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Default Maintainers Chat: April 21 - 27

Good morning!

I'm off to the gym in a bit to start the week out with a back workout and some elliptical. My knees have just been killing me lately so I'm thankful that I have the elliptical as an option!

It's going to be a fairly dull week here. Spring is finally blooming but it's a little too early to plant my herb garden because we tend to get freezes through mid-May. So I guess it will be a week of spring cleaning.

Welcome home, Pat -- we missed you! And how is everyone else on this Monday morning?
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Hi everyone. Thought I'd drop in for awhile, since I seem to be maintaining these days.

Meg, so sorry about your knees! Yes, it's good that there are low impact machines. Do exercise bikes work for you at all?

Enjoy, folks!

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Oh Meg! I have knee issues as well - not fun! I'm actually in physiotherapy at the moment for my left knee!!

Hi Jay!

I just wanted to drop in and say hello to you all - I'm no where near maintaining (in fact, I'm LOSING and that's going to get me back to you all in the long run!), but knowing that you all are here is a huge motivator for me.

One day I'll be back! COUNT ON IT!!!
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We've been saving a seat for you, Jay -- see, Lily reupholstered it just for you.

Velveteen, please don't leave! We'd love to have you stick around with us.

Back from the "My Knees Hurt" gym session. Yep, Jay, the bike usually works for me unless my knees are really awful (which they aren't today) and I decided to change up my workout to give them a break. I started out with ten minutes on the elliptical, then did four sets of reverse grip lat pulldowns, ten minutes on the crosstrainer, four sets of assisted pullups, ten minutes on the bike, four sets of FreeMotion rows, ten bike, three sets of DB pullovers, ten bike and three sets of weighted hyperextensions. It was a lot easier on my knees to break cardio up into chunks and I still kept my average HR up high enough to do some good.

Not sure if I'll keep doing it this way, but it's nice to have an option.
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I don't know Meg... I'm not a very good example. You guys are the great example!!!

Do you have something specific wrong with your knees or just pain?
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Ha! If we all had to be good examples, the Maintainers forum would be empty. Sorry, no saints here!

I have severe arthritis in both knees, thanks to decades of obesity, and will be getting one or both of them replaced this fall. So I'm trying to stay in the best shape that I can to prepare for surgery. As my doctor tells me, the stronger my leg muscles are, the faster I'll recover. And I plan to set a world record for recovery.
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And a good Monday to all you fine maintainers,

Meg, I bet on one hand you're dreading the knee surgery, and on the other you must be very excited about your future with new knees and all that it brings about.

Hi Jay. Hi Velveteen and hello to the rest of the gang.

Got through 2 seders. And well, I wasn't spectacular. I wasn't horrendous, but nothing like last years. I certainly didn't create any calorie defecit, that's for sure. So there is zero improvement on getting back to my goal weight. Where the H- E -double hockey sticks did my willingness to stay perfectly on plan go?????????? I vote to pass OVER, Passover next year.

Anyway, I hope you are all well. Have a great week.

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Originally Posted by Meg View Post
Ha! If we all had to be good examples, the Maintainers forum would be empty. Sorry, no saints here!
What, Meg, can't you see my halo? <opening my eyes really big and batting my lashes innocently>

I had a fairly quiet weekend, but stayed busy. My community theater group had a performance this weekend and I had done some behind the curtain stuff (laid out the program, etc.), so BF and I went to see it Saturday night. It was really funny, and we had great attendance numbers (very good especially since we've been having trouble breaking even lately). As social chair I was in charge of the cast party. My menu included a huge veggie platter, spinach balls, fresh bruschetta, cheese and wheat crackers, and a cake. Other than the cheese and cake (which smelled heavenly but I did not so much as lick the beaters!!!) I looked at all the veggies I was serving and laughed at myself. I'm not imposing my lifestyle on others, am I? The food went fast, so it must have been good.

Meg, sorry to hear your knees have been causing you so much pain.

Robin, well, a calorie balance is better than a calorie surplus. You'll get yourself on track! At least that is one big occasion past now.

Hi Jay, Velveteen, everyone else!
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Morning, maintainers.

Not much to report from the Middle of Nowhere, US. The Boy had school again today -- he was off on Spring Break last week. Nice to be back into a more normal routine. Fortunately, the weather has improved enough in the mean time that I can wear my workout clothes on my 20-minute walk to the gym. In winter, I have to wear real clothes and change into workout gear when I get there. Nice not to have that extra step, or, for that matter, to freeze my [insert name of body part here] off on the walk in!

