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Jessica, that's good news because it totally explains why you haven't been able to lose weight, despite your best efforts. I'm hypothyroid too, and I can tell you that your TSH is way high - it's about where mine was when I was diagnosed 12 years ago.

Don't worry about iodine and goiter and all that -- I think those are more related to being hyperthyroid than hypo (but I'm no expert!) So long as the salt you use is iodized, you should be fine. We all eat way more salt than we need, so even if you're eating low-salt, I'm sure you're getting plenty.

Don't be surprised if you don't feel better right away. It takes quite a while to get the medication adjusted correctly. Typically your doctor starts you on the lowest dose of thyroid hormone and then tests your TSH in six weeks and adjusts accordingly. It took about six months to get my dose in the right place. Now I get my TSH checked every six months, but if there's a dose change, it's back to every six weeks until the numbers are correct again.

And unfortunately, even when you're on the right dose of hormone, it takes a while to start feeling better. But even though the process takes a while, you WILL feel better!! Actually, you won't realize how bad you've been feeling until you start to feel better because it's usual such a gradual decline.

I'm so glad you found an answer to your problem -- you were so frustrated with your senseless weight gain! Yay!!!
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Good job on catching the thryroid thing Jessica (i.e. being insistent about being tested). I had one friend who didn't get tested until she was realllly low - slurring her speech even. And another who was more in the stage you are, but couldn't get pg.

And I wanted to tell you I made a wonderful dinner from Cooking Light last now. It's in the back and called something like Chile Shrimp with Corn Relish. It was very good even though, since my DH doesn't eat stuff that's too spicy, I didn't add the full amount of chile powder. I just had the last few shrimp that we didn't eat last night for lunch. Yum.
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WaterRat, that sounds yummy. Cooking Light has some wonderful recipes, especially the fast and easy ones.

Jessica, glad you found out about your thyroid. The medication should do the trick once they get it adjusted correctly. You'll get my thyroid medication spiel now--if you're taking thyroid medication, be sure to take your calcium (which I assume every woman takes!) several hours after you take your thyroid meds. The thyroid meds inhibit the absorption of calcium. Nobody ever told me this, hence I have significant bone loss now.

Shane, you may have witnessed a record wait time for an ER. My first DH was bleeding heavily and turning pale and still didn't get seen until he actually passed out. Glad GF is better and hope you have a fun day off.

Lisa, glad you're feeling better and are getting back to running, even if it is on the dreadmill.

Allison, a year-end bonus sounds pretty good right now. My DH works for a huge company that just restructured their bonuses, which means that probably no-one will get one. "Following industry standards" was the reason. *Sigh*

Carolyn, I read a little bit about your med change. I hope that your new meds work well for you. Because I have dystonia, I know how awful abnormal muscle movements can be, and I wouldn't wish them on anyone.

Woke up to snow this morning. I knew there was a reason that I don't come to Boise in the winter! Have to admit it's pretty.

So I'm curious if other people have eating binges triggered by places?? Every time I go to Boise, I start eating horribly, no matter the planning I've done ahead of time. I'm not sure if it's the stress of being out of my routine, staying in someone else's home (my son's), being rather bored or what. As I walk into the grocery store to buy some trail mix (which I never eat at home!), I have this warring internal dialogue between healthy Sheila and fat Sheila, and fat Sheila is winning hands down. The one good thing that I am doing is going to the gym. But still I eat until my stomach hurts and my head is spinning from the sugar, just like I used to do when I lived here. I've just got to figure out what's going on, or just figure out how to stop it. Aarrgghh!
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Hey everyone!

It sure is hard to stay on plan during the holidays, isn't it? I just found out that my parents are going to send me a huge box of Christmas goodies... along with dried fruit because I told them I wanted to keep it healthy this year. I'm going to give the chocolate stuff to the GF.

In other (less fattening) news, they are also shipping down my bass guitar. I dropped my guitar, my bass, and all my amps (I had 3, along with 2 microphones and 2 effects pedals) off at their place before moving down here because I couldn't ship at the time - that was actually two years ago. I have an acoustic guitar now, but I can't wait to have the bass. I'm really going to try to get a band together again... and if I have a band, I'll definitely never get fat

OH! We went out to one of our favorite restaurants (which also offers some great on plan options) and the owner guy kept doing double takes at me. Then, he came up to us and said to me, "WOW! I didn't recognize you at first... between your change of hair color and the fact you've lost SO MUCH WEIGHT!"

