistic to not expect to gain a pound or two in two weeks of vacation!!

My pitfall is always the WEEKEND! I'm fine during the week, in a routine that works. But the weekend is less scheduled -- I work out (run) more, but I tend to eat more. There's just more time at home and around food! This past weekend, I was good and stayed reasonably well on plan, so I'm very happy with myself. (As compared to the previous weekend, when I had a major binge related to a Ladies' Tea event at church!) I'm right in maintenance mid-range now, so I've got about 3 weeks to lose a couple of pounds. That's very doable if I just don't have any major slip ups.

I'll go back to lurk mode now.
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OK, I have to come here and admit a total disaster yesterday. I started thinking about binging in the morning, and by the time I got home from work was into all out stuff myself mode.

I feel horrible. I lots of excuses, but they aren't worth anything in the morning when I feel horrible and my clothes don't fit

Back on plan.

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Yesterday went really well for me - managed to recover from my incredibly over-indulgent weekend and get right back POP. Even dragged myself to the gym in the evening because I didn't get up in time to go in the morning like I usually do. Today I did get up, and got in a fantastic run and leg workout. Ready for another on-plan day.

Good luck to everyone who is struggling or facing challenges this week!

And Robin - I cannot even conceive of baking all morning and not eating anything. As far as I'm concerned, you're superwoman!

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Robin-- I agree......I never would have been able to bake all day without eating something. You are truly a strong woman!

Mel-- so sorry you had a rough day. But, as you know, it was just one day. You came here and admitted it, and I'm sure you'll be perfect today.
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Okay, here I go ... no excuses! I'm at 145 now and need to lose 20 or so pounds ... I can totally do it. And for the first time in a long time I'm grinning in anticipation of exercising tonight! Woohoo!
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slow and steady
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I had a blip last night . . . The whole day was totally on plan, and exercise was sort of (I powerwalked the dog, but neglected to do any strength like I was planning). Then at 9:15 or so, 45 minutes before bedtime, I was hungry again. I could have eaten some strawberries, cherries, a banana, string cheese, any number of healthier and lower-cal options, but instead I ate a bagel with cream cheese. That's an extra 400 calories right there that were not in my plan. I knew it was wrong when I was doing it but I did it anyway.

Here's hoping today has no blips!
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Still hanging in there, right now I am below my goal at about 3 pounds, Hey, that's perfectly OK with me.
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Working My Way Back Down
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Yesterday, hmmmm, let's just say it didn't end well. But today is a new day, and there are no excuses!

B - 1/2 kiwi, strawberries, 1/4 c yogurt, 2 eggs, toast with whipped cream cheese,
S - 1/4 cup each lf cottage cheese and ff yogurt, strawberries
L - 1/2 turkey sandwich with lettuce tomato avocado, apple
S - ??
D - leftover chicken, broccoli
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3 + years maintaining
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Originally Posted by DaringDeb View Post

And Robin - I cannot even conceive of baking all morning and not eating anything. As far as I'm concerned, you're superwoman!
Originally Posted by traveling michele View Post
Robin-- I agree......I never would have been able to bake all day without eating something. You are truly a strong woman!
It wasn't easy. I almost caved soooo many times.

The year I was losing, I barely baked at all. I just didn't want to risk it. I did bake a few times though for different things for my kids functions and the like. I have baked since, I made a big holiday party in December & it was a disaster. Not only did I nibble when I was baking, but I broke into the freezer. NOT pretty.

This week I am so determined to stick with it because I know what the weekend is going to hold for me. I'll be WITH those baked goods and waaaaay worse. Waaaay, waaaaaay worse. I'm doing my best to hold out til then. I don't want to overeat this coming weekend and THIS very week.

I hope whoever needed to recover from there blips are feeling strong. And those of us who managed to stay POP (this time), well I hope you're (we're) all feeling strong too.
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Food wise I'm proud as punch on how well I've been doing. Never, well hardly never waivered yesterday. (One point I was hungry during the evening and considered raiding the refrig but pulled out my handy dandy fitday menu and reviewed it to see what I had not eaten. Low and behold I had room for some cottage cheese with a few raisens in it, I added 1/3 of a small box (about 1/2 an ounce) of raisins and gave the rest to DH to finish up. I'm doing great today so far and am pretty confident I will be fine the rest of the day.

Exercise, I fully intended on doing some resistence training but ended up finishing up my laundry instead. Sooooo, the workout fell by the wayside. We did have a team building event this AM that got me out shooting baskets for about 45 minutes. Well actually I shot baskets for about 2 minutes and then chased the ball for others when they shot baskets so I was moving around but I can't actually say it was exercise. BUT it sure was better then sitting at my desk.

I was planning on walking during lunch to make up for last night but I have a shoe that is rubbing and don't dare put in any serious walking until I can change them. I think I will get home and head out for a walk around the neighborhood, it's overcast today and only in AZ would you think that was a special treat worth getting out and enjoying, it would be REALLY cool if we got a little rain.

Robin, I am really impressed, I don't think I could have resisted my own baking. Not that I'm all that good but I make things just the way I like them.
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I'm soooo confused. You mean there's calories in the dough before it's baked? And calories in the crumbs??? That's not what my momma told me!
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Constant Vigilance
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Yeah, I haven't done much baking since this whole life change, other than a few low calorie muffin recipes and a couple of other low calorie desserts. And it's a good thing too because I always lick the bowl, the beaters, and the spoon!

I was POP both today and yesterday, both days came in at around 1700 calories.

Today was double interval day: 5 min warm-up and then 10 min of intervals on the stepmill and 20 min of intervals on the TM. 15 min of abs in between.
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I'm not sure I even have flour!

Plodding cardio yesterday after work. A little high in calories. So I experimented with lifting a little at home. Just the muscle groups that didn't feel like they'd worked on Monday.
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I have to bake two kinds of cookies on Friday but I'll be fine if 1) I do it after a meal so I'm not hungry, and 2) I don't take the first bite, lick or taste. I bake for DH all the time because he's lactose intolerant (and skinny) and can't eat most commercial baked goods.

This week isn't going as planned because I'm sick and can't exercise. Food is totally on track -- even though I never lose my appetite! -- but I can't breathe and feel like crud, so no gym. Maybe tomorrow, I hope.

You all are awesome! I love coming to this thread and reading about all the successes! (and slips, because it happens to all of us) Summer is right around the corner, so let's keep it up.
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