I went for a 5-mile hike with DH and The Boy on Sunday. What a little trouper! (He just turned 6.) The leaves aren't fully out on the trees here yet and many of the migratory birds haven't arrived, but we still had a lovely walk through the woods, across some open grasslands, down a gorge, back out of the gorge, around a pond ... It's what spring is all about!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day,
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Hey everyone...just wanted to say hi
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Good morning everyone!

I had a pretty exhausting weekend. Saturday was walk, errands, shopping, cooking and reading. Sunday was up and headed out to Fullerton for DD's Honor's open house. Of the freshman class of about 4000, there were 120 selected for their honor's program and we learned more about it yesterday. On the way home we decided that Olive Garden sounded pretty good for dinner. I had their new grilled shrimp caprese and left at least 4/5's of the pasta on the plate. I did give into 1 1/2 breadsticks. Oops.

I won't be around much this week. I'm leaving for LA on Wednesday and won't be home until Saturday afternoon.
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Hello from Santa Fe! Day 10 of our Sisters on the Road road trip from Oregon to Santa Fe and back. We arrived here yesterday, parked in the 55+ RV park (I barely qualify!), and were immediately invited to a "hobo" party. We all brought cans of vegetables and they were all mixed together with a meat base, then poured back into the can, which we ate out of. Wine made it taste even better!

So far the pants-o-meter says I haven't gained, but we're into good eating territory so I've got to watch myself. Hopefully all the walking and hiking will offset the margarita I plan to enjoy tonight.

Arches N.P. is incredible, for those of you who have never been there. Two unplanned nights in Twin Falls, ID, was not so pleasant. But everone we've met has been nice, and given it's our first RV trip, we sometimes rely on the kindness of strangers.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Morning! It's another sunny day in the north country. I love this time of year when each day gets longer and when the promise of spring is in the air (of course I like it even better when spring is actually here! )

Allison, congrats to your daughter!

Meg, I like the idea of breaking up your cardio into 10 minute segments. I might try that. Since our cardio equipment is upstairs, and the weight stuff on the main floor, it'd also add a few trips on the stairs too.

Sheila, your trip sounds great! We went to Arches in 06 (as well as Zion, Bryce and Canyonlands) and it is gorgeous!

I have the opportunity for a road trip in August. Friends of ours want their car taken to Skagway (in SE Alaska) so it'll be there when they finish their summer of cruising in their boat. The boat is currently in the Seattle area but they'll leave it in Skagway for next winter. A GF has tentatively agreed to come with me as she's never been to SE Alaska, so we'll take about a week, stopping in Whitehorse, YT, delivering the car, and then take a ferry to Juneau, our state capitol. Skagway has no airport, hence the necessity to ferry to Juneau for a flight home.

DH came home early from hawkwatching yesterday really sick. He spent most of the evening either in the bathroom being sick, or laying in bed groaning and issuing orders. He is sooo not a good patient.... Feels better this morning, but still not 100%.
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Hi everyone,

I stayed up painting Shane's room til 4AM. Then went to bed at 5AM and slept til 1PM. I had not intended on staying up so late but I hate to leave a project unfinished. Today I'm off to the paint store for more paint and then on to the next room.

My house is looking very beautiful and I'm totally pleased with all that we have accomplished. MIL was shocked at how much we have done. She is getting her kitchen remodeled next week for $17,000 and I'm so happy we did our work ourselves and saved tons of money.

Meg, LOL at me reupholstering a chair. Actually my MIL gave me 4 nice barstools that I plan to reupholster. Not something I've ever tried before, but I bet I can do it.

Once the inside of my house is completed, we will start on the outside. We're gonna paint the trim and shutters. Refurbish the deck. Plant some more flowers and hedges. Replace the gutters. Build a concrete pathway up to the front door. I would love to have a 3 car carport built as soon as we're able. This way we could keep the boat covered too.

I'm dragging myself back on plan today after a rather snacky day yesterday while Lacy and I were fishing. I'm hoping my marathon painting last night burned off some of those extra cal's.
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Hi everybody,

My MIL left today after a reasonably stress-free visit. DD had an absolute blast. The only major downer of the weekend was that I got a nasty cold, which is extra tiresome when everything else is just yucky as well. I'm just about over it, although my voice is still pretty much shot.

My countdown says 49 days until I'm eligible for my c-section. I'll be getting an actual date after my next OB appoint a week from Wednesday.

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