I also found out that one of the cashiers at Publix didn't realize I used to be overweight, either, then she put two and two together and said, "WHOA! I remember you now... but you look like a completely different person!"

That sort of surprises me because I do not feel that I have changed that much... I still have the same sort of style (except with more options now that I'm smaller), the same face (except without three chins), and the same mannerisms (except with more confidence). I almost find it hard to believe that I really DID lose 40 pounds because I don't think I am THAT much smaller...

Jessica - so glad you found out what is wrong, even if it means having a thyroid problem! I have heard that it is not too hard to get that under control - good luck with everything.

Sheila - I don't think I get binges triggered by specific places... just foods. My trigger food list gets longer and longer every day and even includes a few supposedly healthy things like Kashi GoLean Crunch and Fiber One Bars (yeah... erm... they don't give me the "effects" that they give some people). These things would be healthy, but not in the quantities I end up eating them in! I have a feeling your thin self will always be battling your fat self... it's a constant war between the skinny brain and the fat brain, no?
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Hi everyone, just a quick check-in here. I'm trying to help Lacy with her biology homework.

I spent the entire day Christmas shopping with DH. Spent a fortune and came home with tired back and sore feet. I let Lacy and Shelbey each pick out a child from the Angel tree and pick gifts out for them. They had a blast with that and seemed really proud of the giving aspect of Christmas for a change instead of just the receiving.

We stopped by my new gym tonite for a tour. It looks awesome and I can't wait to get started. After actually touring it, DH wishes he'd opted for the gym membership too instead of the golf membership, LOL. I did learn that for only $26.00 more per month I could add the family package,which I might do if the girls get interested in going with me.

Well, back to the homework. Hope everyone is having a great day.
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Hi everyone, quick check-in for me as well, I'm still not completely out of work frenzy and midterms revisions, so I don't dare peruse the boards as I used to, lest I might end up losing myself in all of this.

To be fully honest, I'm considering not popping in a lot even after my current work load is gone. Currently, I have the feeling that the more I dive into weight loss reads etc. to "motivate" myself, the worst it is for me to actually keep things in check (it's paradoxical, I know). So I may have to tune it down--which includes less blogs, forums, and more things that will not keep my mind focused on food, food, food thoughts all the time, because these are the things that cause me to overeat, not being hungry or facing the prospect of the holidays season. (I will go on journalling. Just not spending all my free time on weight loss sites/books. I'm getting obsessed, as in really obsessed and not dedicated, which is crap.) Anyway, I'll see how things go in that regards.

Jessica -- Thyroid problem, that kinda sucks, but at least now you know, and it can be handled properly. My mother is hypothyroid as well, and her doctor confirmed that when the medication is finally appropriate and kicks in, the patient is basically "normal" again as far as weight goes (and other things as well). Knowing what needs to be done is already half the battle won, or something?
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Just saying Hi really quick...I have SUCH a busy week.

This weekend was not great food/exercise wise. Friday was the company Christmas party; Saturday was Chattanooga with the Boy to see Christmas lights, and Sunday we at downtown at some famous BBQ place here that I'm supposed to have before I leave(next week is my last week at my internship/in Bham). And this week is so busy, I'm not going to be able to get to the gym. Yesterday, I had to work and the gym closed at 7 for their Christmas party! Had I gone straight after work like normal, I'd have been fine. But I didn't. So I did a workout DVD. Not the greatest, but it was something, right? Today I have a department Christmas party and dinner with my intern friends b/c one is leave Friday. And Tomorrow I have a job interview in Memphis! I'm driving up there(3 1/2-4 hours) in the morning, interviewing, and driving back the same day. Then I have to pack for the weekend b/c afterwork Thursday I'm heading home for an interview on Friday in my hometown..then on to Athens for Christmas with my friends. Whew!! I'm exhausted thinking about it. I do plan on taking some workout clothes to Athens and maybe going for a run/walk around campus. I used to love doing that.

