Maintenance Milestones!

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  • Er... I guess that'd be my third anniversary of NOT regaining ALL my weight?
  • Well, I reached goal weight on Feb. 13th this year, so I suppose I just passed the one month mark of maintaining!

    And congrats Kery, 3 years!? Wow, I can't wait until I can say that!
  • Yesterday March 16 was my 1 year anniversary of maintaining.
    I reached my goal weight of 127 that day -my husband was home early and we took pictures outside in the cool spring.
    Today I am steady at 120 ( give or take a lb).
    I lost my weight ( high of 153 October 2006)by counting calories, weighing food and doing long long sessions of power walking.
    Now I'm doing HIIT three days a week(takes so much less time) and weight lifting the other 3 days, and eating pretty much the way I did when I was losing.
    It's exciting to reach this first year of maintenance.
    Something to truly celebrate!
    And I just became a "Senior Member" of 3fatchicks too!
    Hard to believe I've made over a 100 posts.
    Thanks everyone for all your help!
    And congrats to everyone on their Maintenance Milestones!!
  • 1 month maintaining for me

    Congrats KatieK, leanmoomercows, kery, and all others!!
  • 1 year on March 15th. I'm struggling with 10 pounds I've gain after another switch of medicines.
  • Maintenance Milestones!
    I did it! I did it! I did it! So, National Weight Control Registry - here I come! Just let me at em'. I've been waiting for this day, yup my one year anniversary of maintaining, just so I could join up and become a part of this rare group.

    It was back on July 9, 2007 that I hit my original goal of 133 lbs. Well, my goal was 135 lbs, but I surpassed it with a nice loss that particular week. In the next couple of months, I took it down 11 more pounds, but I still consider July 9 to be my "original hitting goal" date. So here I am, one year later and well under that 133 lbs. So, I'm calling it - one year of maintenance for me.

    And what a year it's been! My life is a complete one-eighty of what it used to be. I used to be this miserable, inactive, self-conscious, lethargic, unproductive, anxiety ridden person. Not anymore! I am incredibly active, a social butterfly, full of energy and highly productive. My weight related anxieties have completely ceased. I was always worried about my health and what I was doing to myself by having all that added weight on me. I mean I was certain, absolutely certain, that I was putting myself at risk for many, many debilitating and deadly, completely avoidable diseases. I knew it wasn't a matter of "if", but "when" disaster would strike.

    My fear of chairs is gone too! I know this sounds silly, but chairs were a big issue for me. I was always worried about them. Especially in social situations. Would I fit in them, would they be strong enough to hold me, how would I look in them? I hated the fact that I always "spilled" over them and had to stuff myself in there. SOOO self conscious about it. Yuck. I still to this day (wonder if it will ever stop) look down at my seat and just gaze and adore all the room I have on either side of me. Going to the beauty parlor, riding on public transportation, sitting on beach chairs, lawn chairs, folding chairs, it's all a big kick for me. Told you I was silly. Oh and after avoiding airplanes for close to 15 years, yup fear of those tiny seats (and the dreaded seat belt extender), I went on a plane!

    Oh and I've become the biggest clothes horse too. Who knew that something that was absolute H E double hockey sticks (an understatement) could turn into such absolute pleasure? Shopping and clothing in general was such a horror for me. HORROR! Now it's one of my biggest sources of joy. I love getting dressed in the morning. I get to "visit" all my gorgeous stuff. I have a closet full of incredible clothing. Every outfit is a winner. Something I've always dreamed about, having a nice outfit to wear every single day of my life has become a reality. Even my underwear drawer gives me pleasure. I love looking at all my teensy underwear all folded up neatly and taking up so little space. Oh my gosh, did I just "say" that my underwear is teensy and takes up so little space? Yes, I did!!!

    And the best part - going to the doctor. My cholesterol is perfect, the total, the "good" cholesterol and the "bad" cholesterol. All below where they should be. My vitamin levels - perfect. My blood pressure - perfection (no more meds!).

    Though it's been a joyous, joyous year - it has been a struggle at times too. That's for sure. Can anyone say ROLLER COASTER???? Staying at this weight is not always so easy. "Fat Robin" is still deep inside of me. Some days she's just not all that deep either. She's right there on the surface, dying to get out. But that's okay, because "healthy, fit and trim Robin" is up for the task. I can take "Fat Robin"! I know how to keep her at bay. I've got lots and lots of healthy habits in place. I still estimate my calories, making them healthy, nutrient rich, satisfying ones, plan ahead, eat mostly at home, cooking all my food, (I've got some great recipes that I rely on), pack foods and take them with me, shop for food almost daily, exercise regularly and weigh myself if not everyday, then very frequently. Oh that's just what I did when I was losing weight. Uh huh!! It's been exactly the same for me. Exactly. The only difference is that every now and then I add in a splurge meal.

    I've accepted the fact that this is how it will have to be. I know that morbid obesity for me is just a scoop of ice cream away. I will always have to be super vigilient. Can't let "Fat Robin" take over. I will always have to make my health, my weight a number one, tippy top priority. No more leaving it on the back burner. But I'm okay with it. The rewards are so great that it is worth it to me. I now have a life filled with much more joy and happiness and waaaay less worries and misery. I always imagined that life at a healthy weight would be wonderful, but I never had any idea it would be this wonderul.

    If you'll excuse me now, it's getting late and I've got some cutting up and packing of salads to do and a long brisk walk that needs to be taken.
  • 5 years.

    5 YEARS.

    3/10/04 was the day that I decided to change my life. From that day forward everything was different.

    5 years of this lifestyle. 5 years of keeping it off. One backslide and now at 145 pounds. Not bad.

    5 years.
  • Whoa, Junebug!!!! 5 years, that's awesome!
  • 5 years. WoW!! Mighty impressive young lady. Mighty impressive.


  • Jen - you are so awesome!!
  • Wow, I had forgotten about this thread. Congrats, Jen!

    I'm not sure if I can say it's the 4th year for me, because I've had serious ups and down last year and regained, then lost a couple of kilos, but I never went back to my all-time highest weight, and I basically managed to remain under the 62 kgs mark. My awareness about these things (nutrition, eating veggies, etc.) is much more developed than in the past, and I have grown confident that I can maintain that way of eating, be happy and contented about it, and not gain weight. Which is more than I can say about the me from 10 years ago. ^^
  • Way to go Jen! Woo hoo!

    And, way to go Kery, too!
  • Thanks, you guys! I am so glad to celebrate this journey with all of you here at 3FC. This place has been my haven, my saving grace, my source of sanity when nothing else made sense!

    I know I've told this story many times, but March 10th is the day that I shattered my ankle and "woke up". That was the day that changed the course of my life. I know it's not that earth shattering, but I know I can look back on that day and say "THAT was the day".

    In the most ironic of circumstances, on March 10th of this year, I actually found myself BACK in the ER! I fell at work and dislocated my shoulder and have a little fracture. No cast, but it sure does hurt

    I just remember the ER doc saying, "You want to see your xrays, because you broke something" and I just BURST into tears thinking, "NOT again!!" She must've thought I was nuts. It falls under one of the stranger coincidences of my life.

    DH said that next March 10th, he's wrapping me in bubble wrap
  • Junebug--- you're almost up to Meg's 7years.
    You are a joy to read and be inspired by. Congrats on a huge and rare accomplishment. I want to say what you said in 4.5 years

    And Kery-- yup.. I'm thinking 4 years is the right way to count congrats chicks!