I hope you are having great weeks! I'll do my best to check in!
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Thanks for the kind words about the thyroid problem guys! I am actually glad that this lab test came back abnormal since I have been tested for so many things over the past two years and they are all negative or normal except for those stupid inflammation markers. If treatment for this will make my weight go back to normal, my joints stop aching, my hair grow back, and make it so I don't have to wear my coat all day at work, I will be ecstatic! The funny thing is that my mom is hypothyroid and has been on medication since she was about my age, but she never had symptoms at all -- a doctor felt her thyroid during a routine exam, it felt enlarged, and they put her on medicine, end of story!

Meg - I know what you mean about not realizing how bad you feel. I've had this wrist problem for ages and sometimes it hits me that my wrists have not stopped hurting for nearly three years straight. I still don't know if the wrists are related to the thyroid or not (google tells me that hypothyroidism can cause carpal tunnel syndrome) but I sure hope they are. On the other hand, they tested my thyroid a year and a half ago, when I had many of the same symptoms, and it came back normal (TSH 2.5).

In any case I feel like crap today, so now I don't know whether to attribute it to the thyroid or if I'm catching a cold!

Dawg - that's a lot of xmas parties!

Pat - LOL, I love cooking light! Actually I just picked up a new cookbook called "The New American Plate" from some kind of national cancer institute. It's similar to cooking light but with more emphasis on proportions of veg/grains/meat. We made our first meal from it last night -- spicy burgers with a bulgur & veggie salad. Yum!

Sheila - I know what you mean about places. Whenever I go home to LA to visit my parents I eat like crazy. Partly it's because they always have yummy food laying around, partly because they go out to eat so often, partly because there is so much good food in LA compared to Indy, partly because I just like to eat and feel like when I'm not at home I'm free to eat junk because it's "vacation."

Shane - Getting a band together sounds exciting! My sister had a series of bands during high school, college, and when she worked for Americorps, but nothing since she started law school (she graduated from it this past spring). I actually filled in for one of their members a couple times during high school -- he was grounded until he finished filling out his college apps!
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I'm checking in a little early today because I am so busy! I'm actually going to stay home from work this morning because I have to wait for the delivery guy for my patio chairs. He delivered before Thanksgiving, but there was a mixup and they sent the wrong chairs, so he's delivering the correct ones this morning. I was supposed to meet with my insurance guy to go over my policy, but I'm going to conveniently "forget" the appointment. I know, that's bad, but we're covered pretty well, we take all the available discounts and I'm not switching my auto policy to him (and I know he'd try to do that). Anyway, while I'm waiting for the furniture delivery, I'll be busy wrapping Christmas presents. He was originally going to make my stop first, but I moved it back because I thought I'd still try to see the insurance guy, so now I'm closer to the noon delivery, so I hope I get a lot of things wrapped.

I had a really good run this morning and I feel great, but I have to admit my weight isn't anywhere near where my ticker indicates it is. I haven't hit the "oh my gosh, look how much I've gained" mark and I keep watching my intake, but I'm certainly not losing. I know a lot of it is the weather. Salads just don't sound good when it's cold outside. Soup is wonderful, but DH says he's "pretty much souped out" which just bugs me. I make several different types so it's not like I'm serving the same thing over and over (just wait til I make my turkey soup--then he'll get souped out! LOL).

Jessica, good luck with the thyroid thing. DH has a cousin who's thyroid problem went undiagnosed for too long--she lost all her hair and the doctor has told her it won't grow back. Poor girl--she looks like she's in chemo (but she's not). She's accepted it and won't wear wigs--just hats and scarves.

Shane~DD plays bass guitar in her jazz band and also has a combo acoustic/electric guitar. She loves playing although she's never had any formal lessons. She just informed me she won't be home for dinner for the rest of the week...drum line and a band meeting tonight, symphony rehearsal tomorrow, the big symphony fundraiser Thursday and she's going to watch her drum instructor and his band on Friday night. I'm so glad she can drive now! Normally I'd be driving her to and from all of this!!!

Lily~wow, only $26 to add the family! I sure wish I could get DH to commit to a gym with me. I keep discussing it and he looks at me with crossed eyes. And, to top it off, I also keep pointing out his belly. Every day he seems to spill something he's eating and of course, it ends up right there on his belly (which if it didn't stick out, would probably fall to the floor or his lap). He really needs to work on losing his belly.

Ok, gotta run. Everyone have a great day!
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Morning all!

Jessica, I'm very glad you find out about your thyroid problem. You've been struggling for ages and this might be just the solution you've needed!

Kery, don't stay away too much. Although I can understand what you mean about the obsessiveness. That isn't good.

You guys are all making me feel guilty with all this xmas present wrapping. I've not bought a single thing. I think I know what I'm going to get for bf, but I haven't given any thought or time or money yet for pressies for everyone else. We've got 2 weeks before we go to MA to see my family which seems like long enough until I remember that I'll need to buy everything online. Bah!
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Baffled -- I won't stay away completely. I know this would be a dangerous road to take. But I may have to come, say, a few times a week, rather than check forums/blogs/whatever as soon as I have 5 minutes of free time, if this makes sense. I mean, I can probably do better in those five minutes than obsess about calories and how I shouldn't do this or that and OMG suddenly I'm craving pizza because it's definitely something I shouldn't eat, not when I know I won't stop at one slice because I currently have problems with food.

Oh bah. I'm here again. So much for the resolutions, huh.
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Allison, if I do end up adding the family membership it would be so I could take the girls. DH's idea of using the gym would be so he could lay in the hottub and hopefully drink beer. He doesn't do any kind of workout and has a naturally slender, rockhard body. It makes me sick.

I finished up a bunch more shopping today. I am making big gift baskets for my oldest SD and her BF, 2nd oldest SD and her DH, niece and her DH, nephew and his wife. These baskets will be made with fresh pineapples, oranges, apples, bananas, dark chocolates and a variety of walnuts, pecans, pistachios and cashews. Me and the girls are having fun picking out stuff to put in the baskets and it is sure easier than picking out 8 different gifts for this part of the family. (of course , knowing my family, I will add fresh homemade fudge and cookies to the baskets).

I have an appt. scheduled Friday morning to take Molly to the vet. and have her spayed. I hope this goes well. Then tonite, Lucy jumped off a chair and started limping as if her lower leg is hurting, so if she isn't better by tomorrow I'll be taking her to the vet also. Right now, I think my pets are as expensive as my kiddos.
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Morning, everyone.

Ever feel like the little Dutch boy, with all 10 fingers/thumbs in the dike and more holes coming? Well, that's been my week so far. Can't give details, but I'm feeling both frazzled and depressed about my job.

And, Baff, I haven't done a lick of Christmas shopping yet, either. There may be a lot of IOUs under the tree this year.

I wish the news on the lifestyle front were better, but that sucks, too: I think I'm developing tendonitis in my left elbow. Just what I need.

Sorry to be so down this morning.

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Kim, hope things start looking up soon. I also have very little shopping done, but Amazon is my friend.

Headache on Monday turned into a migraine, although sort of a weird one. Preggos can't take a lot of the good drugs, so there was regular strength Tylenol and there was Vicodin. Nothing in between. I got the prescription. I was a little spacey yesterday, but feeling OK today.

Work is still very intense, but somehow I seemed to have unplugged from it, and so the stress is a lot less. It could be that I have other things on my mind, but it could also be that I told them what I was and wasn't planning to do, and that they'd have to live with that, or find someone else to fix the mess. Not that they don't harp on me EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I'm not budging.

The holidays are not being kind to my hormone-enhanced appetite and the weight zoomed up. I'm expecting a lecture on Friday at the OB. In spite of my resolution to walk, it has been cold and rainy here. Not Alaska cold (Pat stop snickering!) but really cold for my warm, wimp Tucson blood. No walking yet. Still am planning to. We have our once-a-year fog today. Very strange looking to see cactus poking out of the mist.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Hi everyone,

I guess I've overdone it running around doing tons of shopping with nasty, cold rain coming down. I woke this morning with a sore throat and congestion. I am feeling run down. I'm now on rest days and hope I recover quickly.

We had been lucky so far not to get the snow and ice that much of the midwest and much of OK had gotten. But, with the rain now and temps hovering just at freezing, I'm expecting we'll get it tonite.

I'm still fighting and clawing my way back to anything even close to reasonable eating. I did a dumb thing yesterday by going ahead and buying all the ingredients for home-made cookies, fudge and brownies for my Christmas baskets. The way I've been craving sweets lately I should have waited til the day before Christmas to buy these things. Here's hoping I'll be able to resist.

Kim, sorry you are having a rough time and hope things are better for you soon.

Anne, WTG on standing your ground and not letting others get to you. I wish I could do that more often.
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